in this two day masterclass program you’ll learn in this two day masterclass program...

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  • In this two day MasterClass program you’ll learn ü The 9 Principles of Communicating Sustainability with examples of how cities, small business and global brands are growing their businesses, diversifying their

    economies, building resilience and achieving their goals through the use of these principles. ü Why some organisations struggle with the basics of sustainability and how to sustain interest with all stakeholders especially millennials. ü The simple 4 step process behind the new sustainability narrative.
 ü Story telling tips and techniques including the keys to effective CSR storytelling and common sustainability or CSR plots. ü How to engage the board, inspire employees and get public support for your big ideas and campaigns. ü Global sustainability trends and emerging issues/policy. ü How complex concepts such as products made by renewable energy, and the blue and circular

    economies are being communicated to drive mass market uptake.
 ü Discover the keys to success from leading sustainability managers and Hollywood super stars.
 ü How to create shared value through storytelling and why stories win over stats. ü The essentials of a HERO brand/community/city.
 ü How to innovate and overcome climate and sustainability fatigue. ü Tips to get Board buy-in and increased budgets. ü How to achieve attitude and behavior change in your target audience.

    You’ll get to take home

    ü A workbook on How to create S.M.A.R.T. KICK-ASS Sustainability Strategy and Communications. ü A plethora of best practice case studies by leading brands, government agencies, NGOs and cities. ü New industry contacts that can support your communicating sustainability journey. ü New ideas and concepts that you can incorporate into sustainability strategy and your various campaigns. ü New tools, reports, videos and industry contacts that can support your communicating sustainability journey. ü New ideas and concepts that you can incorporate into sustainability strategy and your various campaigns. ü The seven sins of green washing and other resources to help your organisation avoid green wash. ü The psychology and principles of Climate Change Communication.
 ü New social-media and gamification skills and resources. ü Enhancements and amendments for your own communications programs (delegates are required to bring

    corporate and or campaign specific marketing collateral to work on and or reference throughout the 2 days. ü An extensive library of resources including a Guide to Sustainia and supporting resources for business, industry

    groups, NGOs, academia and government, especially cities and LGAs. You also get to participate in a 90 minute webinar for follow up guidance, support and peer to peer learning/sharing.

  • Meet your Speakers

    Other special guest speakers around the country include: Aidan Mullan, the National Sustainability Manager for Interface in Sydney and in Brisbane it will be Delwyn Langdon, the Manger of the EcoCentre at Griffith University.

    Who should attend

    ü This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in improving their economic, social and environmental performance and or stakeholder engagement. ü Anyone responsible for internal/external communications and or strategy of sustainability, CSR, carbon neutrality, climate change, ethical investment and

    or clean tech. ü Business Owners and Managers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Sustainability Advisors and Policy Makers. ü Members of Public Affairs/Marketing/HR Departments of companies and government agencies with a sustainability or climate change focus. ü Carbon, Energy Efficiency and or Sustainability/CSR consultants. Advertising and PR consultants and copy writers.

    This MasterClass has been developed by and will be facilitated by Anne-Maree McInerney MOSS Founder and CEO who was the only Aussie on the global team in Copenhagen who developed the “Global Principles of How to Communicate Sustainability”.

    Anne-Maree has an extensive marketing background having worked in media, the NFP sector, for major events and the private sector. She also held senior roles in marketing and PR agencies before establishing MOSS in 2006. MOSS supports business through education, training, networking, tools and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success. Anne-Maree will be joined by:

    Jamie Engel is a former Hollywood animator and script writer, who today specializes in corporate education platforms, entrepreneurship, exponential technologies and storytelling. He’s written curriculum for tertiary institutions and corporations on Storytelling. Storytelling to Inspire and Lead Teams; Storytelling for UX and Product Development; Brand Storytelling – Connecting to your customers and how to engage, captivate and inspire; and storytelling for Presentations and Pitching – how to engage, captivate and Inspire.

    Jamie’s greatest gift however is getting people excited to learn and motivated to discover hidden capabilities (and superpowers) within themselves. Heather Porter got her start managing events globally for some of the world’s top speakers such as Tony Robbins. In 2006 she Co-Founded the Billionaire Adventure Club where she connected entrepreneurs to non-profits and social enterprises including the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and delivered projects such as a new school in Peru, sharing of global networks and resources for street kids in Cambodia and a training seminar in South Africa for aspiring young local entrepreneurs. When the speakers she worked with wanted to engage with their tribes online - her first big digital project was building a membership site in 2008 that attracted 18,000 members when it launched. Due to the demand for others wanting online presence, she then co-founded the digital marketing agency Autopilot Your Business in 201 and today runs Digital Voice, a website development and consultancy company for businesses who want to change the world through their message, products and services.

  • Program - DAY ONE

    8.45 Registration, coffee, meet your fellow delegates and your facilitator. Note we will start at 9am sharp!

    9.00 Introductions, background and key issues.

    - Who’s in the room and why - Challenges and issues in communicating sustainability 
 - Introduction to levels of thinking that ultimately shape strategy and determine levels of success - Purpose and the rise of B Corps and the social entrepreneur - Update from COP 23

    10.00 Morning Tea.

    10.20 How do you live your values, tell your story and build trust in a new era of collaboration?

    - LOHAS and changing consumer expectations and the rise of the Millennials and what that means to employee engagement - Metrics, benchmarking and certification programs - New sustainability concepts and trends including Creating Shared Value (CSV), Blue and Circular economies and how they are being communicated - Where are you on the Trust Barometer - Freely available research to support decision making

    11.30 Taking stock – what do you have to work with?

    Noon Lunch and networking.

    1.00 Part of being sustainable is sustaining people’s interest. But how do you do that? What are the trends and best practice in a new era of transparency and collaboration. What are the tools to engage, sustain interest and build momentum? This session features guest speaker Heater Porter who will specifically address “How to get the most from social media”.

    2.30 Behaviour Change – trends and best practice + introduction to Behavourial Economics.

    2.45 Afternoon Tea.

    3.00 Living Sustainability – Tour of Facility with Aidan Mullan / Delwyn Langdon. How does the host venue live and communicate sustainability?

    4.00 Introductions to the 9 Principals of How to Communicate Sustainability as developed by Green Growth Leaders for the UNFCCC, Rio 20+, the OECD, EU Commission and World Economic Forum. There will be a showcase of examples provided for each principal and time allocated to explore how you can apply each principal to your organization – and an opportunity to review your existing marketing materials and that of other participants - to ensure you full comprehension of these principals.

    5.00 Drinks and networking.

    6.00 End of day.

  • Program - DAY TWO 9.00 Welcome back. Review of learnings thus far + Global best practice principles for communicating sustainability continued.

    10.30 Morning Tea.

    10.40 Global best practice principles for communicating sustainability continued. This includes an introduction to financial tools such as Marginal Abatement Cost Curves to build your business case and win support from governments, investors and the board. 

    12.00 Lunch.

    1.00 The NEW Sustainability Narrative. A simple 4 step process for success!

    1.30 Storytelling (including the Hero’s journey), gamification and AI to engage audiences with special guest speaker Jamie Engel. Get a copy of the hero’s handbook and discover how taking the Hero’s Journey is diversifying economies and building resilience.

    3.00 Afternoon Tea.

    3.20 How will you tell your story? What will you do that’s different tomorrow as a result of your learning’s today? Final development of individual plans and completion of workbooks. Group discussion on how you will apply this new innovation.

    5.00 Set date for follow up Webinar. Close.


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