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Research into audience - IMDb In this presentation, I will be analyzing two films of different genres and their film posters from the IMDb website.

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  • 1. Research into audience - IMDb In this presentation, I will be analyzing two films of different genres and their film posters from the IMDb website.

2. Fast and Furious 6 The first film I will be analyzing is Fast and Furious (2013). Already, IMDb shows how much praise it has received from the public and critics (7.2 and 61/100) which is fairly good. This implies to the user the quality of the film. The user ratings show the amount of ratings it has been given from the public (210,000) which also shows it has a big target audience. 3. By clicking the user rating, a weighted average of votes is shown of rating out of ten. This shows that nearly a quarter of the users rated the film between 7 and 10. This shows me the quality of the film Scrolling down to votes from age and gender, users can go into further detail to find the films target audience. Already, I can see that there are a lot more male votes than female (160,000 male and 30,000 female) which shows males are a more concentrated audience. However, although there arent many female voters, the ones that have voted being teens have given the film a higher rating than males (8.6), this shows me that the film has a wider target audience. 4. From clicking on aged under 18, it shows that teens clearly like the movie more than other age groups which would show the films main target audience would be people aged 18 and under and specifically males. 5. However, when clicking on females under 18, it clearly shows that half of the voters rated the film 10/10. This shows me that the films target audience is for teens both male and female. 6. Mean Girls The second film I will be analyzing is Mean Girls (2004). The ratings for this film show that the public have given a higher rating than critics (7.0 and 66/100) which shows the film has reached a target audience in terms of the public. 7. The overall rating show that most people voted within 6 to 10. Here, it shows that males have given the most votes (85,000) compared to females (65,000) which implies that the main target audience would be varied. 8. By clicking females under 18 shows that this age group have given the highest votes for the film (8.0). This shows that the film is mainly aimed at teenage females. 9. However, by clicking males under 18 shows that they have also rated the film between 7 and 10. This shows that the film also appeals to a teenage male target audience. The ratings show that the film has received a lot of votes from an older age group however didnt get very high votes. 10. Use of two genres to create a bigger target audience. Overall, I think the target audience for this film is mainly teenagers all together as it has received positive feedback from both genders. 11. Analysis of two film posters In this presentation, I will be analyzing film posters of Fast and Furious 6 and Mean Girls. 12. The tagline All roads lead to this Implies that the film will sum up the series and they have all led to this moment which will be an attraction to the Fast and Furious fan base as they would want to know the next chapter.The use of a lot characters in the poster show that there will be a lot of drama and action throughout the film. Having many different well known actors in the film such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Vin Diesel and Ludacris is helping reach a wider target audience as people would go to see their favourite actor at the cinema. Actors such as Ludacris may attract more attention as he is an actor and musician which means he has a bigger fan base. The cars grab the attention of males as they like to see racing and fancy cars which they admire and aspire to have. The three characters placed at the front give them more importance out of all the other characters and give the impression they are the main protagonists. Muscular men widens the target audience as many women like to see men they desire to have. The women have been presented as strong and ready for action, this can attract women as they would aspire to be like this. This would also attract men as they would like to see good looking women in action. Font presented in the style of car rims tell the audience the main theme of the film being racing which will attract fans of this genre. Emphasis on FF6 Facial expressions and posture show that they are ready for action, this connotes action which a lot of males like to see. Iconic buildings in the background to tell the audience the setting (London) which means that this is an important part of the story where the film is based. The film may attract more attention from people living in London as they would want to see the action taking place in streets theyre familiar with. 13. The girls clothing references teenage girls in high school which targets teens and also tells the audience it will be set in a a school. Tagline references conflict between main character and possible rivals, this means drama which females like to see and also relate to certain situations or aspects of the film. The tagline also involves the audience. The characters body language and facial expressions give the impression that they are the Mean girls of the film and give a sense of hatred towards other females such as the protagonist. The audience may relate to them or know others like this. The almost 'sexualised' positions of the three characters in the poster can imply a more stereotypical and idealistic representation of women.The colouring of the poster immediately reflects the type of audience it is trying to appeal to by using a mixture of pink and purple which stereotypically appeals to a younger female teenage audience. This audience is then further drawn in by the recognizable face and name of 'Lindsay Lohan who is a popular actress in this genre and would interest her fan base. It also can appeal to the more middle aged adult by using the name of 'Tiny Fey who is slightly older located at the bottom of the poster. The use of the bright colours indicate the genre of this film, alluding to the idea that it is a comedy instead of a drama or an action thriller. The tagline infused with the four girls shown on the poster is an indication of the films narrative. The use of the girls on the poster and can attract females who idolize and aspire to look and be like these characters. It can also interest men as they like to see good looking women they admire in film. 14. Overall, I have covered these films target audiences and analyzed how they use posters to appeal to them.