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Improve your listening skills


<p>Improve Your Listening Skills</p> <p>Improve Your Listening SkillsWe have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say. </p> <p>Genuine listening has become a rare gift</p> <p>Tips to Develop Effective Listening Skills</p> <p>1. Face the Speaker and Maintain Eye-contact</p> <p>2. Be Attentive but Relaxed</p> <p>3. Keep an Open MindOnce you indulge in criticizing, jumping to conclusions or trying to speed up by interrupting and finishing other persons sentences, you have compromised your effectiveness as a listener.</p> <p>4. Listen to the Words and Try to Picture What the Speaker is Saying</p> <p> 5. Dont Interrupt and Dont impose Your Solutions</p> <p>6. Wait for the Speaker to Ask Clarifying Questions</p> <p>When you dont understand something, of course you should ask the speaker to explain it to you. But rather than interrupting, wait until the speaker pauses. </p> <p>7. Ask Questions Only to Ensure Understanding</p> <p>8. Try to Feel What the Speaker is FeelingEmpathy is the heart and soul of good listening.</p> <p>9. Give the Speaker Regular Feedback</p> <p>10. Pay Attention to What isnt Said To Nonverbal Cues</p> <p>When your spouse is talking; turn off the television. When your child is talking turn off the world. Crystal DeLarm Clymer</p>


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