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Email is the #1 productivity killing, time sucking, addictive distraction that keeps us from doing great work.Most professionals today receive hundreds of emails each day, and spend on average 2.5 hours per day dealing with them. In a five-day workweek, that's 12.5 hours a week, 50 hours a month, 600 hours a YEAR!In this presentation I'll show you how I reclaimed about 40 hours a month by making a few simple changes in the way that I manage email.You really can improve your relationship with your inbox, and create space in your life for the important work, the important relationships, and life affirming experiences.If this presentation helps you, please share it with your colleagues, and drop by my website to let me know if it helped you.Stop by and visit anytime at:


<ul><li> How to Transcend Email Hell in 3 Easy Steps </li> <li> 1994Remember This?Oh boy!Someone actuallysent me an email! </li> <li> The average worker spends 2.1 hours on email per day AOL poll: 51% respondents check email 4 or more timesper day 80% of business people check email FIRST thing in themorning Some people are ADDICTED to emailTheir drug of choice is called a Crack Berry </li> <li> Sound Familiar? </li> <li> Technology Related: Human Related: SPAM / Unwanted Email Psycho Expectations Finding Stuff Easily Dealing with Nibblers Conversation Threading Missing Urgent Messages Portability Poor Etiquette Viruses Useless Subject Lines Integration with Calendar Frequently Asked &amp; ToDo List Questions </li> <li> TIP: Dont know? Use to findout where youre productivity is going. </li> <li> 1. Email Less </li> <li> 1. Email Less2. Manage Actions </li> <li> 1. Email Less2. Manage Actions3. Cheat </li> <li> Schedule Your Distractions </li> <li> Schedule Your Distractions Never Check Email in the Morning </li> <li> Schedule Your Distractions Never Check Email in the Morning Decide What Times Youll Check Email &amp; Stick To It! </li> <li> Schedule Your Distractions Never Check Email in the Morning Decide What Times Youll Check Email &amp; Stick To It! Turn Off Email Alerts </li> <li> Consolidate &amp; Use Gmail </li> <li> Consolidate &amp; Use Gmail Identify your email accounts &amp; their purpose Setup Gmail Point all email accounts at Gmail Use Mail Fetcher Setup Send Email As addresses too. Dont use forwarding Banish your old email client </li> <li> Cut the Cord &amp; Clean House </li> <li> Cut the Cord &amp; Clean House Turn off your CrackBerry Remove all email accounts from your Mobile Devices Create and use a PRIVATE email address if needed. Give yourself a clean slate Empty your inbox Tell the important peeps </li> <li> Three Simple Rules </li> <li> Three Simple Rules Star and archive all messages that need action. Archive or delete everything else as soon as youve read it. Take action on your starred items twice daily. (I recommend 11am and 3pm.) </li> <li> Whats the Next Action? </li> <li> Whats the Next Action? Delete Delegate Respond Defer Do </li> <li> Use Keyboard Shortcuts </li> <li> Use Labels &amp; Filters </li> <li> Use Canned Responses </li> <li> Use Signature Tweaks </li> <li> Use Google Tasks </li> <li> Use Google Calendar to set reminders </li> <li> Use Away Find </li> <li> Hire an Email Manager/Virtual Assistant </li> <li> 1. Email Less2. Manage Actions3. Cheat </li> <li> Thanks for your time &amp; attention! Glen McNiel a.k.a. {Zen}Glen </li> </ul>