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2. 2 3. IMMERSION SAMPLERSpectrographic analysis of steel is essential for production in the melt shop.Immersion samplers are used for taking samples of molten metal. The samplingprobes are designed with advance techniques for a safe, rapid and directsampling and for reduction of total sampling and analysis time for producingclean steel. Our product lines includes standard or customized samplers forapplications in all types of steel & iron samplers for blast furnaces, basicoxygen furnaces, degasser, ladle treatment stations & anywhere else arepresentative, homogenous sample of molten metal is needed. We manufacture Immersion Samplers in the following shapes:- Round Samplers Oval Samplers Dual Thickness Samplers Stream Samplers Blast furnace samplers Immersion Samplers with varying paper tubes lengths up to 2000 mm. FEATURES Samples can be obtained within 5 seconds Samples are easily detachable from the spoon De-oxidants as per customer requirements (Plain, Aluminium, Titanium, Zirconium) Zero defect samples (absence of pin holes) USING METHOD Sample taken from the metal bath must be Representative, Free of inclusions, cracks and holes Suitable, in shape and size. While taking the sample of molten metal the sampler should be sunk to the depth depending on the temperature and the viscosity of the melt at an angle of 55 for 3 to 5 second (the depth and time should be strictly carried out for its best performance). After taking the sample instrument from the furnace, knock the non immersed part on the ground, so the sample of steel will fall down on the ground. It is best to take a sample when the molten steel temperature is above 1500C.APPLICATIONIt is used for process analysis of molten metal for instantaneous sampling techniques and reinforces qualitycontrol. This product is used for sampling directly from a stream or a ladle spoon.ADVANTAGE:Cost Effective, quality built, precise, accurate & reliable to usePacking:- 25 or 50 Pcs. per Cardboard box.3 4. CORE VALUESCustomer Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction.Commitment to Quality.Continuous CommunicationAim and achieve efficiency improvements and loss reduction.Be open to change and adopt best practices in operations andproject management to improve systems availability, quality andsecurity.Create an environment that motivates employee performance and values their contribution.Develop and train employees, enhance their skills by job rotation and job enrichment and encourage them to take greater responsibilities.Ensure that system reliability, safety and security are notcompromised.Please contact for more details:REMSO CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.D-157, GREATER NOIDA EXPORT PROMOTION INDUSTRIAL PARK, KASNA,GREATER NOIDA, DIST:- GAUTAM BUDH NAGAR,201308,INDIAPhone: +91-120-4290183 , Fax: +91-120-4295183, Mobile :+91-9810339183Email ID : , www.remso.com4

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