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  1. 1. INBOX ZERO
  2. 2. Basic Views Default View Bulk Email View Folder View
  3. 3. Default View
  4. 4. Inbox S Inbox
  5. 5. 1. Unopened Mail will have a blue area around the initial 2. The Initial is selected from the first letter of the contact 3. Opened Mail will have black around the senders initial 4. Email from a thread will be grouped together with the number listed 5. Attachments are shown with a paper clip 6. Emails are shown in chronological order 7. There is a fixed search bar 8. The column can be pulled down to be refreshed Inbox
  6. 6. 1. Reply, Reply All, Forward button. 2.Compose Email. Compose window will pop up Inbox
  7. 7. When viewing an unread email the initial will remain blue in the inbox, and inside the email (noted by arrow). Once you have exited the email the icon will no longer be blue. Viewing Email
  8. 8. Viewing Email
  9. 9. To view a thread, click on a grouped message (has numbered box indicating it is a thread) Threads
  10. 10. Click a thread, which will pull up the second screen with messages grouped in the thread. Re: Lawrence Organizer call f. Threads
  11. 11. An example of a emails in a grouped thread Re: Lawrence Organizer call f. Threads
  12. 12. Searching Email Touch search bar, keyboard pops up, start searching by keyword. All folders, files, and inboxes searched
  13. 13. Bulk Email View
  14. 14. Button for rapid bulk sorting Bulk Sorting Feature
  15. 15. Push the bulk sort button and the bulk sort screen will pop up
  16. 16. The bulk sort button will open this screen. There is no sliding to delete or add to to-do list. Each email can be selected and an action taken at the top of the screen. The search bar and the area above it will remain fixed.
  17. 17. Add Folder button Arrows indicate scrolling To do list button(This will be explained later in the Basic Actions: Files>To-Do List) Search bar. Behaves identically to the regular search function, emails filtered in order of relatedness, identical to chronological order
  18. 18. Scrolling in Bulk Sort View When you scroll up or down the entire page will scroll up and down.
  19. 19. Emails are sorted from left to right in chronological order 1:22 PM
  20. 20. Pressing emails in bulk view selects them and they turn blue. Once selected actions can then be taken, in bulk.
  21. 21. To view a single email in bulk view use the zoom in gesture on that email. It will then pop open. (note, I forget to put in the standard options like reply, etc)
  22. 22. Folder View
  23. 23. To view all folders Folders Feature
  24. 24. Pushing the Folder button will bring up the folder screen
  25. 25. Pushing the view all folders will bring up this screen The folders are randomly assigned a color when created and only show up in color in this screen. Actions: Tap and hold the folder icon to select a folder. Selected icons are highlighted with a blue color. Otherwise, one tap should allow the user to access the folder
  26. 26. Add folder Green arrows indicate scrolling up and down. The entire page will scroll up or down.
  27. 27. Basic Actions Reply Compose Delete File - File to Folder - File to To-Do List - File to SMARTbox Folder
  28. 28. Action: Reply
  29. 29. Replying Button Reply Button
  30. 30. Reply, Reply All, Forward options drop down from reply button Reply Reply-All Forward
  31. 31. Action: Compose New Mail
  32. 32. From the inbox, push the compose button and a compose page will pop up. This compose email will fill the entire screen. Inbox
  33. 33. Compose Email Window
  34. 34. Compose Email Window Exit Draft Button. (Note, there will not be a prompt to save draft) Save button. Saves the draft to the drafts folder Dropdown arrow, will show CC, BCC
  35. 35. Drop down Arrow Email Details Listed when arrow is pushed
  36. 36. For emailing from the main inbox when you have multiple accounts push this arrow to select which account to send from. The emails signature will change accordingly
  37. 37. User: To delete an email swipe left (arrows represent the movement) DELETE EMAIL System: 1. Delete the email or move it to the Trash Inbox
  38. 38. Action: File to To-Do List
  39. 39. User: To add an item to the To-do list swipe right System: 1. Moves the email to the To-do list Folder Swipe TO-DO email
  40. 40. Set Priority Once swiped the email will turn orange and a screen will pop up asking for the priority of the email within the to-do list folder Urgent Moderately Urgent Non-Urgent
  41. 41. Based on what the user marks it as, the lines show what column each button corresponds to within the to do list Urgent Moderately Urgent Non-Urgent
  42. 42. System: Emails that have been added to the To-do list will appear orange in the inbox The system should highlight the email box orange, while leaving the text in the black color.
  43. 43. To-do List Feature
  44. 44. You can access the To-do list from the menu All emails in the to do list arent orange as they are in the inbox.
  45. 45. CHANGES 1. Inbox changes to To-do List SYSTEM 1. After clicking the To-do list, the user should have access to all emails previously swiped as to-do. 2. In the to-do list, the email box is white as compared to orange in the inbox.
  46. 46. When you push an email in the to-do list it will pop up. It can also be minimized.
  47. 47. To view a email in the To-do list area click on it. It will then pop up.
  48. 48. Action: File to Folder
  49. 49. Push the bulk sort button and the bulk sort screen will pop up
  50. 50. Pressing emails in bulk view selects them and they turn blue. Once selected actions can then be taken, in bulk. The two actions after selecting are: -Move to To-Do List Folder -Delete The plus button allows to add an extra folder and name it.
  51. 51. Action: File to SMARTbox
  52. 52. SMARTbox Feature
  53. 53. SMARTbox is a folder for emails from people that are important to you. Description: -The smartbox is a separate folder from the inbox. -Any incoming emails from certain contacts and their affiliated email addresses will automatically be moved from the inbox to this smartbox folder. -This can be done by adding a rule that states any incoming emails from will move from the inbox to the SMARTbox folder. -The box icon adds quick access to that folder. Contacts can be added to the SMARTbox by: a) when viewing an email, near the contacts information there is an exclamation point, by pushing it that contact is added to the SMARTbox. This is shown in the next screens
  54. 54. To open the SMARTbox from inbox To open SMARTbox from Menu
  55. 55. Adding people from the Inbox push the exclamation point This creates a rule that all current and all future mail from this person will be moved to the SMARTbox. By creating this rule, al important contacts emails are moved from the inbox to the SMARTbox folder
  56. 56. Managing Accounts in the SMARTbox
  57. 57. Managing Accounts in the SMARTbox Contact Name Contactss Emails (to edit, type within the space) To delete contact push X
  58. 58. Quick Access Folders
  59. 59. These three buttons quickly transition the user to those sections: SMARTbox, Inbox, and To-Do list SMARTbox Icon: Messages in smartbox are shown Inbox Icon: Messages in the Inbox are shown To-Do list Icon: takes user to To-Do list Inbox The inbox folder is set as the default. The icon should be highlighted, until another quick access button is tapped. Then the tapped button is highlighted.The selected quick access folder should be highlighted blue if the icon is elected.
  60. 60. Menu Options
  61. 61. To go to the menu click the menu button in the upper left hand corner of the inbox screen System: 1. The system should pull up menu options 2. Grant access to the menu options as seen in the image
  62. 62. To go to the menu click the menu button in the upper left hand corner of the inbox screen Arrows indicate the slide right as the menu is shown
  63. 63. From the menu you can access the Sent folder Sent Sent
  64. 64. CHANGES 1. Inbox changes to Sent SYSTEM 1. After clicking the sent folder, the user should have access to all the sent emails
  65. 65. Drafts From the menu you can access the drafts folder Drafts
  66. 66. CHANGES 1. Inbox changes to Drafts SYSTEM 1. After clicking the drafts folder, the user should have access to all the saved drafts on the device
  67. 67. Trash folder
  68. 68. Access the trash bin from the menu All deleted items move here. Trash Trash
  69. 69. Settings
  70. 70. Access settings from the menu by pushing the menu button
  71. 71. When settings is pushed from the menu this screen will pop up
  72. 72. Push settings button Inbox slides left to cover menu Then the settings box pops up
  73. 73. This is the box that will appear when the account button is pushed in settings
  74. 74. Live Account has been pushed. This window will display options for that account
  75. 75. To Add an Account, in Settings push add account
  76. 76. Miscellaneous
  77. 77. Accessing Individual Email Accounts
  78. 78. Different Accounts From the menu clicking on an account will take you to that accounts inbox and sent folders
  79. 79. The accounts inbox and sent mail will slide from right to left. The inbox for the individual account will be loaded
  80. 80. The Inbox button will return you to the main inbox
  81. 81. User: This is the welcome screen. When you open the app for the first time this is what y