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  1. 1. Simplified & Focused on line quality
  2. 2. Reference Photo with no with background cropped, and new background pasted in layer underneath.
  3. 3. Well build up the portrait by creating blocks of skin, then adding in linework, clothing and the details. First, create a new layer in the Layers panel and call it Skin. Select a color for the skin create a vector outline around the bodys contour. Dont include any clothing or hair that extends beyond the shape of the body, they will be covered with others layers later. Next, fill the shape with the skin colour. Open the Paths panel and click on the Fill path with the foreground color button at the bottom. Hide this layer, so we can use the photo to create the linework.
  4. 4. Line Work Create a new layer, called Skin Lines. Select a dark brown color, and a brush with a 3px radius. We can use the path created for the Skin layer to create linework around the whole body and face. In the Paths panel, click on Stroke path with brush. Use the Pen tool and the Stroke path with brush command to create the lips, nose, eyes, jawline, eyebrows and any other clearly defined features. To create thinner lines, simply lower the radius of your brush before using the command. Use an Eraser with a hard brush to fix any untidy line shapes.
  5. 5. Next, use the Pen tool to mark out the outline of the hair and fill it with black. Use a thin brush to add fine hairs.