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Improve your skills for IELTS List. & Speak. 6-7.5 Unit 1 Speaking skills

Part 1Exam informationEx. 1a) How did you get here today?b) What do you like about your home town?c) Do you live in a house or flat?d) Do you prefer eating at home or in a restaurant?e) How long have you been learning English?f) Do you play any sports?Script like into the city centre is the fact that as theres a leisure centre, two cinemas and a large facilities n. pl. the buildings, equipment, and servicesprovidedfor a particularpurposeshoppingfacilities medicalfacilities sportsfacilitiesStill, I think overall I prefer still adv despite what has just been saidAlthough he promised faithfully to come, I still didn't think he would.The weather was cold and wet. Still, we had a great time.overall adv generally; when you consider everythingOverall, this is a very useful book.But I have only been studying seriously for the last two years learn English properly been having lessons I often watch him play in competition TechniqueEx. 2 1) In fact2) because3) but4) as5) which6) like7) thats whyEx. 3 & 4a) as, becauseb) like, for instancec) In fact, and, which, also, actually, whod) thats why, soe) but, stillconsequence [countable]consequence(of something) (for somebody/something)a result of something that has happenedThis decision could haveserious consequencesfor the industry.tosuffer/face/take the consequencesof your actionsTechniqueEx. 5Students own answersGiving extended answersEx. 6 Possible answers a) Who do you usually go shopping with? (shopping)b) How long have you lived in your present home? (accommodation)c) Do you have a job? (work)d) Have you got a big or small family? (family)e) When did you last go on holiday? (holidays)f) What do you usually do in the evenings? (daily routines)g) How often do you eat in a restaurant? (food)h) Which sports do you prefer? (interests)i) Why did you choose to study English? (studies)j) Would you prefer to watch a film at the cinema or at home? (entertainment)Ex. 7 1) j because, so, also, andspecial effects (alsoSFX) [plural] unusual or exciting pieces of action in films/movies or television programmes, that are created by computers or clever photography to show things that do not normally exist or happen.2) cbut, and, also, which, buthelp out|help somebody out to help somebody, especially in a difficult situationHe's always willing to help out.When I bought the house, my sister helped me out with a loan.3) hand, as, to, who, buttournament (North American English,less frequenttourney)a sports competition involving a number of teams or players who take part in different games and must leave the competition if they lose. The competition continues until there is only the winner left.agolf/squash/tennis, etc. tournament4) awhere, and, too, so, but, like, becauseice rink (alsoskating rink,rink) a specially prepared flat surface of ice, where you canice-skate; a building where there is anice rinkEx. 8 Students own answersPronunciation: Word linkingEx. 1Ex. 2sabbatical U C /sbt..kl/ a period of time when somebody, especially a teacher at a university, is allowed to stop their normal work in order to study or travelto take a years sabbaticalasabbatical term/year He'son year a year that a young person spends working and/or travelling, often between leaving school and starting universityI'm planning to take a gap year and go backpacking in India.TechniqueEx. 3Ex. 4, 5 and 6 Students own answersExam listeningSection 1

Questions 1-51) MT 4 7 HV2) full-time3) voluntary work4) no5) immediatelyvoluntary adj / /v.ln.ter.i/ScriptIm calling to register with take sth down to write something downReporters took down every word of his speech.Thats the best number to I left school last year and took a gap year before What did that involve?involve if a situation, an event or an activityinvolvessomething, that thing is an important or necessary part or result of itsynonymentailinvolvesomethingAny investment involves an element of risk.nvolvedoing somethingThe test will involve answering questions about a photographinvolvesomebody/something doing somethingThe job involves me travelling all over the country(formal)The job involves my travelling all over the country. worked at a residential school for disabled children my degree course is in health and social care residential school residential schoolmay refer to:Canadian Indian residential school systemaboarding schoola residential treatment centerfor people with addictions or severe mental illnessesWell, er, I did a bit of waitressing work No, I was a chambermaid, bit [countable]bitof something(especially British English)a small amount or piece of somethingsome useful bits of information Witha bit of luck, we'll be there by 12.I've got a bit of shopping to do.chambermaid a woman whose job is to clean bedrooms, usually in a hotel... I dont have access to a car .. and whether youd be able to do shift work The sooner, the better.Exam informationin turn one after the other in a particular orderThe children called out their names in turn.Questions 6-10cedar (alsocedar tree)/si.dr/ [countable]a tallevergreentree with wide spreading branches6) Leisure Centre7) meals8) 7 am 3 pm9) disabled lady10) $ 6.80

Script database /de.t.bes/an organized set of data that is stored in a computer and can be looked at and used in various ways near the Priors No, its just off the ring road on the other side of town ring road (US Englishouter belt) a road that is built around a city or town to reduce traffic in the centrereasonable adj acceptable and appropriate in a particular situationHe made us a reasonable offer for the car. Id prefer something a little closer to home two positions as carers on Hamilton Terrace carer (North American Englishcaregiver) a person who takes care of a sick or old person at homeCarers do not always realize that they can receive financial support.terrace [countable](British English)(often in the names of streets)a continuous row ofsimilar houses that are joined together in one block12 Albert Terraceresidential home a home with social-work supervision for people who need more than just housing accommodation, such as esp the elderly, and also children in care or mentally handicapped adults a residential home for children with disabilities I could give the manager a ring and find out Do you know what the hours are? its caring for a care for somebody to look after somebody who is sick, very old, very young, etc.synonymtake care ofShe moved back home to care for her elderly parents.dress [intransitive,transitive]to put clothes on yourself/somebodydress(in something)I dressed quickly.dresssomebody (in something)She dressed the children in their best clothes.Get up andget dressed!oppositeundresssound [singular]thesoundof somethingthe idea or impression that you get of somebody/something from what somebody says or what you readThey had a wonderful timeby the sound of it.From the sound of thingsyou were lucky to find home a place where people live and are cared for when they cannot live at home or look after themselvesa care home for the elderlychildren brought up in care homes