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Do you know how to increase website traffic to your site? If you realize traffic is lifeblood for your online business. Without traffic your site or business ain't going nowhere! here are my favorite techniques to increase website traffic that You and I will never forget. Enjoy!


  • 1. increase website traffic By: Business Dude

2. Ive asked hundreds of peoplewhat holds them back in theirbusiness and over and overagain I hear ONE word 3. TRAFFIC! 4. Yes its like crack cocaine and all marketers seem to beaddicted to it.The more you have the more revenue you generate.(Well, not always! But thats a conversation for anotherday.)But the fact of the matter is that traffic is the lifeblood ofEVERY online business. Without it your business dries uplike a pothole in the Sahara desert.Unfortunately, I see most people wasting their time withsome REALLY ineffective website traffic strategies. 5. Youve probably heard of some of these Blog commenting (Uhhhhhh is that really how you should be spending your time?) Article Submissions Can we say soooooooo 2004. YouTube Marketing Yes, this can be a great source of traffic but that little video you made on Animoto just aint gonna cut it. 6. So I hear a lot of people who say that theyre doingall sorts of things to try increase their website trafficbut in reality theyre focusing their efforts in all thewrong places.Ive created this article to create a SHIFTin the way you think about traffic. Overthe past couple years Ive focused onsimplifying my business. Zoning in onthe critical few tasks that create theMOST results for myself AND (moreimportantly) for our clients.While most marketers are trying to cramMORE and MORE into their day Im hackingaway all the extraneous fluff.Zoning in the critical few tasks that create 80% of ourresults. 7. We want a business that is simple and fun. And so thats what Imgoing to teach you as well.So forget writing 100 articles. Instead Im going to show you how to get1,000+ visitors to just ONE article.So without further ado, here are my favorite techniques to increasewebsite traffic that You and I will never forget. 8. 1. Affiliate ProgramOne of the best things you can do when starting your business is tocreate a 100% commission affiliate program.This alone will create a perpetual traffic machine in your business.Create a high-quality product and give away 100% of the profits to youraffiliates.Sounds a bit crazy right?Well it added over 30,000 subscribers to our list and continues todrive traffic to our site to this day.Turning Your Idea into Cold, Hard Cash the EASY way 9. I created a product called the Traffic Dashboard and gave away 100%commissions.I can tell you right now that when you give away 100% commissions its becomes VERY easy to recruit affiliates ;)Its like a moth being attracted to the light.We had over 2,400+ people sign-up for our affiliate program.So Im pretty sure you can get a couple hundred people to join your100% commission affiliate program. Its a pretty easy sell ;)So now you have hundreds of affiliates sending traffic to your websiteday in and day out.Include an exit page off of your sales letter that collects subscribers.Now your adding hundreds (if not thousands) of subscribers to your listeach month. 10. So heres my secretformulaAwesome Product + 100% affiliate program + high-converting sales letter = Perpetual Traffic MachineAnd just in case youre wondering its pretty easy tocreate a high-converting sales letter because this is a low-priced entry product. ($17-$39)NEW Technology Runs All Your Sales Funnels Drag-N-Drop Style 11. 2. Facebook AdsThis has become my own little treasure trove.Facebook is a marketers dream. You can pinpoint and target EXACTLYwho you want to add to your list.Want to build a list of teachers? Facebook will allow you to put your addirectly in front of people who have declared their profession onFacebook as a teacher. In fact, you can get super specific and justtarget science teachers, english teachers, or math teachers.In a matter of weeks you can build a group of fans.You can also drill down to the exact age group you want. Male. Female.Married. Single. Choose to your hearts desire. 12. Want to advertise to people who are fans of Jillian Michaels? You cando it! And build a targeted list of fitness/ weight loss prospects at thesame time.Looking to build a list of yoga enthusiasts? You can do it in record timeon Facebook by advertising to fans of related yoga pages.Facebook is quickly becoming one of the best places to build and growyour business. Plus, we havent even talked about how quickly yourcontent can spread on Facebook.More for another day :) FB Ad Queen- Boost Your List Fast With Facebook Ads 13. 3.Email MarketingALL of your marketing efforts should be working towards putting peopleon your subscriber list. That means AT LEAST 80% of your trafficshould be directed to a squeeze page where you give people avaluable free gift in return for their name and email.The other 20% of your traffic will go towards your blog.Traffic from sites like Facebook and Twitter are a perfect example. Justmake sure your blog is designed to convert visitors into subscribers.Well talk more about that in upcoming articles. But the point here isthat your subscriber list is THE #1 asset in your business. If youre notbuilding a subscriber list youre not building a business. 14. 80 90% of your profits are made on the BACKEND via your follow upemails.TRUST is the foundation for every sale. And one of the best ways tocreate that trust is by sending 2-3 fun, entertaining, value-driven emailsevery week to establish preeminence in your market.You become the trusted advisor in your market. With an engaged list ofsubscribers you now have traffic on tap.We personally drive thousands of visitors EVERY time we send out anemail. THATS the power of email.YOU OWN THE TRAFFIC. How to Generate a Massive Responsive List of 1,000s and Unique Targeted Traffic with Your Messages Being Read within 10 Minutes by 97% of Your Audience. 15. You can then turn those subscribers into Super Fans bycombining the power of4. Multiple Platform Presence to quickly and easilyYou now have an incredible opportunity onlinespread your content and your message to thousands of people.With the explosion in popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, andGoogle Plus its now easier than ever before to spread your contentand get more website traffic. 16. Social media has superchargedtraditional word-of-mouth.Now that doesnt mean its goingto happen overnight.But if you have great content. Ifyoure providing lots of value (on aconsistent basis) then social mediais one of the most powerfuldistribution points.Its doubly powerful when youcombine it with email. When youintegrate 2-3 weekly emails, plusengaging with your audience onsites like Facebook and Twitter thats when you create Raving Connect and engage daily on atSuper Fans!! least 3 different platforms. 17. One of those MUST be email.Here are a few powerful combos I recommend:Email + Facebook + TwitterEmail + Facebook + Google PlusEmail + Facebook + PinterestNow which 3 you choose is going to depend largely onyour particular market. WHERE exactly are your peoplehanging out online?The Truth About Pinterest Traffic and How To Profit From It 18. For example, if you have a scrapbookingBut when you start creatingsite then your tri-combo should includecontent and engaging withEmail, Facebook, and Pinterest because your fans on a DAILY basis,those are the MAIN platforms where thats when youll startwomen scrap bookers are hanging out. gaining momentum.Credit to: 19. increase website traffic By: Business Dude