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  1. 1. Important Things You Need To Know AboutWebsite OptimizationWith Google doing updates every year and sometimes every 6 months, web pages and websites are becoming more complex daily. If you own a website, perhaps you know what it means and how it feels. As a website owner, there are many things you want to achieve get more traffic to your website, convert sales and sell more products or services. This kind of issue is resolved if you know about SEO or you know how to optimize your website. Aside from the speed and performance, you should also ensure that the other factors that helps boost your website are doing well.SEO is a fundamental factor that makes a huge impact to a website's success. It is an essential thing that helps a page properly found at the most precarious points. So what are the things you need to do to get targeted traffic to your website? Read on.Here are some of the tips you need to consider to optimize a website: Understand what the search engines' looking for not only Google requires a clean, spam free and high quality websites should be published in the internet but also other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. You need to have a website that's SEO and user friendly. Make it look good and post articles that will deliver good information to the readers. Ensure that your website only contains the related keywords and stuff. Also, your website should work properly as it affects your traffic greatly. A slow speed will shun visitors from checking your page; hence you will lose more customers. Know what search engines don't like in a website They don't like a website that overuses keywords on every page. Buying links is also not a good idea since it will get you nowhere in terms of SEO. And poor user experience which makes it difficult for the user to navigate your site. A website full of ads and difficult to find contents will cause it to be buried deep in the search engine. Be aware of your business model Focus on your main goal. Know your assets and abilities. Understand conversion; know if you are selling impressions and what people click on.
  2. 2. Optimize for Multi-channels Don't just settle for one (on-site). If you are going to implement your keywords, extend to the other platforms. This is why you should consider multi-channel optimization. Spread your keywords to the following sites and methods Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter; if possible also consider radio and TV ads. This will help in your branding efforts and don't forget to be consistent with your keyword phrases. Domain name consistency A domain name is vital to your overall foundation. This is to let your customers easily find the address of your website. And if possible, add a main keyword to your domain. Optimize for other platforms When your goal is to get more traffic, don't just market on computer users but also make sure to focus on tablet and mobile users. Produce a rich media content video or create apps related to what you are selling or to the service you are providing. Don't forget to focus on the basics too your on-site content should also include title tags and Meta descriptions. Your Meta keywords should focus specifically about your page and ensure that it is accurately formatted. And your Meta descriptions must also be unique and talks about the specific page. Avoid doing duplicate Meta descriptions.Andrew Rush100 SEO TIPS