Important American Furniture, Paintings, Folk Art and Decorative Arts January 22, 2013

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Important American Furniture, Paintings, Folk Art and Decorative Arts January 22, 2013 Important American Furniture, Paintings, Folk Art and Decorative Arts January 22, 2013


<ul><li><p>Important American Furniture, Paintings, Folk Art and Decorative Arts</p><p>Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:00 AM</p><p>127 East 69th Street New York, NY 10021 +1 212 734 2381</p><p>1009</p><p>Importan</p><p>t Am</p><p>erican Fu</p><p>rnitu</p><p>re, Pain</p><p>tings, Fo</p><p>lk Art an</p><p>d D</p><p>ecorative A</p><p>rts22 Jan</p><p>uary 2</p><p>013 </p></li><li><p>IMPORTANT AMERICAN FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, FOLK ART AND DECORATIVE ARTS </p><p>Sale:</p><p>Tuesday, January 22, 2013 10:00 AM</p><p>Viewing:</p><p>Saturday, January 19, 2013 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.</p><p>Sunday, January 20, 2013 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.</p><p>Monday, January 21, 2013 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.</p><p>Tuesday, January 22, 2013 9:00 a.m. to End of sale.</p><p> (viewing available during sale)</p><p>Preview and Sale Location:Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, Wallace Hall</p><p>980 Park Avenue South at 84th Street</p><p>New York, NY 10028</p><p>Auction Code: 1009For absentee bids or inquiries, this sale should be referred to as </p><p>SALE 1009.</p><p>President and Owner: </p><p>Leigh Keno,</p><p>Staff: </p><p>Catherine Skibitcky, Specialist</p><p></p><p>Jack OBrien, Specialist </p><p></p><p>Amy Sheldon, Marketing </p><p></p><p>Alizzandra Baldenebro, Intern</p><p>Emily Rigamer, Intern</p><p>Consultant: </p><p>Betty Krulik, Fine Arts, </p><p></p><p>Marybeth Keene</p><p>Auction Inquiries &amp; Bid Department:</p><p>phone: 212 734 2381</p><p></p><p>Auction Online:</p><p>This auction features online </p><p>viewing and live online bidding </p><p>at and </p><p></p><p>Conditions of Sale:</p><p>This auction is subject to </p><p>Important Notices, Conditions </p><p>of Sale and Reserves. </p><p>Front cover: Lot 49Back cover: Lot 123, 52, 39, 80Inside front cover Lot 40Page 3 Lot 121, 122</p><p>Properties from:</p><p>James and Kathryn Abbe</p><p>The Estate of Violetta J.P. DuPont</p><p>A California Gentleman</p><p>A New York Lady</p><p>A New York Gentleman</p><p>The Dr. and Mrs. Robert Isbell </p><p>Collection</p><p>The Late Valdemar F. Jacobsen</p><p>A Rhode Island Lady</p><p>A Massachusetts Family</p><p>An Ohio Collection</p><p>A Phoenix Gentleman</p><p>A New England Estate</p><p>A Private American Collection</p><p>Direct Descendant of Thomas </p><p>Kittredge, North Andover, </p><p>Massachusetts</p><p>The Bulkeley Family of Hartford, </p><p>Connecticut</p><p>A Virginia lady</p><p>A Direct Descendant of </p><p>John Ritto Penniman</p><p>The Collection of Joanne and Jeffrey Klein</p><p>The Descendant of a Prominent </p><p>Massachusetts Family</p><p>The Estate of a Florida Lady </p><p>A New York Family</p><p>Direct Descendant of the Brown and </p><p>Smith Families of Providence, Rhode Island</p><p>A New Mexico Gentleman</p><p>Direct Descendants of John </p><p>Breckinridge</p></li><li><p>2 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>Handling and Collection</p><p>Lots will not be released until all outstanding charges due to Keno Auctions are paid in full. Please contact Keno Auctions Client Accounts department at +1 212 734 2381 or</p><p>Administration and Handling Charges</p><p>Property not paid for and retrieved the day of the sale or by 3:00 p.m. January 23, 2013 will result in handling and administration charges plus any applicable sales taxes.</p><p> Charges All Property </p><p>Administration and Handling fees (per lot, per day beginning 3:00 pm, January 30, 2013) $15.00</p><p>Keno Auctions Sale Site Church of St. Ignatius LoyolaWallace Hall980 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10028Hours: 9:00 a.m. End of saleJanuary 22, 2013Hours: 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m.January 23, 2013</p><p>Welpak Corporation 58-60 Grand AvenueMaspeth, NY 11378718 391 0155Info@welpakcorp.comHours: 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.Monday Friday, except public holidays</p><p>Directions to the Sale</p><p>By Subway:</p><p>Take 4, 5, or 6 train to 86th Street.</p><p>Driving Directions</p><p>From Westchester</p><p> New York State Thruway (I-87) South</p><p> Exit 3, towards East 138 Street</p><p> Stay straight to go onto Exterior Street. Turn right onto Madison Avenue Bridge</p><p> Madison Avenue Bridge becomes Madison Avenue. Turn Left onto 135 Street. Turn Right onto Park Avenue.</p><p> Turn Left onto East 132 Street, take the FDR Drive South to 96 Street (exit 14)</p><p> Either go right onto 96 Street, drive across town to Park Avenue and turn left OR</p><p> Go straight onto York Avenue, turn right at 85 Street, turn left at Park Avenue.</p><p>From Long Island</p><p> Long Island Expressway (I-495) to exit 30W, towards Midtown Tunnel</p><p> Take Grand Central Parkway (Exit 22A) towards 108 Street Keep right at the fork in the ramp.</p><p> Grand Central Parkway goes into Triborough Bridge. Keep to the Right, take the exit for Manhattan. Keep to the center through the tolls, follow signs for FDR Drive South.</p><p> Exit at 96 Street (exit 14).</p><p> Either go right onto 96 Street, drive across town to Park Avenue and turn left OR</p><p> Go straight onto York Avenue, turn right at 85 Street, turn left at Park Avenue. </p><p>From Connecticut</p><p> I-95 South</p><p> Continue onto 1-278 W</p><p> Take exit for FDR Drive</p><p> Merge onto Robert F. Kennedy Bridge</p><p> Keep right and follow signs for 125 St./2nd Avenue</p><p> Turn right onto E. 125th Street</p><p> Turn left on Lexington Avenue </p><p> Turn right on E. 85th Street</p><p> Take fi rst left on to Park Avenue</p><p>From the Lincoln Tunnel</p><p> On exiting the tunnel, exit on the left towards 40 Street 7 North/West Side Highway</p><p> Take West Side Highway to 79th Street</p><p> Turn left onto Broadway</p><p> Take Broadway to 86 Street, turn right onto 86 Street</p><p> Take 86 Street through Central Park. You will exit the park on 84 Street.</p><p> The church is on the corner of 84 Street and Park Avenue.</p><p>Parking:</p><p>There are many parking garages in the neighborhood. The closest is Belmont, on 84th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues </p><p>Additional parking garages include: </p><p> Albert Parking 30 East 85th Street 212 249 5290</p><p> East 82nd Street Garage 111 East 82nd Street 212 288 9645</p><p> Gold East Garage 55 East 87th Street 212 831 4818</p></li><li><p>4 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>Property of James and Kathryn Abbe</p><p>1Black Painted Queen Anne Heart and Crown Arm Chair</p><p>Stratford area, Connecticut, 1765-1775 </p><p>H. 47 in.</p><p>Literature: A nearly identical example is in the Silas </p><p>Deane House, Wethersfi eld, Connecticut. Please see </p><p>Robert F. Trent, Heart and Crown Chairs, New Haven: </p><p>New Haven Historical Society, 1977, pl. 17, p. 48. </p><p>$1,500-2,500</p><p>1</p><p>James (1912-1999) and Kathryn Abbe shared a love for art, antiques and photography. Each had well-established careers, James, as a pho-tographer and later as a well known dealer in Folk Art and Americana. He was known for his excellent taste and was a pioneering advocate for Folk Art, The emphasis should be on the Art and not the Folk he would say. Kathryn, a photographer and an identical twin, is the author of several books; her work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries. Each had a great eye, and when they worked together, the result was often splendid. They liked the juxtaposition of one object with another and the effects of light and shadow. Our January 22 sale features some of the best works from the folk art collection that they built together. Starting the sale off will be a Black Painted Queen Anne Heart and Crown Arm Chair with a classic shaped and pierced crest-rail and graceful arms that shows more than 250 years of usage; it was made in Connecticut in the fi rst-half of the 18th century (lot 1).</p><p>Prominent among the pieces is a rare 18th century Polychrome Painted White Pine Countertop Figure of a standing gentleman (lot 18). A pair of early folk art paintings of twins, circa 1815, is powerful for the sitters stern expressions and edginess (lot 3) that brings to mind </p><p>photographer Diane Arbuss haunting work Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967.</p><p>The Abbes loved carved and painted wooden and metal fi gures. A painted wood, tin and iron fi gure of a rooster (lot 4), probably used </p><p>as a roof ornament, is a whimsical accessory to any home. A portrait of a Girl in a Rocking Chair by Asahel Powers (lot 15) is an excellent example of Powers work. As an untrained artist Powers had a diffi cult time making items appear to be anchored to the fl oor; the young girl appears to be fl oating.</p><p>PROPERTY FROM THE COLLECTION OF JAMES AND KATHRYN ABBE</p></li><li><p> Additional Information and Condition Reports at 5</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>4Painted Wood Tin and Iron Figure of a Rooster </p><p>American, 1830-1890 </p><p>H. 22 in.; W. 25 in.</p><p>Probably once used as a roof ornament.</p><p>$1,500-2,500</p><p>2Gilt Copper Weathervane Depicting a Steer</p><p>Probably L. W. Cushing &amp; Sons</p><p>Waltham, Massachusetts, second half 19th century </p><p>H. 12 in.; L. 23 in. </p><p>$300-600</p><p>3American School, First Quarter 19th Century</p><p>A Pair of Portraits Depicting Twin Girls in White </p><p>Dresses </p><p>Oil on canvas</p><p>18 x 16 inches (each) </p><p>$2,000-4,000</p></li><li><p>6 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>5Green and Yellow Painted Half Hull Model</p><p>American, circa 1843 </p><p>With painted inscription: Plymouth, 1843</p><p>H. 11 in.; L. 56 in. </p><p>$800-1,200</p><p>6A Group of Four Carved and Painted Wooden Figures</p><p>Comprising: Pair of white painted mermaids: American, </p><p>late 19th / early 20th century, H. 2 in.; L. 6 in. </p><p>Figure of a lion and lamb, probably Pennsylvania, late </p><p>19th century, H. 5 in.; L. 9 in.</p><p>Green, yellow and white painted fi gure of a standing </p><p>woman, American, late 19th century, H. 13 in. </p><p>White painted wooden rooster with repair done with </p><p>tin and nails, fi rst half 19th century, H. 5 in.; L. 7 in.</p><p>(4)</p><p>$1,200-1,800</p><p>7Naive Carved Bone Figure in the Form of a Female Nude</p><p>American, second half 19th century </p><p>With movable section.</p><p>H. 4 in.</p><p>$200-400</p><p>5 6 6</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>8Pair of American School Portraits</p><p>Sarah Bennett, age 11 and Mary Bennett, age 10</p><p>Possibly Isaac A. Wetherby (American, 1819-1904)</p><p>Oil on canvas</p><p>29 x 24 inches (each) </p><p>Portrait of Mary Bennett inscribed on verso: Mary </p><p>Bennett born 1845 daughter of Hon. A.H. Bennett, </p><p>Davenport, Iowa, 10 years old when this was taken. </p><p>Possibly by Isaac Augustus Wetherby (1819-1904) and </p><p>attributed to Isaac Wetherby 6/1/1988, James Abbe </p><p>Junior Oyster Bay, NY</p><p>Portrait of Sarah Bennett inscribed on verso of canvas: </p><p>attributed to Isaac A. Wetherby (American, 1819-</p><p>1904) and Sarah Bennett, born 1844, daughter of Hon. </p><p>A.H. Bennett, Davenport, Iowa, 11 years old when this </p><p>was taken.</p><p>(2)</p><p>$2,000-4,000</p><p>9Four Cast Iron Mechanical Banks and Tin Mechanical Bank</p><p>Comprising: Speaking Dog, Red Dress, H. 7 in.; W. </p><p>8 in. </p><p>Uncle Sam, Shepard Hardware Company, Buffalo New </p><p>York, circa 1886, H. 11 in.</p><p>African American Man, H. 6 in. </p><p>African American Woman, H. 6 in.</p><p>Pool Player, painted tin, H. 7 in. </p><p>(5)</p><p>$200-400</p><p>10Painted Sheet Iron Figure of Indian with Bow and Arrow</p><p>American, second half 19th century </p><p>H. 26 in.; W. 14 in.</p><p>$300-600</p><p>11Painted and Decorated Circular Covered Wooden Box</p><p>American, fi rst half 19th century</p><p>Inscribed on bottom: James Abbe, Jr. Jericho, N.Y. </p><p>H. 10 in.; Diam. 14 in. </p><p>$200-400</p></li><li><p> Additional Information and Condition Reports at 7</p><p>12</p><p>13</p><p>14</p><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>12Chauncey Wheeler (American, 1888-1945)</p><p>Brant </p><p>First half, 20th century</p><p>Branded on base: WFB </p><p>Label inscribed on base: William F. Beale Long Island N.Y. by Chauncey Wheeler</p><p>Carved and painted wood.</p><p>L. 18 in.; W. 7 in.</p><p>$1,200-1,800</p><p>13A Group of Four Portrait Miniatures</p><p>Comprising: A Silhouette of a young lady with woven hair and original gilt metal frame, </p><p>inscribed on verso: 1828, H. 4 x 3 in. </p><p>Ink silhouette of Thomas Goddard (English, 1762-1834), ink and watercolor on paper, </p><p>inscribed on verso: Thomas Goddard 1762, signed: ... Hiddleton, H. 5 x 2 in. </p><p>Nave full length silhouette of a woman glued to a page from an accounting book, </p><p>19th century, collage and ink, 6 x 4 in. </p><p>Portrait of Mrs. Robert Sackett, 1846, watercolor on paper, 5 x 4 in. </p><p>(4)</p><p>$300-600</p><p>14Soda Sarsaparilla &amp; Ginger Ale 5</p><p>New York, late 19th century </p><p>Inscribed: TALLMAN 15 RUBLE HOUSE N.Y. </p><p>Oil on canvas </p><p>13 x 21 inches </p><p>$200-400</p></li><li><p>8 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>15Asahel Lynde Powers (American, 1813-1843) </p><p>Girl in Painted Rocking Chair</p><p>Circa 1835 </p><p>Oil on canvas </p><p>33 x 26 inches </p><p>Provenance: Washburn Gallery, New York</p><p>$4,000-8,000</p><p>16American School, 19th Century</p><p>Double Portrait of Boy with Whip and Girl </p><p>with RoseOil on canvas</p><p>27 x 24 inches </p><p>Provenance: Washburn Gallery, New York</p><p>$3,000-6,000</p><p>15</p><p>16</p></li><li><p> Additional Information and Condition Reports at 9</p><p>17American School</p><p>Peri at the Gates of Paradise </p><p>Circa 1845 </p><p>Oil on canvas </p><p>30 x 25 inches</p><p>$1,200-1,800</p><p>18Polychrome Painted White Pine Countertop Figure of a Standing Gentleman</p><p>American, late 18th / early 19th century </p><p>Wood analysis by Alden Identifi cation Service, </p><p>November 2012.</p><p>H. 38 in.</p><p>$4,000-8,000</p><p>17</p><p>18</p></li><li><p>10 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>22</p><p>20</p><p>21</p><p>19</p><p>From the Estate of Violetta J.P. DuPont</p><p>19Group of Miniature Portraits Daguerreotypes and Tintypes </p><p>American, English and Continental, late 18th / 19th century </p><p>Comprising: Six daguerreotypes (four in gutta-percha hinge frames), one tintype, one </p><p>photograph, nine painted portrait miniatures, one bronze portrait medallion inscribed: </p><p>LOUIS XVIII / ROI DE FRANCE</p><p>Provenance: From the collection of James Maxime DuPont (1912-1991) of </p><p>New Jersey</p><p>(18)</p><p>$1,500-2,500 </p><p>Property of a Lady</p><p>20Auguste Edouart (American, 1789-1861) </p><p>An Interior Including Young Girl on Candle Stand and One Holding Doll, </p><p>1839 </p><p>Signed and dated lower center : Aug. Edouart, fecit 1839</p><p>Watercolor and black paper </p><p>13 x 18 inches </p><p>$2,000-4,000</p><p>21Attributed to Rufus Porter (American, 1792-1884)</p><p>Double Portrait of Husband and Wife (b. June 1799 - d. Jan 30, 1877) </p><p>Circa 1820-18306 </p><p>Watercolor and ink on paper with gold leaf and black eglomise glass panel. </p><p>The portrait of the lady inscribed in graphite on verso: Died January 30 1877 / </p><p>Aged 77 yrs. 7 months. </p><p>6 x 9 inches (including frame) </p><p>$2,000-4,000</p><p>Property of a California Gentleman</p><p>22Painted Sea Chest with Carved Ship</p><p>New England, 19th century, the carving and painting probably fi rst half 20th century</p><p>The painting on the ship is signed indistinctly and dated: 32, possibly 1932 </p><p>With inlaid diamond-shaped whalebone escutcheon and fi tted with beckets. </p><p>H. 15 in.; W. 43 in.; D. 16 in.</p><p>$2,000-4,000</p></li><li><p> Additional Information and Condition Reports at 11</p><p>Property of a New York Lady</p><p>23American School, 1849</p><p>Portrait of Boy With Dog, 1849 </p><p>Dated lower right: 1849 </p><p>Oil on canvas </p><p>48 x 38 inches </p><p>Provenance: Arthur Rupley, Alexandria, Virginia;</p><p>Sloans &amp; Kenyon, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 7-9 December 1990; </p><p>Hirschl &amp; Adler Galleries, Inc., New York, 1991 </p><p>$12,000-18,000</p><p>24Pictorial Hooked American Rug: Ms. Hen</p><p>Laura H. Loeffl er, 1920-1930 </p><p>On verso: Ms. Hen hand hooked by Laura H. Loeffl er</p><p>35 x 26 in.</p><p>Note: A closely related rug, based on the same design as the present lot sold at </p><p>Sothebys, New York, Important Americana, Lot 167, 22-24 January 2009 for $25,000.</p><p>$2,000-4,000</p><p>23</p><p>24</p></li><li><p>12 Additional Information and Condition Reports at</p><p>29Painted Wood and Decorated Grocery Store Bag Sorter</p><p>American, second half, 19th century </p><p>With original stenciled decoration and inscription </p><p>from Troy, New York Grocers.</p><p>With original stenciled decoration and inscription from </p><p>Troy, New York Grocers.</p><p>H. 15 in.; W. 16 in.; D...</p></li></ul>