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Throw out the words… Bring in the pictures!

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1. Throw out the words Bring in the pictures! 2. PowerPoint can be very effective if you know how to do them well. 3. which is the aim of this power point. 4. I found these links very helpful in determining power pint mistakes This presentation advices us to burn out PowerPoint and start new ones These slides talk about 5 very shocking mistakes people commit in PowerPoint. point.pdf This video talks about how effective good presentations can be. This article focuses on the 12 most fatal common PowerPoint errors. powerpoint-slides-and-how-to-correct-them/ These presentations talk about the dos and donts of PowerPoint. presentation-design 5. Now that we know the donts lets focus on some of the dos of power points Here are links that contain tips for us to have good PowerPoints This link contains a video that has seven tips that will help us create effective PowerPoint presentations/ I really enjoyed this article which taught us how to do PowerPoints that suck less. This article teaches us ways to communicate our ideas through PowerPoints more effectively via 10 basic tips. This offers 20 ways to Jazz up our presentations. 6. The most important aspect of any PowerPoint is storytelling om/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml powerpoint/ These links talk about the power of technology in telling a story powerpoint-presentation-4613960 and-turn-it-into-a-powerful-story/ 7. Hoping that the end of this PowerPoint will bring the end of PowerPoint mistakes.