in coto de caza, the legal mind, what a wasteful thing to use

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  • The Legal Mind, a wasteful thing to use, in Coto de Caza

  • The CZ Master association continues to support subsidies at the tune of more than $3 million per year on a $10 million/year budget. No coincidence that there have been three dues increases in five years, reserves are at the lowest critical point in the history of the community, less than 30%, where they should around 70%

    No surprise that the association wasted legal resources to come up with this useless attorney letter to respond to some simple questions as follows:

    Question 1: Do not ask how we spend your money. It is privileged information

    Question 2: We are pimping the associations website, so do not ask to Opt-out, we will opt-you in

    Question 3: Do not ask to know how we do not manage your private information, It is privileged information

    Question 4. You ask too many questions we have no aswers for - so, If you want to communicate with the CZ board, Send written communication by certified mail, return receipt - we will not respond anyway.

    Question 5. Civil Code? What Civil Code - the association is above the law.

    Conclusion: This attorney letter and the new CZ Website contract is evidence that in Coto de Caza, a legal mind is a wasteful thing to use.