Improving the Quality of Student Research through Information Literacy

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Improving the Quality of Student Research through Information Literacy. Arianne Hartsell -Gundy Humanities Librarian. What Is Information Literacy?. Set of competencies that an informed citizen possesses to participate actively in society Five core principles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Improving the Quality of Student Research through Information Literacy</p> <p>Improving the Quality of Student Research through Information LiteracyArianne Hartsell-GundyHumanities LibrarianWhat Is Information Literacy?Set of competencies that an informed citizen possesses to participate actively in societyFive core principlesRecognize the need for informationDetermine effective search strategiesIdentify appropriate resourcesUtilize information resources and library servicesEvaluate and analyze info in various formatsRelated to critical thinking2Information Literacy SkillsCan be seen as a tiered process (analogous to the Miami Plan)Students will not be at the same levelMore Than Just Library SkillsThey have learning outcomes chart in their packet.</p> <p>Need to understand where your students are. Well-intentioned faculty member teaching a theory class to mostly sophomores assumed knowledge of vocabulary, like seminal.3Why does it matter?Most students who enter college are not effectively equipped with the skills to:Correctly cite external sourcesCompletely avoid plagiarismRecognize differences (and use of) scholarly materialsNavigate the vast amount of information available</p> <p>How does/can this affect you?Papers that are not complete/in depthPoor/undocumented sourcesBorrowed materialBackwards Research</p> <p>Student comes to reference desk and says my papers written. I just need to find three articles to put in the bibliography.5What can the library do?In-class/Lab InstructionAssignment PreparationOnline Learning ModulesLibrary SessionsPersonalized AssistanceAssessment of Skills(Some) Instruction OptionsLibrary InstructionIn the library or your classroomMany timing optionsWithin assignment contextFollow-up</p> <p>Blackboard Embedded LibrarianVirtual Discussions/Help SessionsTiming options---can customize to what works with your syllabus.7(Some) Instruction OptionsScaffolded Research AssignmentsLibrarians can assist with designEnsure quality of research along the way</p> <p>TIM Workshops In Your ClassroomSpecific to your class(Some) Instruction OptionsOnline Learning: Miami eScholarhttp://me.lib.muohio.eduAcademic Integrity and Information LiteracyFinal Quiz with Completion Certificate15 out of 18 is considered a passing score. A certificate will be e-mailed to the students. Eric can compile scores for you. Show section 1 and skip to section 4 to show the final quiz. Provided in context of an assignment. Engineering, composition, and business often have students do it, but not all students will. Refresher is good.9Instructional EffectivenessWhat do students know?Information Literacy Perceptions Survey</p> <p>How did students achieve?Incorporate IL into rubricsClass-specific questionnairesePortfolios10 minute in-class survey that you can give at the beginning of a course. Could be pre/post test. Class-specific questionnaires---piloting assessment tool where well have customized questionnaires for your class to determine student understanding. You can contact Eric if you would like to be part of the pilot.</p> <p>ePortfolios---university in second year of program. Some departments are using it at this time. Talk to your department about using them in general. If you use them, talk to us about the IL component that can be added.10Subject Specialist LibrariansKnowledgeable of your fieldCan assist with instruction sessionsIntegrated sessions (short sessions, multi classes)Can help to create/enhance assignmentsSmall-group/individual assistanceQuestions?Eric ResnisInstruction/Information Literacy Coordinator 208 King Library 529-7205</p> <p>Arianne Hartsell-GundyHumanities Librarian 210 King Library 529-8494</p>


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