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  • 1. Introduction 01.02.10
  • 2. Team & competencies
    • Founded in 2001 in Paris, opening of Moscow office in 2008
    • 25 collaborators , consultants, statisticians & web developers
    • From analytical CRM to operational CRM : from web & data mining to development of bespoke CRM solutions
    • In-depth multi-sectorial knowledge Customer Relationship universe
    • Inbox is an consulting firm specialized in customers' marketing : analysis of behaviors, design of relational action plans, reset of loyalty program,
    • From the analysis of customers' data and their relationship with the company, we build and develop tools to get a better knowledge and understanding of their habits and then do influence their relationship with the company
  • 3.
    • Expert in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we define our work simply: understand data to design and create bespoke, sustainable and effective solution.
    • Customer/Prospect datas are today a major asset of development whatever activity is, under the condition of getting use of them effectively in a fluctuating environment.
    • Our specificity relies on our capability to combine very different marketing expertises, surveys & IT analytics, to get them work and be meaningful together.
    Enable you to translate your : Enable you to translate your : Enable you to translate your : Database Management System of Marketing Information Field Marketing plan Our expertises
  • 4. Areas of competencies Channels Management Get along with, audit & consult BtoB & BtoC 17/12/09
      • Audit of purchasing behavior
      • Audit of quality/reactivity DB on line
      • Audit of loyalty program
      • Audit of needs and existing systems
      • Segmentations
      • Profiles
      • Scoring (Churn, appealing, potential,)
      • Life time value
      • Reactivity to channels
      • Measuring elasticity of offer
      • Set-up of marketing information system
      • Improvement & development of DB
      • Design of needs roadbook & workbook
      • Coaching and follow-up of implementation
      • Transfer of competencies and training
      • Definition of loyalty program
      • Optimisation of sollicitation program
      • Customer relationship program deisgn
      • Optimisation of internal & external targetting
      • Test methodology and validation
      • Sales development (up selling, cross selling)
      • Identification of potentials
      • Data management
      • Tools of counting and extraction
      • Interactive customer platform
      • Online survey
      • Qualification of indiviual and household
      • Management of commercial pressure
      • Variety of channels interface
    Animation & Relationship
      • Audit of sollicitations plan
      • Campaign simulation tool
      • Network optimisation
      • Scoring
      • Analysis of ffeedbacks
      • Activity follow-up
      • Measure of ROI
      • Commercial Performance
      • Online Reporting
    Optimisation & Steering
  • 5.
    • We are the Designers of the Customer Relation :
    • Data management : to manage a 360 customer vision
    • Knowledge : to understand the customer behavior
    • Animation : to influence the customer behavior
    • Relational Marketing : to interact with each customer
    • Optimisation : to maximize the Return on Investment
    • Activities steering : to deliver the relevant marketing information
    • Consulting : to bring relevant & operational recommendations
    • Training : to develop & increase your know-how
    Animation Relation Optimization Steering Management Knowledge Data Management Training Follow-up Consult The requirement of Customer marketing under control.
  • 6. The project BEHAVIOUR S INSIGHT S MONITORING CRM TOOLS Customer Information S ystem 360
  • 7. Relational strategy & A ction plan Our vision Post factum Identif ication of current & future customers potential s C.I.S CUSTO M ERS BEH A VIORS Ticket Manage effectively actions plan Invest on t o customer potential s Loyalty program To enrich knowledge of Customers Life
  • 8. Our vision
    • Customer identifi cation
    • Visits frquency
    • Categories visited
    • Products purchased
    • Promotions/offers usage
    C.I.S Customer Knowledge To maximize the margin To d evelop the activity CUSTO M ERS BEH A VIORS Ticket Loyalty program
    • Relational A ction P lan :
        • Relational strategy,
        • Business Action Plan
    • Identif ication of current & future customers potential s:
      • Profile
      • Typologies
      • Segmentation
      • Scores
    To enrich knowledge of Customers Life actions
    • Targeted offers
    • Cross selling
    • Up selling
    • Actions impact
    • Usage rate
    • Image index
    • Increase of the in-store con sumption through:
    • Market share of necessary products
    • Purchases diversification
    Manage effectively actions plan Invest on t o customer potential s
  • 9. Our approach
  • 10. Our approach
    • Our approach consists in guiding you on the overall project :
      • its definition in accordance with your strategy
      • its development through a bespoke CRM application
      • Its daily customer animation
    • We combine our marketing, analytics and computing expertise to realize an adapted solution to your needs and to your project of network growth
    • Below, the projects implementation steps :
    Audit of your needs, taking into consideration your strategy & the existing Review of your current relational pattern and plans Definition of relational action plan to be implemented as well as reporting tools designed upon your needs & user profiles Development of online web application accessible from your website & dedicated to your customers Ongoing data collection under fully integrated Marketing Information System updated on daily basis developed & hosted for you 1 2 3 4 5
  • 11. Cycle of customer knowledge
    • Identification & qualification of available datas :
      • Descriptive datas (n a m e , sex, ad d ress, date of birth , )
      • Commercial datas ( purchased products , amount of purchase , date of purchase ,)
      • Declarative datas ( from questionnaries such as CSP, l eisure ,)
      • Marketing datas ( actions towards the customer, his reaction, his requests, )
    • Segmentation & Scor ing :
      • Segmentation a ims at building groups of homogeneous customers profiles in terms o