impact of ict (online services) on customer satisfaction: a study of pakistan’s banking sector

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Impact of ICT (online services) on customer satisfaction: A study of Pakistan’s Banking Sector


  • 1. Impact of ICT (online services) on customer satisfaction: A study of Pakistans Banking Sector Faisal Imran MS(IS&T) Quaid-i-Azam university Islamabad
  • 2. This will examine the impact of ICT (online service) on customer satisfaction in Pakistans banking sector. 12 local and 12 foreign banks will be selected for this study. The data/Survey will tested by applying different statistical techniques. The results of the research will led to the conclusion that ICT (online services) has positive/Negative impact on customer satisfaction. Research Problem
  • 3. ICT Introduction
  • 4. IT is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate process, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information(William and Sawyar (2005)) IT within a short span of time has become the necessity of every organization IT has given a new meaning to the word Convenience IT has drastically changed the business landscapes all over the world word IT has become the Catchword of the modern life today Introduction
  • 5. ICT Pakistan: Introduction
  • 6. IT is being used in all government and private organizations for different tasks IT ministry is responsible for monitoring all the IT related issues (Kazmi, 2003;Rizvi, 2005) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) (Don Wetzel developed ATM in 1973 and it was first installed at Chemical Bank in New York(Shelly et. al. (2004)) ATMs introduced the power of computer technology to the general public and made banking convenient for consumers ICT Pakistan: Introduction
  • 7. ICT in Pakistans Banking
  • 8. There is a phenomenal progress in banking sector of Pakistan over last decade It recorded an increase of 99% growth in profit in only one year, i.e. 2005 (Mahmood, 2006; The Dawn, March 21, 2006) NBP, HBL, MCB, ABL,UBL are considered five large banks and are dominant in the banking industry Most of the local banks are in private sector now The introduction of computer in banks in Pakistan started in 1965 Habib Bank, United Bank and Muslim Commercial Bank started acquiring computers to automate their banking work in 1965 ICT in Pakistans Banking
  • 9. The most recent automated banking systems like Misys, Sibel, and Fidility etc are being installed in many of the Pakistani banks (Kazmi 2004) Due to entry of Islamic banking sector and other factors, banks are competing for market share with each other The success of banking organization rests with the success in customer loyalty and retention Customer satisfaction is very important issue that is being addressed by banking organizations ICT in Pakistans Banking
  • 10. Research Method
  • 11. After available literature a questionnaire will be developed And based on these hypothesis are created The data/Survey will tested by applying different statistical techniques to prove the hypothesis Descriptive method is selected Defines descriptive method as involving collection of data in order to test hypothesis or to answer questions concerning the current status of the subject of the study (Gay 1976) Research Method
  • 12. Unit of Analysis
  • 13. Unit of analysis shapes what type of data you should collect for your study and who you collect it from We are interested in studying customers satisfaction in online services of Pakistani banks unit of analysis is the individual Unit of Analysis
  • 14. Theory
  • 15. We examined the previous research conducted on our topic Once we develop hypotheses, it is time to test them in the data collection and analysis phase of our research So Theory is deductive Theory
  • 16. Population
  • 17. In this research problem population is customers from Pakistans banking sector using online services Population
  • 18. Variables
  • 19. A variable is a quantity that can vary A variable is a measurable representation of an abstract construct Following are the variables in this research problem Customer Satisfaction (Dependent Variable) ICT(Online Services) Independent Variables Variables
  • 20. We conceptualize a customers stratification consisting of two dimensional constructs Online service Communication rate So we say Multidimensional constructs applied Constructs
  • 21. Hypothesis
  • 22. Hypotheses are designed to be empirically testable May be rejected if not supported by empirical observations Goal of hypothesis testing is to infer about the validity of the corresponding propositions Hypothesis
  • 23. Research Hypothesis (1) There has been substantial increase with respect to customer satisfaction in the given sector, after implementation of ICT (online services). Research Hypothesis (2) The change with respect to customer satisfaction in given sector after implementation of ICT (online services) is not the same Hypothesis
  • 24. Social Theory Mapping
  • 25. IT usage is increasing gradually. Though in the beginning Pakistani government was slow in adoption and diffusion of IT but now it is at forefront of all government priorities Now all banks provide online services to its customers and all branches are connected through ICT (online services) 1-Link and MNET is an example where multiple banks connected to each other and centralized services (ATM) are offered In this study we examine the adoption of ICT (online services) by customers and their satisfaction about ICT (online services) Innovation diffusion theory is applied on this problem Social Theory Mapping
  • 26. Sampling
  • 27. A statistical process of selecting a subset (called a sample) of a population of interest for purposes of making observations and statistical inferences about that population We cannot study entire populations because of feasibility and cost constraints Probability sampling is selected in current research problem where every customer with online services has chance to select Simple random sampling is used to select customers Sampling


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