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<ul><li><p> Introduction </p><p>Omaxe ITC greater Noida is one of the best upcoming </p><p>residential townships of Greater Noida, which is available for </p><p>investment and buying purposes. </p><p>Head-Lines : - </p><p>Income Generating premises Omaxe ITC </p><p>It is a fact that commercial property has more potential of income </p><p>generation than any residential premises. So if you are looking for </p><p>something which can provide you the best and full proof returns for a long </p><p>time, then buy out commercial infrastructure rather than to invest in any </p><p>residential plot or property. </p><p>The best way of income generation is no doubt renting or leasing. You can </p><p>rent the smaller units of a big commercial infrastructure to many tenants but </p><p>when it comes to residential property, it is only single tenant which will </p><p>occupy the entire property. It is better to generate distributed revenue from </p><p>many rather than to rely on one and generate consolidate income from a </p><p>single unit. </p><p>Commercial infrastructure like Omaxe ITC is the best investment friendly </p><p>structure available in Greater Noida. Offering best office space and retail </p><p>space in Alpha II. With close proximity to the nearby IT Hub and residential </p></li><li><p>complexes, Omaxe is expected to gear up soon in times and can attract a </p><p>subtle amount of footfalls because of its popularity and desirability factor. </p><p>All the leading brands of the world, including the multi retail chains are </p><p>opting for the space here. Omaxe India Trade Center is getting developed </p><p>of world class status which will be having all the amenities and facilities of </p><p>global level. With best of the architecture and space planning to suit the </p><p>needs of various business houses, Omaxe is well valued driven and gives </p><p>you complete customized settings according to your space requirement. </p><p>Being closely located to all the major hubs of the city, it is one of the best </p><p>connected commercial township of Greater Noida. Lying closely located to </p><p>the nearest metro station, you can get connected to other marketplace and </p><p>business center of the national capital territory. </p><p>The best thing about commercial township like Omaxe ITC greater Noida </p><p>is that it is worth investing domain for small and middle range investors </p><p>unlike residential outfit where only large scale investors can take their stand </p><p>and enjoy risk free returns and benefits. Here small investors can buy a </p><p>small share of the builders stock and play in share market with </p><p>asymmetrical infrastructures. </p><p>Omaxe is no doubt the place to invest in, especially for those who are </p><p>looking for the best deals and are keen on making profits in the shortest </p><p>time, without any effort and tensions. It is the best commercial outfit of NCR </p><p>which have due potential in it. </p><p>Contact Us </p><p>Contact No:+91-9716821000 / 9999975789 </p><p>E-Mail ID:- </p><p>Get More Information Visit Here:- </p><p>IntroductionIncome Generating premises Omaxe ITC</p></li></ul>