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Import data from Mysql to Excel

Presented by,Thooyavan V

Step 1: Download the driver from the website which is given below. First drive(8.0 M). After downloading, install it in your system

Step 2: Go to Control panel-> Administrative Tools-> Select Data source(ODBC). Below dialog box will open.

Step 3: Click Add. Then select below image

Step 4: Click Finish. Then give the necessary details which is shown below. In the name, description field give any name. In Database field, select the database from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Click ok

Step 6: Now Open Excel, In Data field-> select Connection->Select Add->Select Browse for more->select +Connect to New data Source-> Click Open

Step 7:

Step 8: Select the data source as the name which is given earlier(i.e.,excelmysql1)

Step 9: Select any Database name. Here I gave mark database for Example.

Step 10: Click finish

Step 11: Now In same Excel->Data Tab-> select Connection->Select Existing ConnectionStep 12: Here select database table name.

For Example,


Click OK.

Step 14:Now the data from the database will get displayed in Access like this

Import data from Excel to Mysql

In mysql create a database and table with particular fields.In Excel, give the data alone(Without field name).Save the excel in .csv (Comma separated) format.Open MysqlUse database name;

Give the Query to import from excel to mysql: load data infile Give the path of ur .csv file into table table_name fields terminated by , lines terminated by \n;

Then see the data by the query: select * from table name;


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