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  • Team of the students:

    1. Divya.K - VIII Class

    2. Ruknini.T - VIII Class

    3. Noor.Md - VIII Class

    4. Bhavan.C - VIII Class

    5. Prem Manideep - VIII Class

    Teacher Guide :

    Mrs.P.Kameswari, M.A; B.Ed;

    Prepared & Submitted By


    Montessori High School

    Vidya Nagar

    Kurnool 518002

    Andhra Pradesh

  • Advertisements have a telling impact on us. We have many tasks to

    take up under Design for Change.

    Our Team Choose AWAKE ARISE AKSHAR SE, because one of our

    illiterate Class IV employee became a victim of a cheating case.

    I FEEL

    Education is important. I really can not

    understand why people

    neglect going to school.

    How did they pass their

    time in childhood? How

    will they pass their time?

    How do they manage if

    something comes on TV

    screen? Oh! It is very

    difficult to be illiterate.

    This is how our skit

  • began on Teachers day. But I felt I should educate at least one illiterate. I started

    it with my servants son who is 5 year old. When I shared my experiences with my

    classmates, they too wanted to do something like this.


    We discussed with our teachers. Teachers appreciated and brought it to the

    notice of the Principal. We selected three adults for each with our Principals

    consent. The Principal asked us to select three ayas (Class IV employees) who are

    illiterate. The feeling that we are taking up a task which is not our routine, thrilled

    us. We started literacy class in our premises after school hours for an hour. To

    begin with, we have decided to teach alphabet in Telugu language.

    I DO

    Learning to count

    Team in action

    Awareness on Adult Literacy

  • Our Principal just glanced at our work after a week. She immediately directed our

    mentor (teacher) to take us to the Officer in charge of ADULT EDUCATION

    PROGRAMME. He educated us how to handle the adults. We got text books freely

    from them to be given each adult. We had a meeting with the Officer in charge with

    our ayas who motivated them and enabled us to carry out our work with ease.

    Everyone is given a set of three books. The first book deals with the important

    things that they see in their village. Even the written work also begins with the

    Motivation on Adult Literacy in school premises

    Awake Arise Akshar Se Team in action

  • information MANA UURU-MY VILLAGE. First they have to identify the pictures and

    later they are supposed to write the words related to the picture.

    Our work went on quite fast. Our adult students picked up numeration and

    counting, alphabet in English too.

    Our work is more or less like the SAKSHAR BHARATH PROGRAME taken up

    the HRD. Even the Govt. of Andhhra Pradesh started adult education programme in

    18 districts, covering 76 lakh people. Of course, we understood the mega venture

    started by the Indian government to improve the literacy rate at a war footing

    level. It is no less than a Herculean task.

    Awake Arise Akshar Se In progress

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