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Fashion merchandising business app.


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  • 2. LEAVE BEHIND THE PEN & PAPER Travel light this season with iMerchandisethe only app a fashion buyer will ever need! 2
  • 3. SNAP HIGH RES PHOTOS SNAP a photo of that gorgeous dress, POST it in your eShop and start SELLING before even leaving the fashion show! Continuous autofocus camera Take photos super fast Snap unlimited photos 3
  • 4. CREATE PRODUCT(S) Select one or more of your photos and create a new product or assign the images to an existing product Create a product in 30 - 60 seconds Choose delivery date Input mark up and instantly see retail price Add multiple colors and sizes (matrix items) see all features 4
  • 5. CREATE PRODUCT - FEATURES Calculate RETAIL price based on purchase price Customize mark up Input delivery date Add as many colors and sizes as desired Choose or create supplier Choose or create category Add info such as showroom, season and category (lters) Create new colors and sizes 5
  • 6. CREATE PRODUCT - FEATURES Select colors - you can add as many colors as you want to one product. You can also create new colors and save them in your color list 6 Select sizes from a chart ( US, INT, EU ) list or create a new size and save it to any of the 3 predened charts.
  • 7. CREATE BOARDS Place as many images as youd like and move them around to create the perfect style board. Whether you want to see how your windows will look in July, or need to ask your Facebook fans what they think of those 3 dresses, BOARDS will help you do all that and more! USEFUL FEATURES Create Purchase Order using showcased products Assign Board to an existing Purchase Order Copy/paste images or products from one board to another Email, print or Facebook your boards 7
  • 8. CREATE EVENTS Do you remember attending a fashion show but the name slipped your mind? No problem! Look it up easily by Location 8
  • 9. BUDGETS & PURCHASE ORDERS Keep track of your expenses by using the BUDGET feature, and tap the correct PURCHASE ORDER(S) for the next month(s) 9
  • 10. SETUP BUDGET(S) Choose month Type in your budget for selected month Adjust budgets even after you star t placing orders See graphic representation of your expenses See % spent from your initial budget 10
  • 11. CREATE PURCHASE ORDERS Select the product(s) and type in the quantities. Based on your previously set budget, you will see how much money was spent and how much remains (or if you have gone over the limit). Email the purchase order automatically converted into a PDF with images to your rep, and youre done! 11
  • 12. CREATE PURCHASE ORDER Add new product Send PO via email as PDF Input QTY Add more colors and sizes of the same product 12
  • 13. SEND PURCHASE ORDER Send it via email (automatically conver ts POs into PDFs with thumbnail images and complete product details) POs are automatically saved in iMerchandise so you can access them anytime, even when ofine 13
  • 14. SETTINGS SYNC your products with your Magento-powered eShop and start taking pre-orders Set up budgets Set up new color(s) Set up /arrange new size(s) Set up/arrange new category(ies) 14
  • 15. SYNC DATA send products to your eShop and start taking Pre-Orders one minute after you created the product in iMerchandise 15
  • 16. SYNC DATA Existing SYNC options send products to your eShop and start taking Pre-Orders one minute after you created the product in iMerchandise Future SYNC options 15
  • 17. create your own color ( saved automatically ) or simply select from color list (predened) 16 create custom sizes
  • 18. Create new supplier by manually typing the details, or import it from your iDevice contact list 17
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