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<ul><li> 1. Im the one that you want</li></ul> <p> 2. The aims of this session are: To introduce the UCAS application process To provide an idea of what information should be included ina personal statement To provide real examples of good and bad things to sayInsert title 1Aims 3. Insert title 1The UCAS Application Online application - Apply 5 choices UCAS Track Application fee - 12 or 23 UCAS Extra 4. Insert title 1Application deadlines15 October 2013Dentistry, medicine, veterinary science and veterinary medicineand Oxbridge15 January 2014All other courses30 June 2014Final deadline 5. Insert title 1The UCAS ApplicationYou will be asked to complete the following sections Personal Details Choices Education Employment Statement Reference 6. Insert title 1 7. Insert title 1Personal StatementWhy are personal statements important? Interviews are only used for certain courses Your chance to sell yourself to the admissions tutor You need to stand out amongst the other applications 8. Insert title 1What are Admissions Selectorslooking for? An interest and enthusiasm for the subject area Evidence you have thought about what you want to do Correct spelling and grammar A logically organised statement 9. Insert title 1Personal StatementThree main areas to cover: Your current studies Why you have chosen this subject area/course The real you 10. Insert title 1Current studiesWhat bearing do your current studies have on your selection?Application for Early Primary Education degreeMy favourite module whilst studying Sociology was education.I was intrigued to learn the theories of how factors such as class,gender, ethnicity and religion can influence a childsdevelopment. 11. Insert title 1Why this subject area/course?What interests you about the course/subject area?Application for Law degreeI would most like to study the field of International Commercialand Corporate Law. Although the areas of Criminal Law interestme I would prefer to study an area that will challenge methrough large projects and that will allow me to overcome somelanguage boundaries. 12. Insert title 1Why this subject area/course?Do you have a career goal?Application for Business Studies degreeMy goal for the future is to succeed and help others succeed ina constantly changing, dynamic business environment. Abusiness degree would give me knowledge and experience inorder to pursue this ambition. 13. Insert title 1The Real YouWhat skills and attributes do you have?Application for Business Studies degreeCompeting in sporting events has helped my team buildingskills and also my leaderships skills as I have been nominated tothe role of team captain. I feel that I motivate others to succeedand have been able to listen and give instructions and advice.Reliability 14. Insert title 1The Real YouWhat do you do in your spare time?Application for Architectural Design degreeOne of my main interests outside of school has always beengardening. I find gardening very rewarding as it allows me tocreate 3 dimensional art which I find more rewarding thanoutcomes which are 2-D. 15. Insert title 1The Real YouDo you have any relevant work/volunteer experience?Application for Business Management degreeMy employment history has been solely in the catering industrywhere I have worked as a waiter. As well as developing strongcommunication skills this experience has also given me a usefulunderstanding of the running of a small business. 16. Insert title 1The Real YouDo you have any other achievements?Application for Physiotherapy degreeI have attended a 3 day Exploring Physiotherapy workshopwhere I sampled university life by attending presentations andworkshops. I was particularly interested in paediatricphysiotherapy and the experience has assured me that this isthe right choice for me. 17. Insert title 1The Real YouAre you planning a year out?Application for Law degreeI have decided to take a gap year as I want to obtain more legalexperience before beginning my degree and am sure theseexperiences will help me during my studies. 18. Insert title 1Things to remember 19. Insert title 1Dont provide a long list ofeverything!IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITYGuitar lessons; Member of Charity Group helped organise fund raisingevents; Cashier School Bank; Romania Link helped organise fund raisingevents; Badminton Club; Causeway Coast Ramble Stage 2; Ski Trips; FormCharity Representative; Mini Bus Representative; Form Captain.OUT OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, ACHIEVEMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIESDuke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Bronze Award, Silver Award, currentlyworking for Gold Award; Elocution Lessons; Piano Exam grade 4 (Trinity);British Red Cross Practical First Aid Exam; Member of Badminton Club; YouthFellowship Treasurer; Church Choir; Girls Brigade currently training to be aSub Officer; Junior Leader of Holiday Bible Club ; Creche Helper in Church;Childrens Church Helper; Sunday School Teacher; Member of a PresbyterianChurch in Ireland: team went to Wembley to run holiday Bible Clubs for Hinduchildren. 20. Insert title 1Avoid being repetitiveFor many years now I have aspired towards a career in Businessand Business Management and I have decided I want to pursuea career in the Business area. I would like to study BusinessManagement and Business because the level I can studyBusiness at, at the minute is really enjoyable and I want tocontinue my studies with this. 21. Insert title 1Be professionalLiam_turns_me_on@serial_killer@murderman2003@stalker-at-work@thongsonawashingline@(applicants name was Liam)(applicant applied for nursing)(applicant applied for social work)(applicant applied for law)(what can I say!?) 22. Insert title 1Be careful with humourI would describe myself as a rather energetic person who isalways looking for something to so with his free time. Previousfailed hobbies include stamp collecting (too quiet), Rugby (toopainful) and girl chasing (too ugly). But now I believe I amsettled with my current interests, football and music. On thefootball side I feel that although I possess little skill I make up forit with enthusiasm. I am also an avid football supporter of myfavourite team Crystal Palace (they need the help). On themusic side I am a guitarist and singer in a local punk band 23. Insert title 1Check it before you send itThe International Business Studies degree will allow me toexpose myself internationally 24. Insert title 1Think about what youre telling us!Last year I co-wrote and produced the Junior House play. Ifound it very demanding but great fun. This turned into horroron the last night when one of the lead actors became ill and Ihad to play Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies. What anightmare.I can boast to be able to eat three cream crackers in less thanthirty seconds without a drop of water. This small yet laboriousfeat represents my endeavour to succeed at even the pettiest ofchallenges. 25. Insert title 1You dont have to have a careerplanI have pondered over this statement for some time now. At thispoint in my life it would be easier for me to list the careers thatdo not interest me rather than to try and focus on one that does.What I do know is that I am confused.Money, money is the thing that most motivates me. I have apassion for money, spending, saving and even earning it (myfavourite is counting). The idea of managing other peoplesmoney gets me excited. This is why I am interested inaccountancy and would like to become a chartered accountant. 26. Insert title 1Is this an application foruniversity?...So what can I tell you about me? At Christmas time I like it quietbut New Year I like to party and tend to party the rest of theyear away with friends and others but on the whole Im just youraverage 22 year old. I hate the colour red, love the number 12and have never or ever will play the National Lottery.I am medium height 1.8m, slim and fit looking with short blackhair and piercing black eyes. I am ambitious and taking lifeseriously. I normally wear casual clothes, often trousers andshirts for special occasions, however I can look elegant in astylish outfit. 27. Insert title 1Use the right level of detailWhen I first started looking for degree courses that would suit me, I carriedout my research in the college learning centre (Library). My method waseffective because I discovered the Business Information Systems course.This has the perfect mix of Business and computing for me.My next step was to look in the careers centre in Kings Lynn Town, in here Iwas able to access the UCAS web-site. I decided to get a list of everyuniversity that offered Business Information Systems. I printed myself a copyof the list and rang each university on the list to ask for a copy of theUndergraduate prospectus. They were delivered and there must have beenabout 15-20 prospectuses (my postmans biceps have doubled in size!).This course was definitely for me, this is because I have always had aninterest in computing and business, for as long as I can remember anyway. Inthe last few years especially my brain has been awash with entrepreneurialideas, some I have made a reality and some stay locked in my mind for theright opportunity. Basically this course jumped out and grabbed me, othershave been considered but this is the only one that made me want to pack mybags and leave tomorrow (believe me it did). 28. Insert title 1Dont forget Your personal statement is PERSONAL Make it interesting Dont make things up 29. Insert title 1What happens next? Be aware of the UCAS deadlines You will be sent an acknowledgement and will beprovided with a personal identification number DO NOT lose this number UCAS will send your application form to each of theinstitutions you apply to 30. Insert title 1What happens next? Check progress of application on the UCAS websiteusing Track Make a note of the deadlines for offers Reply by the deadline or your application could bedeclined by default</p>