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<ol><li> 1. Increase Your Facebook Likes How to engage your audience MARG ARET BENOIT BLOGG ER &amp; ENTREPENEUR TOP 10 TIPS 1) Keep it Simple! Everyone is busy. Short and sweet Facebook posts are the key. Shorter posts are more likely to receive likes. 2) Encourage your followers to engage in your posts. Ask them questions. 3) Videos and photos attract more engagement from your follow- ers. Use them frequently. 4) Post consistently to keep on your followers radar. If you cannot think of what to post, ask them a question or encourage them to share posts on your wall, relevant to your content. 5) Your page should not be a place for only making announce- ments. It needs to be like a conversation where you engage with each other. A win win for both. 6) Good content is essential. Ask yourself Will this interest my audience? Will this be of value to my audience? 7) Dont be afraid to ask your followers what they want to see more of on your page. You need to get to know your audience, their wants and needs. 8) Like your followers comments and reply to their posts. Call them by name. Make it personal. When you are friendly and per- sonal, they return to your page, which will Increase Facebook likes. 9) Include calls to action such as Like, Share, Comment, Tell Us. You never know, your followers may just do what you tell them! And it may Increase Facebook Likes! 10) Make it fun. Dont always be too serious. Your readers want entertainment. They want to learn. Aim for your page to be inter- esting. Interesting pages Increase Facebook Likes. Remember, when someone likes your page, it is shown on that persons Facebook Newsfeed. That means, other people will see what they have liked and they may visit your page. If they share your page, it will be on their profile page. Again, others will be able to see it. Aim for LIKES and SHARES. Margaret Benoit To visit Margarets Blog To connect with Margaret on Facebook Do you like this article? Check out Margarets Blog *Address Below* 21 August 2013 </li></ol>