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Get the knoeledge about industrial electronics


EE4263 Industrial Electronics

EE4263 Industrial ElectronicsLec 01

Khurram ShahzadPre-Req : Electronics Circuit DesignRecommended Books: Industrial Electronics James Rehg and Glenn Sartori Modern Industrial Electronics Timothy J. MaloneyGrading Policy

Quizzes15 % Assignments15%Presentation10%Midterm Exam20%Final Exam40%2Broad ContentsDC and AC Motors, with control and applicationsSolid State devices in industrial applicationsOp-amp applications and Linear ICsSensors, Instrumentation and Measurement techniquesIndustrial Control Systems and Controllers

3DC MotorsElectromechanical energy conversion

4DC Motors If electrical energy is supplied to a conductor in a magnetic field, the field interaction will produce mechanical force

What are the required conditions ?

Basic operating principle of all DC motors

Force upon the conductor F=B x i x l


DC MotorsPrinciple of operation6

DC MotorsSeveral coils are wound on the rotor, all experiencing mechanical force

Counter-voltage or back EMFLenzs LawApplied voltage vs. Counter-voltage

At standstill, what is the value of armature current ? 7DC MotorsReversibility of DC machines

8DC Machine ClassificationSeparately Excited

9DC Machine ClassificationSelf ExcitedShunt Machine


DC Machine ClassificationSelf ExcitedSeries Machine

Also called a universal motorReversing polarity of stator and motorRuns for both DC and AC11Torque-Speed Characteristics

12DC Motor Efficiency

13Service FactorMeasure of the overall capacity built into the motorStall TorqueThe maximum torque a motor can provide with the shaft no longer rotating1414