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<ul><li> 1. Illinois LotteryRFP response Common Groundstrategic &amp; creative approach</li></ul> <p> 2. * Introductions / Ofce Tour* Todays Purpose (Account)* Review of Assignment (Account)* Key Considerations (Account) Assumptions Disclaimers Table of* Our Strategic Approach (Planning) Review Brand &amp; Category Contents: z - Review against best practices states, What worked and Why? Key Consumer Insights - Multicultural make up of IL- Identify the Target- Universal Truths/Segment Specic Insights- How it translates for retailer (B2B)- How it translates for consumer (B2C) Overarching Platform - TBD: Our hierarchy/strategy of how we will approach 2 assignments 3. Todays Purpose:* tour the commonground offices andmeet the team* review commongrounds strategic &amp;creative approach to the LotteryMulticultural RFP 4. The Assignments:1. Create a Multicultural product campaignthat highlights innovative &amp; transactionalCommunications2. An image campaign in which we areseeking your strategic recommendation onimproving the perception of the IL Lotterybrand with Multicultural consumers 5. * Deliverables are based on the direction Presented in the RFP &amp; built on the creative platform provided * Spectacular Numbers serves as a creative thread connecting all activation pillars Key OOH / Transit Retail / POSConsiderations: z Digital (.com, social media) Print * Proposed media activation plan is based on our experience in the market &amp; qualitative outreach* Traditionally, our philosophy is rooted in a collaborative, transparent engagement with our client partners 6. Illinois LotteryStrategic Tool Box Unearth Key Brand Instincts Identify Multicultural Consumer Target Create Umbrella Strategic Platform 7. * Entertaining Provide fun and relevant gaming options * For Me Reect the people of IL * Genuine Positive contributor to the state of IL Illinois LotteryWHAT DO WE STAND FOR? 8. Identifying theMulticultural Opportunity 9. How does Cook County stack up for Lottery?AFRICAN AMERICAN ASIANHISPANIC 10. What does the Total Population:Multicultural5,194,675 population z - African American: 24.8%look like?- Hispanic: 24%- Asian: 6.2% 11. who has the Total Population:greatest 5,194,675playerImpact?z - African American: 24.8%- Hispanic: 24%- Asian: 6.2%</p>