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2. T h e w o rk you are about tos e e i s a glimpse of what Ih a v e b e en creating for thel a s t 6 m onths. A few of the i l l u s t r a t i o ns predate that, but t h e y r e s ome of my favorites s o I put them in anyway. M o s t o f my illustrations ared o n e i n acrylic, but I have b e e n r e cently added a news t y l e , d one in watercolors. C h e c k o ut two of these thata r e o n the CD packaging page too. You can see more of m y work at my website, w w Enjoy!Elizabeth Ladae l i z a b ethlada@gmail.com650 279 5211 3. g raphic design graphic design graphicn graphic design graphic design grapphic design graphic design graphic d esign graphic design graphic design hic design graphic design graphic de esign graphic design graphic design raphic design graphic design graphicgraphic design graphic design graph raphic design graphic design graphic gn graphic design graphic design d phic design graphic design graphicign esign graphic design graphic design raphic design graphic design graphic esign graphic design graphic design ic design graphic design graphic de 4. WITHOUT MEMORIES OF AN AESTHETIC LIFE ARIELDRESCHERB O O K 5. CHRISTOPHERJEFFRIESreflections on slow food and fine wine from the heart of the french countryside - by claire fournier BLUES MISSISSIPPI FUNHOUSE CO V E R S 6. P A C K A G I N G 7. C D P A C K A G I N G 8. E AT PRIMOANTIPASTcreamy tomato b I tradition asil sou al caesa p - $3.9 r salad -5 romainebrusche gorgonz dressingtta lettuce,ola tartl, crouto with tom our ownet with c ns & shaato, gar served wandied w caesarved parmlic & bas mixed g ith toast alnuts & proscuit il,esan - $ reens ored crostto - $8.9 8.95cobb itacaesar sini - $6. brie & ro spinach5liano - r 95ide sala asted gaartichokomained - $3.9e dip on rlic, sertopped wlettuce t 5 ved with crostini pear slic cheese ossed w ith toma fresh- $6.95plate - a es and c ith balsa to, red orostini -selectio nion, prmic vinafresh mon of the $8.95 oscuittoigrette, our loca best frozzarella and ranc , crumbll dairiesm , tomatoh dressi ed gorgo drizzled- $10.99 slices & n g - $ 11nzola antipastwith oliv Add: gribasil .95o sample oil on lled chicer - a se crostini ken, shrfarorite lection o- $7.95imp or s flavors: f ourteak - $ caprese3.50shrimp a , pesto snd gorgo tuffed We selenzola ta ct the fr r t l e t - $ 11eshest o.99 organic rganic p grains, hroducts availablormone-e. We u organic free dai sefruits &ry produ vegetabcts andles are w our prodall of ouucts areashed wr ith care. made fre sh, not aSince al l of ll items are available da i l y. mixed s easona l vegatables & a rtichokewine an hearts s d fresh auteed w herbs ovshrimp i ith white er linguin savoryni - $9.9DESS tomato s 5 auce ovchicken ERTS er capel and arti l i n i - $ 11choke h.95 earts ovsausageer fettuc, fontina cini - $1 & parme5.95capellin san with i pasta wpenne pith shallasta - $ ots, gartiramisu13.95lic, vodk- $6.95 a, cilantlight tom apple crro & bas ato saucisp with lasagnail in ae - $8.9 vanilla g made wi5elato - $ th ricottdolce de8.95 a & parm leche caesan ch ramel - Italian scappucceeses - SECO$7.95 oda - $3$9.55 ino mud.45 pie withNDOcappucc dark choino - $4 colatesauce - .95$4.95 A 15% gcafe mohomema ratuity cha - $5de gelat will be a .95 o, serve dded to San Peld with b(ask you orders olegrino - iscottir waiterver $50;$2.95for toda 8.25% tay s f r e s h CARx not inc red wine selectioludedns) - $6- $5.95 ..95 white wi Carbo ne - $6. nera 95 Caferose - $284 6.95 DeAnz a Boule vardCupertino, BON California94911 4808661041 ERACARCarbonera Cafe BON 284 DeAnza Blvd. Cupertino, CA 94911ERA480 866 1041www.carbonera.comSarah TompkinsR E STAU RANTID& M E NU 9. 12 3 45 698 7 POWERPOINTPRESENTATION This is a selection from a 30-slideanimated presentation about reducing yourpersonal carbon footprint 10. E l i z a b e t h L a da Design & Illustration P O R T F O L I O