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  • 1. Business improvement Getting the best from your people Sam Patterson Developing People to Change Organisations
  • 2. Today Current Situation Making Improvements Stick Embedding an Improvement Culture Developing People to Change
  • 3. Current Situation? Developing People to Change
  • 4. Why? People dont like change! Change vs. Transition (William Bridges, 1991) Change Physical: new situation or process Transition psychological process of adapting to that change Trying swapping your wristwatch to the other hand. The Change is successful when it is on the other wrist and you can tell the time. BUT how does it feel? This is the Transition Developing People to Change
  • 5. Managing Transitions1.Losses 2.Neutral Zone 3.BeginningsRecognise Individual Energy taken up with Determined at anlosses coping Individual levelKudos Revise targets 4 PsSecurity Communicate PurposeRoutine Listen PictureRelationships Watch PlanPhysical location Support PartAutonomy Creative old rules dont apply Developing People to Change
  • 6. Taking the Leap Embedding an Improvement Culture Ops Managers / Supervisors / Team leaders operating at the right level Significant reduction in complaints and grievances to senior managers (3-4 a week down to 0) Improved working relationships between departments Tangible improvements in quality and on-time delivery Supervisors conducting site tours and audit visits Ongoing improvements based on employee ideas and actions Developing People to Change
  • 7. A.C.E Model Responding to customer needs? Adaptable Flexible skill base? Confident Identify problems? Believe in success? Engaged Share ideas & concerns? Develop improvements further? Developing People to Change
  • 8. Thinking about the future. Or A.C.E Developing People to Change
  • 9. Thank you for your time. Developing People to Change Organisations