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Cloud Computing is one of transformational technology shifts that is the most misunderstood. Many businesses, individuals fear how cloud would affect their daily lifes, from security, privacy and changes in their daily life. Fortunately, this is a technology that can be embraced in phases. Your business can seize this opportunity and make it as one of your competitive strategy.


<ul><li>Im CloudConfused<br />Demystifying Cloud Computing <br /></li><li>What the say:<br />Biggest Paradigm Shift in 20 years<br />Game Changers<br />Just On<br />Pay As You Go<br />Tremendous Cost Cutting<br /></li><li>Describe The Cloud To Me<br />The Cloud<br />21 experts are defining cloud computing http://bit.ly/C6jIm<br />*Picture taken under Creative Common license<br /></li><li>Who Cares?<br />What is it for me? <br /></li><li>First, <br />What the heck is<br />Cloud Computing<br />First, what the heck is <br />Cloud Computing?<br />in simple, plain English please!<br /></li><li>Lets use a simple analogy <br />Say you just moved to a city, and youre looking for <br />a place to live<br /></li><li>You can either<br />Builda house or <br />Rentan apartment<br /></li><li>If you builda house, there are a few<br />important decisions you have to make<br /></li><li>Howbigis the house? <br />are you planning to grow a large family? <br />Remodel, addition typically cost a lot more once the house is built<br /></li><li>But, you get a chance to customizeit<br />flooring<br />tile<br />windows<br />floor plan<br />Roof<br />lighting<br />landscaping<br /></li><li>Once the house is built, <br />youre responsible for maintenance <br />Pay property tax<br />Hire Landscaper<br />Water<br />Electrician<br />Electricity<br />Plumber<br />Heating and Cooling <br />Gutter Cleaning<br />House Keeping<br /></li><li>How about renting?<br /></li><li>Consider a builder in your city builds <br />a massivenumber of apartment units <br /></li><li>A unit can easilybe converted <br />into a 2,3,4 or more units<br /></li><li>You make a fewer, simpler<br />decisions<br />You can start with one unit and grow later, or<br />downsize<br /></li><li>But<br />You do nothave<br />a lot of options to <br />customize your unit <br /></li><li>triple pane windows<br />green materials<br />high capacity electricity<br />high speed Internet<br />However, builders provide you with very high quality infrastructure <br /></li><li>No need to worryabout maintenance cost<br />No need to Hirelandscapers, electricians, plumbers<br /></li><li>Pay as You Go<br />Just pay your rent<br />and utilities <br /></li><li>Lets translate to <br />Cloud Computing?<br /></li><li>As an end-consumer, believe it or not <br />youve been using Cloudfor long times<br /></li><li>Yes, most of them are <br />Free<br /></li><li>In return, youre willing to give away<br />your informationfor ads and other purposes <br /></li><li>But youve been enjoying <br />High Reliability Service<br />(ok, ok, most of them are)<br />Unlimited Storage<br />Connecting, Sharing<br /></li><li>OK, Now tell that to the business owner<br />Give up your data, then<br />you can use this infrastructure for free <br /></li><li>This is how their CEO would feel<br /></li><li>My Business Needs<br />Security<br />Privacy<br />Reliability<br />High Availability<br /></li><li>Building Enterprise<br />Software<br />is like. <br />Building <br />Medieval Castle<br />Stone Wall<br />Fire-proof<br />Moat<br />Army<br />Death Hole<br /></li><li>Lets Hire an Army of IT Engineers<br />Support<br />Software Upgrade<br />Backup/Restore<br />Service Pack<br />Development<br />Network issues<br /></li><li>Lets Build<br />Huge Data Center<br />Capacity Planning<br />Cooling Management <br />Disaster Plan<br />Server Crashes<br /></li><li>In the mean time, <br />Many things have changed <br /></li><li>The enterprise world we live in <br />2010and beyond<br />Global <br />Direct, Open CustomersCommunication<br />(Customers, Resources, IPs are acquired everywhere)<br />(e.g. Social Media)<br />Digital Life Convergence<br />(Work and Personal lines are blurring)<br />Work Remotely<br />(Mobility Trend)<br />Transparency<br />Brief Collaboration<br />(Blogs, Social Computing)<br />(Assemble the best, Disassemble upon completion)<br /></li><li>2008-09<br />Economy is upside down<br />Layoffs<br />Bankruptcy <br />Excess Capacity<br /></li><li>Can we bridgethe gap? <br /></li><li>Requires <br />aNew Way<br />ofThinking<br /></li><li>Cloud Computing <br />is not<br />answer<br />the<br />for all <br /></li><li>But it could simplifyour lives.<br /></li><li>Leave it the experts<br />who have a lot of money to spend to build <br />giantdatacenters across the globe<br /></li><li>Your data is replicated<br />3 or 4 times in their data center<br />High Availability <br /></li><li>High Traffic?<br />Adding servers is a click away. <br />Running in just minutes, not days<br /></li><li>It can even load balance <br />your server traffic<br /></li><li>Expect your Cloud<br />Network<br />is always up<br /></li><li>Yes, you can even pick <br />whereyour data <br />and servers reside <br /></li><li>Business Contraction?<br />Just reduce your <br />computing power,storage<br /></li><li>Wait, <br />What is the catch?<br /></li><li>Cloud Computing <br />is relatively newtechnology <br /></li><li>Growing Pains<br />We all learn from it<br /></li><li>Only a handful of major players<br />can build <br />this massive infrastructure<br /></li><li>Not many software written yet to takeadvantage of cloudinfrastructure<br /></li><li>Sensitive Data in the Cloud?<br />are there yet? <br />Encryption<br />Data at Rest<br />Data in Motion<br /></li><li>Yes, youre loosing some controls <br />some configurations<br />physical security<br />only subset of APIs<br /></li><li>Lets clear common confusions<br />about Cloud Computing<br /></li><li>Who is paying whom? <br /></li><li>Typical Scenarios<br />Software/Service<br />Providers<br />Cloud/Infrastructure<br />Provider<br />You<br />(Business, Individual)<br />You may also build software<br />directly on the providers platform and<br />pay them directly <br /></li><li>Do I have to start over? <br /></li><li>In some cases, <br />you could redirectyour data to the cloud <br />Before<br />Migrate Data to the Cloud<br /></li><li>In some cases, <br />you could redirectyour data to the cloud <br />After<br /></li><li>However, to take advantage fully, migrate all or create new apps on the cloud<br />Employees<br />Suppliers<br />Customers<br /></li><li>Is this just Hosting 2.0? <br /></li><li>No, they have different architecturesand business model<br />Cloud Players<br />Hosting Players<br />Hundreds of them around<br />the world<br />Only few can afford billions dollar <br />investment on data centers <br /></li><li>Your contracts<br />Cloud Players<br />Hosting Players<br />Pay As You Go<br />Often yearly<br />Pay only what you use <br /></li><li>Reliability, High Availability, <br />Capacity Elasticity<br />Cloud Players<br />Hosting Players<br />Bring your own or rent<br />servers to increase capacity<br />Virtually unlimited storage, computing power<br />You have to manage <br />reliability, fail over yourself<br />Built-in Redundancy<br /></li><li>The end of PC ? <br /></li><li>NO<br />Most cloud applications that will be built are <br />accessible from PC. <br />Applications can be a browser base, applicationrunning on PC accessing data and services on the cloud<br />So will the mobile applications<br /></li><li>Even More Confused? <br />Join a new Facebook Page <br />Im Cloud Confused<br />http://bit.ly/7GItnb<br />Lets discuss more and help each other <br /></li><li>Are you brave enough to try? <br />10survey simple questions,Just minutes to complete http://surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=NrndNTZkoG6j8BWJYejC1g_3d_3d<br />Yes, were looking for a few VIP beta customers,<br />to work with us defining best Cloud Apps<br /></li><li>For more presentations like this, visit, <br />follow, subscribe to: <br />Blog: http://www.andyharjanto.com<br />Twitter: http://twitter.com/harjanto<br />Contact: andy@guppers.com<br /></li></ul>