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Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Partnership Title: Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc. Report Period: 01.01.2010 -30.06.2010
Board of Directors
3. Mehmet Hayrettin ENER Member (until June 1, 2010)
4. Ylmaz KÜLCÜ Member (until July 19, 2010)
5. Serra SABANCI Member
7. Mahmut Volkan Kara Member (as of July 19, 2010)
There are no executive members on the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors consists of five members chosen among shareholders according to the Company Core
Contract. There are no independent members among the members elected in the General Assembly.
Audit Board:
Bahadr BORAN
Mehmet Göçmen Chairman
Born in 1957, Mehmet Göçmen completed his post graduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Operational
Research at Syracuse University in the U.S. after completing his BA Degree at ODTÜ Industrial Engineering
and High School education at Galatasaray High School. Göçmen began his career at Çelik Halat ve Tel San. A..
in 1983, and worked as Lafarge Ekmel Beton A.. General Manager and Lafarge Turkey Business Development
and Foreign Relations Assistant Chairman between 1996 and 2002. He worked as General Manager at Akçansa
beginning in of June 2003, resigning from his position on 01.08.2008. He worked as Deputy Chairman of the
Board of Directors at Çimsa from 15.09.2004-09.09.2005. He was re-elected as a Board member on 02.05.2006
and undertook the Deputy Chairmanship until 20.07.2009. Göçmen is Chairman of the Board of Directors as of
this date.
Mustafa Nedim Bozfakolu Deputy Chairman
Born in Tarsus in 1950, Nedim Bozfakolu graduated from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics in
1972. He worked as Financing Manager and Financial Affairs Deputy Manager at Lassa and Kordsa. He then
worked as Budget, Accounting and Consolidation Department Head at H.Ö. Sabanc Holding. He currently
works as General Secretary at Hac Ömer Sabanc Holding.
Ylmaz Külcü (until July 19, 2010)
Born in Afyon in 1944, Ylmaz Külcü graduated from the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Electrical
Engineering in 1966. Beginning his career as an Electrical Engineer at the TEK 9th Regional Directorate, Külcü
later worked as Afyon Cement Premises Manager, Söke Cement Industry Assistant Manager, Elaz Cement
General Manager, Çorum Cement General Manager, Gaziantep Cement General Manager, Çitosan Electrical
Works Department Head, Çitosan Technical Assistant General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors
and Nide Cement General Manager. Assigned to Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc. on 01.04.1994, Mr.
Külçü continues his duty as a Member of the Board of Directors of Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Mehmet Hayrettin ener (until June 1, 2010)
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Mehmet Hayrettin ener began his career as Shift Engineer between 1979 and 1981 at Çanakkale Cement
Industry and Trade Inc., and worked as Production Chief, Production Manager, Enterprises Group Manager and
Deputy General Manager at Akçimento respectively as of 1981. He worked at the Büyükçekmece Plant between
1996 and 1999, and the Çimsa Cement and Trade Inc. Kayseri Plant between 2004 and 2005 as Plant Manager. As General Manager at the OYSA Cement Industry and Trade Inc. until 31.10.2007, ener was elected as a
Member of the Board of Directors of Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc. as of 08.04.2007.
Born in 1975 in Adana, Serra Sabanc completed her undergraduate degree at the Portsmouth University and
Economy Department of stanbul Bilgi University, from where she graduated ranking first in her class. Having
worked at Temsa, Serra Sabanc has also taken trainings on Company Acquisition and Board Memberships at the
Institute of Directors in London. Serra Sabanc currently works as a Board Member on the Board of Directors of
Sabanc Holding and various group companies, and as a member of the Board of Trustees at the Sabanc
Foundation. She was elected for membership of the Board of Directors of Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
as of 18.12.2009.
Born in Erzurum in 1959, Levent Demira graduated from the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences in
1980. He worked as an Account Specialist in the Ministry of Finance between 1980 and 1992. Undertaking
various responsibilities at Hac Ömer Sabanc Inc. since 1994, Levent Demira currently works as Head of
Sabanc Holding Financial Affairs and Financing Department.
M. Volkan Kara (As of July 19, 2010)
Born in Istanbul in 1973, Mahmut Volkan Kara graduated from Robert College and Istanbul Technical
University Machine Engineering department. Kara completed his post graduate studies, obtaining an MBA
degree from the North Carolina University Kenan-Flagler Business School in USA. He worked at Dell
Computers in Austin, Texas, A.T. Kearney in Chicago Illinois and SAB Miller in Milwaukee Wisconsin
respectively in the USA. Kara currently works as Corporate Strategy and Planning Director in Sabanc Holding
Strategy and Business Development Group Presidency.
B) Amendments Made to the Core Contract Within the Period and Their Reasons:
No amendments were made to the Core Contract within the first 6 months of 2010.
C) Industrial Developments and Main Factors Affecting the Industry:
The cement industry, which remained steady in 2009, is expected to grow 4-5% in 2010. Indicators of this
growth emerged in the first quarter of 2010 and the Turkish Cement Industry recorded a growth of 12% in this
In 2009, due to the recession in demand in the internal market and as a result of intensive demand from abroad,
especially Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, total cement and clinker export reached to 20 million tons. In 2010, the
market experienced a major growth in domestic sales due to the boom in domestic market. Domestic cement
sales increased by 14% according to the latest data for the first 4 months of 2010 declared by Turkish Cement
Manufacturers' Association declared at the end of April 2010. Total cement and clinker international sales also
increased by 5%.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Regionally, a decrease of 7% was experienced in the Southeastern Anatolia Region due to downfalls in export in
cement production at the first 4 months of the year. Greatest increase in cement production was in Central
Anatolia region with 39%. While the Aegean (-2%) and Mediterranean (-8%) Regions shrank in domestic sales,
the Central Anatolian region grew 45%. There have been major increases in the Black Sea (64%) and
Mediterranean (33%) Regions in total clinker and cement export.
Considering the ongoing infrastructure investments and booming housing investments, the growth trend in
internal sales is expected to continue in the upcoming months.
D) Financial Resources of the Company and Risk Management Policies:
Financing of the company's investment and operating capital are supplied with short and medium-long term
export, Turkish Lira and foreign currency credits.
Defining and monitoring all possible risks that our company may encounter forms the basis of our risk
management policy. In parallel to the risk management and applications procedure implemented by one of our
partners, Hac Ömer Sabanc Holding Inc. group companies, corporate risk management applications were
initiated. All risks that our company may encounter were classified according to their priority and are being
closely monitored by Company top management and the Board of Directors. In order to deal with all risks that
might directly affect Company’s financial status for all our facilities, the company was insured within the context
of global policies in accordance to the Sabanc Holding risk management policies.
Foreign exchange risks of the company that may arise from foreign currency credits are automatically disposed
of with export revenues, and appropriate financial instruments are evaluated separately. The Company began
using TL credits with the decrease in TL credit costs. Decreasing our financing costs was the aim of utilizing
short term TL credits from Eximbank.
E) Forecasts of Company Development:
As a member of Sabanc Cement Group, Çimsa enhances its strategic planning process with its scenario-based
approach. In the broadest sense, scenario-based strategic planning is defined as developing necessary strategic
options in order to be successful in possible future scenarios. Therefore Çimsa will determine the best strategic
approach for each scenario possible in the future instead of planning based on a single foreseen future, and this
provides flexibility to Çimsa in planning.
F) Quality and quantity of issued capital market instruments, if present
There are no issued capital market instruments.
G) Our Production Plants and Production Capacities:
Mersin Plant
First Facility Production Line
The rotary kiln in the plant which started production in 1975 consists of two pre-heater cyclone lines each of
which are four-staged. In 1983, coal grinding and combustion systems were added to the plant, leading to a
savings in fuel costs. 100% petroleum coke (with 4.5% sulphur) is burned in this kiln. In 2006, a waste
combustion unit was installed to bring additional income to the plant.
Second Facility Production Line
A second facility rotary kiln that can produce both grey and white cement according to needs began production
in December 1989. The facility consists of a raw material mill with crushers and pre-homogenization systems,
two raw material silos, a rotary kiln and clinker stock hall.
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Third Facility Production Line Another line which produces white cement was brought online in December 1999. The facility consists of a raw
material mill with crushers and pre-homogenization systems, two raw material silos, a rotary kiln and clinker
stock hall. The facility also has a white cement mill with a production capacity of 100 tons/hour. 100%
petroleum coke (with 4.5% sulphur) is burned in this kiln.
Calcium Aluminate Cement Production Plant This plant consists of a kiln with a production capacity of 2.3 tons/hour, a cement mill with a grinding capacity
of 5 tons/hour and a packaging unit. It was brought online in 2002. A second kiln with a clinker capacity of 2
tons/hour was put into production in 2007. In 2008, a bulk filling plant with a capacity of 50 tons/hour and
installation of a packaging machine with a capacity of 45 t/h were completed.
Paper Bag Plant
2,094,500 million paper bags were produced at the Paper Bag Plant located in Mersin Plant in the first quarter of
2010 and these paper bags were used at the Mersin, Kayseri, Nide, Eskiehir and Ankara Plants.
Kayseri Plant
The Çimsa Kayseri Plant was established in 1992 with a cement grinding and packaging capacity of 820,000
tons and was acquired by Çimsa in 1995. A pre-crusher system was built into the cement mill in 2005 in order to
increase cement grinding capacity and reduce energy consumption. The foundation of a clinker production line
was laid in order to transform the existing facility into an integrated cement plant. Clinker production at the plant
began at the end of December 2005 with the completion of building, installation and engagement works. Plant
capacity, which was 1,800 tons/day was increased to 2,175 tons/day as a result of the improvement works carried
out. The existing trass mill was transformed into a coal mill with a capacity of 20 tons/hour.
Eskiehir Plant
The Eskiehir Cement Plant was brought into service in 1957 on the 22 nd
kilometer of the Eskiehir - Istanbul
highway on a plot of 1,800 acres. With its wet kiln 3.6 meters in diameter and 125 meters in length of German
MIAG technology and a capacity of 150,000 thousand tons/year, the plant continued production until 1987.
Its first line, still in existence today, was installed in 1976 with a three-staged pre-heater and a dry system kiln
3.6 meters in diameter and 52 meters in length with a capacity of 275,000 thousand tons/year. Also with MIAG
technology, the line’s total capacity has been increased to 425,000 thousand tons/year.
With the pressure of the rapid increase in energy prices in the 80's and the opportunities provided by industrial
technical advancements, in 1987 the dry system production line pre-heater was replaced with a four-staged pre-
heater with a precalcination feature and annual capacity was increased to 440,000 tons with improvements in
other units.
The production plant was acquired by Çimsa from SDIF on December 27, 2005. The plant reached a record level
of production with 486,000 tons of clinker produced in its first year under the umbrella of Çimsa.
The clinker production capacity of the Çimsa Eskiehir Cement Plant, which was 480,000 tons in 2006, reached
1.4 million tons of clinker with the capacity increases made in the previous two years under Çimsa.
Nide Plant
The Nide Plant was established in 1957 under the name of Nide Cement Industry. Its rotary kiln, with an
established capacity of 850 tons/day (265,000 tons/year) was put in service in 1976. After modernization in
1993, kiln capacity increased from 850 tons/day to 1,150 tons/day. Kiln capacity was increased to 1,240 tons/day
in 2008.
Ankara Cement Grinding and Packaging Facility
The Ankara Cement Grinding and Packaging Facility has a cement grinding capacity of 150,000 tons/year. The
facility was acquired by Çimsa within the framework of the sales conducted by SDIF. The plant’s capacity was
increased after it was acquired by Çimsa and a closed system ball mill of 85 tons/day and 700,000 tons/year
production capacity as well as a cement silo with a capacity of 5,000 tons were built.
Marmara Rota Port Cement Packaging Facility
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
The plant was leased in June 2008. Çimsa super white cement is dispatched from the facilities in Mersin as bulk
and stored in a 5,000 ton horizontal silo.
Mersin Çimsa
1st Plant 3,380 grey clinker (Tons/Day) 2nd Plant 1,785 grey clinker (Tons/Day)
2nd Plant 1,450 white clinker (Tons/Day) 3rd Plant 1,750 white clinker (Tons/Day)
1st Isdaç 55 sdaç clinker (Tons/Day)
1st Isdaç 55 sdaç clinker (Tons/Day)
Kayseri Çimsa
2nd Production Line 2,300 grey clinker
Çimsa Ready-mixed concrete started production with Zeytinli Ready-mixed Concrete facility in Adana in 1998.
Property of 37 of the total 46 ready-mixed concrete plants 25 of which are wet and 21 of which are dry system
located in Adana, Mersin, Kayseri, Antalya, Osmaniye, Kahramanmara, Nevehir, Aksaray, Karaman, Konya,
Bilecik, Adapazar, Konya, Bursa, Eskiehir and Kütahya belong to Çimsa. Remaining nine of them are leased
for operation by Çimsa.
Çimsa also carries out its activities in aggregate industry that it considers as one of its main businesses. In this
direction it invests in mineral fields where a good quality of aggregate is derived and where environment-
friendly production can be performed in Mediterranean and Central Anatolia regions. With two active aggregate
pits at the moment, Çimsa started to supply high quality aggregate needed by the ready-mixed concrete and
construction industries from these plants in 2009. Planning to continue these investments in parallel to the
developments in construction and infrastructure needs of the Turkish market and within the framework of its
sustainability principles, Çimsa aims to double its existing production capacity in 2010 first, and then aims to
complete the CE certificates of all pits and increase its reputation in the industry as a corporate manufacturer.
A total of 314 transit mixers, 72 mobile and 5 fixed pumps are used in the plants where 127 experienced and
specialized employees work. Property of 257 transit mixers, 14 loaders, 65 mobile and 5 fixed pumps of these
machines belong to Çimsa.
Following technological and scientific developments closely and presenting these developments to its customers
as new products, new machine pools and services, Çimsa continued procurement of new machines in 2009. 40
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Volvo brand transit mixers with environmentally sensitive EURO4 motors were purchased within this context.
As well as the wet system mixers with Stetter brand ultra-structure of 9 cubic meters capacity, 4 mobile pumps
with 36 meter booms, two of which are Schwing and the other two are Putzmeister brand were also purchased.
Within the context of the Ready-Mixed Concretes Central Dispatch Project it realized in 2009, Çimsa provided
collection of he customer orders placed to all ready-mixed concrete plants at a single center, calculation of the
distance and raw material costs considering the construction site information of the customers and realization of
dispatch to the related construction site from the most profitable plant. Project aims to realize the deliveries in
quality and on time and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Allowing for performing credit query fort
he customers at order stage, the system provided current monitoring of the customer credit information.
Replacing also the production software in all plants in 2009, Çimsa continues its way to become the first
company in Turkey to use its own software in its plants while performing all data flow automatically.
International Affiliations and Terminals
Çimsa Cementos Espana S.A.U (Spain)
Belonging completely to Çimsa, the terminal was engaged in Sevilla, which is one of Spain's most important
ports in 1996. Çimsa Isdaç-40 and super white cement is dispatched in bulk from the facilities in Mersin and
presented as bulk or in bags using the packaging systems of the 5 thousand tons silo. Producing also white
cement blended furnishing materials, the facility creates a certain buyer group in Spanish market.
CSN Cement Sales North GmbH (Germany)
Established with 50% partnership of German CSN GmbH and Çimsa, CSN markets white cement and Isdaç-40
in Germany with its bulk cement silo capacity of 7 thousand and 500 tons, and markets white cement and Isdaç-
40 in Germany.
Closely monitoring growth potentials in its surroundings, Çimsa has acquired Erçim Cement Ind. LLC within the
context of the investment decision it has taken for TRNC in 2005. Located in Famagusta Port, the facility was
made suitable for bulk cement storage and sales in the end of 2005 with the investment made after acquisition.
Approximately 50 thousand tons of grey cement was sold in 2007 in the plant with a cement storage capacity of
approximately 5 thousand tons. In 2008, 70 thousand tons of grey cement sales is aimed in Cyprus market.
Cimsarom Marketing Distributie S.R.L. (Romania)
CMSAROM was established in Constanza, a port city of Romania in February 2006, all of its shares belonging
to Çimsa in order to perform marketing and distribution of especially white cement and Isdaç 40 both in
Romania and abroad.
Çimsa-Rus Cement Trading Company Limited (Russia)
Belonging completely to Çimsa, the terminal was engaged in Novorossiysk, which is one of Russia's most
important ports.
60% of the shares of the MED.CON Srl Company that owns a cement terminal in Italy’s Trieste Port that
provides growth opportunity in developing markets and representing a strategic importance in reaching the white
cement markets and customers and providing sustainability of competition advantage was acquired on February
9, 2010.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Çimsa produces and sells white/grey clinker, white/grey cement and calcium aluminated cement.
Six-Months Production Figures of 2010
Clinker Production
Grey Clinker 1,661,213 tons White Clinker 420,517 tons ISIDAÇ-40 Clinker 10,851 tons Sulphate Resistant Clinker 3,589 tons TOTAL 2,096,170 tons
Cement Production
Grey Cement 2,109,750 tons White Cement 496,204 tons ISIDAÇ-40 12,602 tons SDÇ Cement 2,761 tons EkoHarç 27,590 tons TOTAL 2,648,907 tons
In January 1 – June 30, 2010 period our domestic sales turnover increased by 37% in comparison to the same
period of the previous year and reached to 255 million TL. Our international sales turnover decreased by 24%,
reaching 106 million TL.
I-Liquidity Ratios:
2-Liquidity Ratio = Floating Assets-Stocks-Other Floating Assets /
Short Term Liabilities
0.44 0.26 0.05 0.29 0.19 0.03
III-Profitability Rates:
1-Net Period Profit / Net Sales 2-Net Period Profit / Total Actives 3-Net Period Profit / Equity Capital
0.16 0.05
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
J) Changes within the Upper Management Throughout The Year and Names and Surnames of Current
Top Managers:
Nevra Özhatay Assistant General Manager (Financial Affairs)
Tamer Denizci Assistant General Manager (Purchasing and Logistics)
ahap Sarer Assistant General Manager (Ready-mixed concrete)
Ayfer Güre Assistant General Manager (Corporate Development and Human Resources)
Mutlu Doruöz Assistant General Manager (Investment and Automation)
Doan Özkul Plant Manager (Mersin)
Mehmet ahin Plant Manager (Kayseri)
Levent Öncel Plant Manager (Nide)
Ülkü Özcan Strategy and Business Development Manager
Mehmet Hackamilolu
General Manager
Completing his undergraduate degree at the Boaziçi University Construction Engineering Department, Mehmet
Hackamilolu obtained his graduate degrees from the Istanbul University International Administration
Department and Executive MBA program at Sabanc University. Started his service in the Sabanc Group as a
Facility Manager at Betonsa, continued his career in Sabanc Group as an Investment and Planning Specialist in
the company. He worked as Strategy Development and Planning Manager between 1997 and 1999 at Akçansa;
as Company Manager at Agregasa between 1999 and 2001. Hackamilolu began working as Deputy General
Manager at Çimsa (Financial and Administrative Affairs) after working as Finance Coordinator for two years.
Assigned as Çimsa General Manager on 01.07.2006, Mr.Hackamilolu currently works as Çimsa General
Deputy General Manager
(Marketing and Sales-Cement)
Graduating from the ODTÜ Economics Department, Hüseyin Özkan began his career at Exsa Export as
Marketing Chief in 1983. Transferring to Çimsa Cement in 1986, Özkan worked as Domestic and International
Trade Chief and Sales and Marketing Manager respectively. Özkan works as the Deputy General Manager
Responsible for Marketing and Sales as of 1999.
Basri Dinçer
(Cement Production)
Graduating from the ITU Chemical Engineering Department, Basri Dinçer began his career as Operations
Engineer at Çanakkale Cement in 1979. Working as Quality Control Chief at Nuh Cement in 1982, Dinçer
worked as the Operations Manager at Enka Teknik after his one year experience in Nuh Cement. Transferring to
Çimsa after 6 years in his position, Dinçer worked as Production Manager between 1989 and 2003. Basri Dinçer
started in his position of Deputy General Manager Responsible for Cement Production at Çimsa beginning in
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
ahap Sarer started his career as a field manager at Betonsa in 1995 after graduating from the Construction
Engineering department of Dokuz Eylül University. Continuing his career as Operations Chief between 1995 and
1997, Sarer worked as Akçansa Ready-mixed cement Regional Manager between 1998 and 2004. Working as
Operations Manager in Karçimsa A.. for the following two years, Sarer began working at Çimsa as Deputy
General Manager responsible for ready-mixed Concrete in 2006. While continuing in his current position, Sarer
obtained an Executive MBA degree from Sabanc University.
Nevra Özhatay Deputy General Manager
(Administrative Affairs)
Obtained her MBA degree from UK's Exeter University after graduating from the Business Administration
Department of Boaziçi University, Nevra Özhatay began working at the Sabanc Holding Cement Group as a
Finance Specialist and Talent Pool candidate. Promoted to Management Support Manager in 1996, Özhatay was
assigned as Strategy and Business Development Specialist in 1998, Planning and Control Manager in 2000,
Strategy and Business Development Manager in 2004 and as Logistics, Strategy and Business Development
Director as of 2008. Özhatay took over the Financial Affairs Deputy General Manager position as of
Deputy General Manager
(Purchasing and Logistics)
Beginning his career as Financial Affairs Chief at Dusa Industrial Co., Tamer Denizci worked as Financial and
Administrative Affairs Manager between 1992 and 1994 in Yes International A.. after his experience of 4 years
in Dusa. Beginning as the Financial Affairs Manager at Lafarge Beton A.. in 1994, he worked as Export and
Sales Director at Lafarge Aslan Cement. He began working at Çimsa as Financial Affairs Deputy General
Manager and is currently working as Purchasing and Logistics Deputy General Manager. Denizci graduated
from the TÜ Administration Engineering Department.
Mutlu Doruöz
Graduating from the Boaziçi University Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Mutlu Doruöz
began his/her career as Electronics Chief at Enka Teknik in 1983. Working as the manager in charge of the
establishment of automation systems for five years, Doruöz began work as the Deputy Project Manager at the
Saudi Services Group. Transferred to Çimes Electronic Industry after 4 years of experience at the Saudi Services
Group, Doruöz worked as Company Manager, Deputy General Manager and General Manager respectively at
Çimes. Beginning at Çimsa as Investment Manager in 2006, Mutlu Doruöz currently works as Deputy General
Manager Responsible for Investments at Çimsa.
Ayfer Güre
Graduating from the Boaziçi University Department of Counselling and Psychological Consultancy, Ayfer
Güre obtained her graduate degree on Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Beginning her
career as a Human Resources Specialist at Mudo A.., Güre started working as a specialist in Sabanc Holding
after her graduate education. Continuing her career as Human Resources Manager at Sabanc Holding between
1997 and 2007, she began working as Corporate Development and Human Resources Manager at Çimsa Cement
in 2007. Ayfer Güre currently works as Deputy General Manager responsible for Corporate Development and
Human Resources.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Completing his undergraduate degree in Chemistry Engineering at Istanbul University, Doan Özkul worked as
Quality Control Chief at Çanakkale Cement between 1978 and 1983. Continuing his Quality Control and
Production Management career, he began working at Enka Teknik in 1983 and remained there for four years,
Özkul worked as Production Manager between 1988 and 2006. Working as Karçimsa Company Manager
between 2006 and 2007, Özkul served as Çimsa Cement Nide Plant Manager between 2007 and 2008. Özkul
currently works as the Mersin Plant Manager.
Mehmet ahin
Obtaining his post graduate degree from the Hacettepe University Physical Engineering Department, Mehmet
ahin began his career as a Research Specialist at TCMB in 1979. He continued there until 1985. Transferred to
Çimsa Cement in 1985, ahin worked as Shift Engineer, Process Control Chief and R&D Manager respectively.
Assigned as Çimsa Kayseri Plant Manager in 2005, ahin continues in that position.
Levent Öncel Plant Manager (Nide)
Levent Öncel completed his undergraduate degree at the Chemical Engineering Department of METU and his
graduate degree at the Mersin University Geology Engineering Department. He started working as Production
Manager at Berdan Tekstil in 1988. He worked as Quality Control Engineer, Process Control Chief, Quality
Control Manager and Production Manager respectively at the Çimsa Mersin Plant beginning in 1990. Assigned
as Çimsa Nide Plant Manager in 2008, Öncel continues in that position.
Ülkü Özcan
Graduated from Galatasaray High School and Marmara University Business Administration (English)
Department, Ülkü Özcan started his/her career in Lafarge Turkey in 1999. Özcan worked as Strategic Planning
Specialist between 1999 and 2003 Strategic Business Development Manager between 2003 and 2005 and
Marketing Project Manager between 2005 and 2007 respectively. Transferred to Çimsa Cement in January 2007
as Strategy and Business Development Manager, Özcan currently continues this position.
K) Personnel Movements and Collective Labor Agreement Applications
a) Personnel and Worker Movements:
There are 988 employees and workers working at Çimsa's headquarters and other plants in total as of
30.06.2010. 31 employees and workers resigned from Çimsa and 62 employees and workers were recruited
within the period.
b) Collective Labor Agreement:
The collective labor agreement, the period of which ended on 31.12.2007, was replaced with a new collective
labor agreement signed between Turkish Çimse- Labor Union and Cement Industry Employers' Union on
21.03.2008. This agreement entered into effect as of 01.01.2007 for 3 years. The period of this collective labor
agreement will end on 31.12.2010.
c) Wages and Benefits for Employees:
Off-Scope Employees: Wage + 4 bonus wages per year
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance with Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
For employees and workers that TS is applied for: Wage + 4 wages of bonus per year
140.-TL./Month Social Benefits
Transport and etc. are also provided.
Additionally, white collar employees may be provided with supplementary benefits such as private life, private
health insurance and individual pension insurance according to their positions.
Ö) Information on Donations Made Throughout The Year:
Our Company donated 31,836 TL to various public institutions and organizations throughout the year.
L) Information on Existence of Peripheral Organizations:
Kskl Cad. No:4 Sarkuysan - Ak Merkezi S Blok Altunizade - stanbul Telephone: (0216) 651 53 00 Fax: (0216) 651 14 15
• Çimsa Mersin
Toroslar Mah. Tekke Cad. Yenitakent Mersin Telephone: (0324) 454 00 60 Fax: (0324) 454 00 75
• Çimsa Kayseri
Telephone: (0352) 712 16 07 Fax: (0352) 712 16 90
• Çimsa Eskiehir
Telephone: (0222) 411 32 00 Fax: (0222) 411 31 31
• Çimsa Ankara
Karyaka Mah. Frat Cad. No: 3 Lalahan Ankara Telephone: (0312) 865 23 96 Fax: (0312) 865 23 95
• Çimsa Nide
Telephone: (0388) 232 36 30 Fax: (0312) 232 36 34
• Çimsa Malatya Terminal
Telephone: (0422) 841 36 77 Fax: (0422) 841 32 30
• Çimsa Marmara Terminal
Telephone: (0262) 528 42 33
• Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.«
Mersin Free Zone Branch
Yalçn Alabeyolu Bulvar Parkur Merkezi Ofis No 209 Mersin
Phone: (0324) 233 47 65 Fax: (0324) 233 47 66
Adana - Mersin Yolu Üzeri 17. Km Kestel Mevkii Zeytinli Seyhan/Adana
Phone: (0322) 441 19 01 (3 lines) Fax: (0322) 441 18 99
• Karahan Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0322) 495 20 21 Fax: (0322) 495 20 22
• Misis Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Hac Sabanc Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 6. Cadde Misis Yüreir / Adana
Phone: (0322) 394 34 20-21 Fax: (0322) 394 34 22
• ncirlik Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Güzelevler Mah. Girne Bulvar Bossa - 2 Fab. Yan Yüreir / Adana Phone: (0322) 346 02 39
Fax: (0322) 346 02 49
• Osmaniye Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0328) 633 24 59 Fax: (0328) 633 24 60
• Kahramanmara Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0344) 234 13 10 Fax: (0344) 234 13 11
• Kozan Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0322) 529 20 21 Fax: (0322) 529 20 22
• Manavgat Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Köyönü Çeltek Mevkii Sanayi Sitesi Kars Ilca, Manavgat / Antalya
Phone: (0242) 747 61 74 (3HAT) Fax: (0242) 747 61 75
• Alanya Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Büyükyer Mahallesi Payallar / Alanya
Phone: (0242) 545 42 04 (2 Lines) Fax: (0242) 545 42 05
• Çimsa - Eskiehir Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Muttalip Yolu 500. Metre - Eskiehir Tesis Müh. Semih afak Kandaz Phone: (0222) 321 28 12 Fax: (0222) 321 18 72
• Kütahya Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0274) 224 19 87 Fax: (0274) 224 19 88
• Kumarl Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Çevre Yolu Konaklar Mah. Sivas Caddesi Kava / Kayseri Phone: (0352) 224 67 40 (3 lines) Fax: (0352) 224 67 44
• Anbar Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0352) 326 92 43 Fax: (0352) 326 92 46
• Develi Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0352) 631 83 47 Fax: (0352) 631 83 49
• Nevehir Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Nide Yolu Üzeri 7.Km. Göre / Nevehir Phone: (0384) 232 83 95 Fax: (0384) 232 82 62
• Yenihal Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Bahçelievler Mah. 1097 sok. No:2 Yenihal Yolu Yalnayak Kasabas / Mersin Phone: (0324) 235 73 14 Fax: (0324) 235 73 17
• Tarsus Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0324) 627 27 97 Fax: (0324) 627 17 57
• Batkent Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Çamlca Mah. Yldrmhan Lisesi Arkas / Mersin Phone: (0324) 341 68 82 Fax: (0324) 341 68 84
• Tece Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Cumhuriyet Mah. Mersin-Silifke Karayolu Üzeri, Tece Mevki / Mersin Phone: (0324) 482 26 07 Fax: (0324)482 26 09
• Silifke Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0324) 714 42 66 Fax: (0324) 714 42 66
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance to Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
• Aksaray Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Organize San. Bölgesi Aksaray Phone: (0382) 266 21 16 Fax: (0382) 266 21 18
• Karaman Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Organize San. Bölgesi Karaman Phone: (0338) 224 10 26 Fax: (0338) 224 10 92
• Ereli Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Nide Yolu Üzeri 3.Km. Ereli / Konya Phone: (0332) 710 00 51 Fax: (0332) 710 00 52
• Konya Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Horozluhan Mahallesi Anayurt Caddesi No: 10 Selçuklu / Konya Phone: (0332) 346 11 12 Fax: (0332) 346 11 13
• Yeniehir Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
• negöl Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Phone: (0224) 714 22 00 Fax: (0224) 714 22 03
• negöl Stone Pit
• Adapazar Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Toroslar Mah. Plevne Cad. No: 31 Sakarya Phone: (0264) 373 72 00
• Pamukova Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Yenice Mah. Murualt Mevkii Pamukova / Sakarya Phone: (0264) 551 68 10 Fax: (0264) 551 41 95
• Osmaneli Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
Camikebir Mah. Çörektepe Mevkii Osmaneli / Bilecik Phone: (0228) 469 21 32 Fax: (0228) 469 21 31
• Bilecik Ready-mixed Concrete Plant
1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 8. Cadde No: 3 Merkez / Bilecik
Phone: (0228) 216 00 23 Fax: (0228)216 00 22
• Cementos Espana S.A.U – Spain
Phone: 00 34 95 427 50 68 Fax: 00 34 95 427 19 36
Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.
Board of Directors Activity Report
Prepared in Accordance to Communiqué Serial: XI No:29
Address: Carretera de la Esclusa S/N, Darsena del Batan Notre, 41011 Puerto de Sevilla / Spain
• CSN Cement Sales North GmbH (Germany)
Phone: 00 49 40 70 20 93 14 Fax: 00 49 70 20 93 20/22 Address: Nesserlander Strasse, 5 Emden / Germany 26721
• Çimsa Cement Free Zone Ltd. Cyprus
Phone: 00 90 392 365 49 80 Fax: 00 90 392 365 49 81 Address: Free Port Zone, Famagusta/TRNC
• Cimsarom Marketing Distributie S.R.L. (Romania)
Phone: 00 40 241 585 333 Fax: 00 40 241 585 333 Address: Bd Mamaia, Ofice Nr 5, Nr 251 Et 4, Constanza/Romania
• Çimsa-Rus Cement Trading Company Limited (Russia)
Phone: 00 7 918 66 49 344 Address: Malozemelskaya Str, No: 16, 353900 Novorossiysk / Russia