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social media plan

social media planGRAPHIC PSYCHO MARKETINGSOCIAL MEDIA INTRO Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal information, and other various content

SOCIAL MEDIA HISTORYEmerged in late 1970sLargest corporate social site started in May 20032010, revealed social sites send data to advertisers2011, 89% of US B2B companies were using social media marketing

late1970s something better comes alongThe first forms of social media have been seen since the late 1970s (Bennett). The first corporate integration was when LinkedIn was created in 2003 which remains the worlds largest corporate networking site (Bennett). In 2010, it was revealed that social networking sites collected user data and gave that data to 3rd party companies and for use in advertising (Bennett). With 89% of US B2B companies using social media marketing, it seems like we cant afford not to dabble in social media (B2B Social). 3 SUCCESSFUL B2B SOCIAL MEDIA

There have been some unique B2B social media tactics. AT&T wanted to strengthen their B2B client relationships by creating a blog, and then using their employees to promote it on their own personal social media profiles to draw people into the blog (B2B Social). Because of this unique use of B2B social media, AT&T traffic to their blog went up by 50% in 5 months and their social shares doubled (B2B Social).4 SUCCESSFUL B2B SOCIAL MEDIAUPS is using B2B social media to educate and create awareness through their new blog and official Facebook and Twitter

GE Healthcare uses educational videos on social media

Both UPS and GE Healthcare use social media to strengthen their client relationships by educating with videos and blogs (B2B Social).5 BENEFITS FOR GRAPHIC PSYCHOBuild brand awarenessStrengthen customer relationshipsEstablish as thought leader/educate Drive traffic Generate leadsReinforce other campaignsROI


This is what our competition and clients are using and more than likely what we should be using. 7EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA

The black shows how many leads B2B marketers generate using the following sites. LinkedIn is shown to be the most effective at generating B2B leads (B2B Social). 8 EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA

This graph shows the social media sites that generate the most return on investment for B2B marketers. Again, LinkedIn is shown to be the most effective for B2B marketers (B2B Social).9BUDGET EXPECTATIONS

We can base our social media budget expectations off of this graph. Other than none, the most common percentage of budget allocation include 1%, and 5-10% of the B2B companys budget (B2B Social).10SOCIAL CHANGE


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The basics would be creating a presence using the following most effective B2B social media sites. 13