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Melissa GreenwaltChildren's LitIllustration Analysis


<ul><li> 1. MediumThe book used more thanBy using these mediumsone medium to draw the cartooned presidents, theInk, water color, andillustrations stay fun andpastel chalk were used light-hearted while still being similar to realityThe drawings themselveswere caricatures, makingthe book more suitablefor kids</li></ul> <p> 2. Texture By using the pastel chalk, the illustrator brought texture to the pictures For instance, the suits of each drawn president looked more three dimensional due to the shadows and crisscross effect drawn into them 3. ShapeBecause the drawingsresembled real people,the shapes stayedrelatively naturalThis kept the focus onwhat the text was saying,rather than trying to giveelicit a certain emotion 4. Color The colors used Colors used were mostly throughout the storyblues and greens, as well were lowly saturated, as light browns and soft keeping the emotional yellows response from being too overwhelmed While the emotional response was kept calm, certain specs of red were placed in the pages (horse, flag, etc.) 5. Composition The composition played a key part in the illustrations Many pages included the Presidents grouped together, which suggests stabilitya good thing to have when looking at the presidents! 6. Tension The book had a lot of text,Blanks being what a child taking up a good amountmay imagine, while of each page whenkeeping the idea the same compared to other booksThe picture is obviously The focus is drawn in duenot realistic, but to the pictures relating imaginative, while still very much to what is readkeeping the idea of whatwas said The pictures do not strictly stick to the text, however, but fill in the blanks 7. Tension Without the text, the pictures wouldnt make much sense, which sparks the readers interest to read the text to understand 8. SpaceThere is definite spaceThe borders were an inchon each page, except for thick of plain whiteone or two spaceThis allows for thepictures to stay highlyentertaining whilekeeping the pagerelatively calm 9. Rhythm and MovementThe illustrations have This allows the story todefinite areas of shownlook fun and interesting,movement, with versus stiff andcharacters drawn unmovingrunning, bowling, beinglifted out of a bathtub, The child is able to feeland even having a head more comfortable,of cabbage thrown at despite the subjectthem matter actually being a serious topic, due to the playful movement displayed 10. Lines Lines were usedCurtains, bricks, tile floor strategically in the panels, water ripples, illustrationsstairs, and carpet designwere also used in For instance, the lines of drawing attention the the wooden floor main focus of each page successfully draw the eye towards a president delivering a speech 11. The End!</p>