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PRESENTS Fear No Marker: tools to create your visual story

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Keynote presentation at "Fear No Marker"


PRESENTS Fear No Marker: tools to create your visual story 2 Visual Biography @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET How did you get here today? Your Visual Biography no words allowed!!! 3 What experience are you bringing? Which storytelling related events have you been to thus far? What are 3 things you hope to learn? Favorite thing about SXSWi? @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 4 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 5 6 your brain on visuals @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 7 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 8 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 9 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 10 11 Lettering @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 12 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 13 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 14 15 Drawing @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 16 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 17 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 18 19 MODELS @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 20 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 21 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 22 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 23 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 24 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 25 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 26 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 27 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 28 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 29 @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 30 31 Metaphors @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 32 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 33 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 34 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 35 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 36 @IMAGETHINK IMAGETHINK.NET 37 38 Resources @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET 39 Mike Rhode - The Sketchnote Handbook, The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note Taking ! Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo - GameStorming , A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakerts ! Back of the Napkin, Dan Roam ! Game Storming, Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo ! Visual Thinking, David Sibbet ! Business Model Generation, Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur ! Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud ! Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards Ipad Apps for Digitizing Images Sketchbook Pro ipad/id364253478?mt=8 ! ! JotNot scan-multipage/id307868751?mt=8 ! ! ! WhiteBoard interactive-whiteboard/id478617061?mt=8 ! ! ! Brushes id545366251?mt=8 BOOKs @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET The Power of Doodling: How Doodles Can Lead to Great Ideas The_Power_of_Doodling_How_Doodles_Can_Lea d_to_Great_Ideas.html ! The Power of the Doodle Sketchnotes 101: The Basics of Visual Note- Taking ! Doodling for Dollars: Wall Street Journal SB10001424052702303978104577362402264009714 .html THINKING, WORKING AND COMMUNICATING VISUALLY: Graphic Recording vs. Facilitation ! Center for Graphic Facilitation: a comprehensive blog on the industry graphic-facilitation ! People who Doodle Learn Faster learn-faster ! See What I Mean: The Power of Visual Learning learning/conner/013006.html ! The Miseducation of the Doodle miseducation-of-the-doodle ARTICLES ImageThink ! Online Learning: AlphaChimp University LooseTooth ! Materials: Neuland Markers ! Copic Markers 40 Additional Resources @IMAGETHINK [email protected] IMAGETHINK.NET Thank You!! Ready To Get Visual? 41 [email protected] WED LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU Our project manager, Amanda Melnick can get you started.