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  • 1. and Im 11. Imfrom Catalonia and I live in Tremp. Ive one older brother. I havent a petbut Id like to have some dog or cat.

2. the animals and Catalonia. eating pasta and playinghockey play football. bananas and fish. 3. is very peculiar. Ive a brother, Marti and its veryannoying.My mother is Flors is friendly.My father is very worker. 4. is Tremp. There aremore than 300 shops. There are 4 supermarkets, a lot of hairdressers and 2 book shops but there arent any shopping centres. in my city because its smaller than other cities andyou can go from one place to another quickly. 5. thannow I loved the French fries. I liked see the TV programme Pingu and the lunch that prepared my grandmother. Ididnt like the fish.