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<ol><li> 1. Improve Your Skin with a Chemical Peel Treatment A chemical peel is a popular skin care treatment that can be performed to improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Chemical peels are often performed to treat the face, neck and hands. A chemical solution is applied to remove damaged layers of skin. The results are more youthful and fresher skin. Chemical peels are popular because they are among the least invasive treatments you can use to improve the look of your skin. Common conditions you can treat with a chemical peel include: fine lines and wrinkles,acne scars or other minor scars, sun damaged skin including scaly spots and pre-cancerous Kerasotes, aging spots, liver spots and other skin discolorations. Pre- cancerous lesions often reply well to a chemical peel and can help reduce the chances of repeat lesions. Chemical Peel Treatments use a chemical solution to remove damaged skin cells. The type of chemical solution used will be contingent on your needs and goals. Usually, types of chemical peels are available: light, medium and deep. A light chemical peel is recommended if you are looking for a subtle treatment that can be repeated over time. Medium chemical peels are used to address deeper wrinkles than a light peel, acne scars and uneven pigmentation. A deep chemical peel provides the most dramatic results available with a chemical peel. A deep chemical peel can treat pre-cancerous growths, scars and deeper wrinkles. The light peel only removes the outer skin layers, while the medium &amp; deep peels penetrate other skin layers. With a deep chemical peel, your doctor will usually </li><li> 2. recommend a pre-treatment regime of up to 8 weeks where you will need to apply a skin care products to prepare the skin. With all treatments, your face is cleansed &amp; the chemical solution is applied with a brush. During deep chemical peel, you will likely be given a sedative and/or local anesthesia to relax your face. The type of solution &amp; the amount of time it stays on depends on the treatment. A light chemical peel can be repeated every week for six weeks &amp; then every month for maintenance. The medium peel can be repeated every six to twelve months. One treatment is all you need with a deep peel. Results can last up to 10 years. No recovery is necessary with a light peel &amp; the results give you a subtle, fresh glow. After a medium peel, your skin may be red for up to six weeks, after which you will enjoy a vibrant, fresh look. Recovery from a deep chemical peel can take longer. About Company: Harley Street Skin Clinic provides Chemical Peel Treatmentsin London. Contact us at 020 7436 4441. For More Details Please Visit Our Website: Follow: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ </li></ol>