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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Import data from Mysql to Excel</p> <p> Presented by,Thooyavan V</p> <p>Step 1: Download the driver from the website which is given below. First drive(8.0 M). After downloading, install it in your system</p> <p>Step 2: Go to Control panel-&gt; Administrative Tools-&gt; Select Data source(ODBC). Below dialog box will open.</p> <p>Step 3: Click Add. Then select below image</p> <p> Step 4: Click Finish. Then give the necessary details which is shown below. In the name, description field give any name. In Database field, select the database from the drop down menu.</p> <p>Step 5: Click ok</p> <p>Step 6: Now Open Excel, In Data field-&gt; select Connection-&gt;Select Add-&gt;Select Browse for more-&gt;select +Connect to New data Source-&gt; Click Open</p> <p>Step 7: </p> <p>Step 8: Select the data source as the name which is given earlier(i.e.,excelmysql1)</p> <p>Step 9: Select any Database name. Here I gave mark database for Example.</p> <p>Step 10: Click finish</p> <p>Step 11: Now In same Excel-&gt;Data Tab-&gt; select Connection-&gt;Select Existing ConnectionStep 12: Here select database table name.</p> <p>For Example,</p> <p>Step:13:</p> <p>Click OK.</p> <p>Step 14:Now the data from the database will get displayed in Access like this</p> <p>Import data from Excel to Mysql</p> <p> In mysql create a database and table with particular fields.In Excel, give the data alone(Without field name).Save the excel in .csv (Comma separated) format.Open MysqlUse database name;</p> <p> Give the Query to import from excel to mysql: load data infile Give the path of ur .csv file into table table_name fields terminated by , lines terminated by \n;</p> <p>Then see the data by the query: select * from table name;</p>