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  • 1. C P S A Story of Change from

2. Nobody can go back and make a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. 3. CATTLE? But why ? Aayush: People get late when the cattle obstructs the traffic. They make the road dirty and it smells badly. It can cause diseases to spread They may belost andlooking fortheir owners. If we change thissituation, we canhelp both humansand animals! Why cant we make Nagpur roads free from cattle? 4. Busy roads of the city Lets take a closer look at the problem to understand it better 5. Cattle obstructing the traffic 6. Relaxing right in the middle of the road 7. We will have to work at different aspects of the problem: 1. Asking the law enforcing authorities to take appropriate action 2. Educating the cattle owners about the hazards of letting the cattle loose on the roads 3. Spreading awareness among the people on what they can do 8. Sir, we have an appointment with the DCP of Nagpur, Mr.Patil 9. The meeting with the DCP was extremely fruitful! Video 10. Mr. Patil was kind enough to give the names and phone numbers of the nearest traffic police booth personnel and the addresses of Kanji House(local name for home for stray animals). Hurray! We are inching closer to our goal!!! Video 11. Thank you Mr. DCP ,for giving us a patient hearing 12. Let us sensitize.. .. the cattle owners. 13. Mr. Jagdish Gwalbansi understood the need to keep cattle in their enclosures. 14. FIRST STEP.. Helping the traffic police in stopping the cattle from coming on to the road. 15. Thank you, Mr. Pappu Yadav! 16. We have started on our journey for a big change with this small deed. 17. Ameesha Singh Prajwal Dixit with Mrs. Reeta Manke Yamini Temurnikar Faheem Ali The Team Sanchit Agrawal