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This is wireframe and sample page designs of the Center for Student Opportunity's I'm First app for the College Knowledge Challenge grant application.


<ul><li> 1. Center for Student Opportunity beta launchedthe Im First project in September 2012.Visitors can watch videos and read testimonials,take the Im First pledge and share their ownfirst-generation college storyPlease visit http://beta.imfirst.org to see the live site.</li></ul> <p> 2. Im First will also feature tools and resources tosupport aspiring first-generation college studentson the path to college.Initial app design and development is in progressand will continue through January 2013. Features tobe introduced include student and supporter signup and profile creation, college profiles and search,CBO profiles and search, Q&amp;A forum, and blog. 3. A live demo of a student user role in the current appenvironment can be accessed here:http://beta.imfirst.org/account/login/Email: lysa+demo@imfirst.orgPassword: opportunity13The College Knowledge Challenge grant will allow Im Firstto increase capabilities and improve user experience as aFacebook app, as well support user testing andevaluation. 4. The following slides include wireframes and currentpage designs to further exemplify the app indevelopment.</p>