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Discovering LinkedIn Illawarra

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Illawarra Digital Enterprise Program presentation on the the 11/11/14 on LinkedIn. How to set up, use and manage the LinkedIn program.


  • 1. Discovering LinkedInIllawarra

2. What is LinkedIn?LinkedIn is a social network for business.Indeed some call it Facebook for Business. 3. What is LinkedIn? 4. GETTING STARTEDDiscovering LinkedIn 5. Setting Up Your LinkedIn Account 6. Setting Up Your LinkedIn AccountYou can use email contacts to find people to connect with. However I recommend you spend some time setting up your profile first. 7. Setting Up Your LinkedIn AccountYou can use the step-by-step walk through to setup your professional LinkedIn profile. 8. Setting Up Your LinkedIn AccountYou will have to confirm your email address before continuing. 9. Editing Your ProfileYou can edit your data, add experience and education information. You can follow the prompts at the top of the screen or edit the parts you want manually. 10. Editing Your ProfileYou can add experience and education as well as summaries, links and files. 11. Editing Your ProfileYou can add links to supported providers. 12. Editing Your ProfileYou can add links to supported providers. 13. Editing Your ProfileYou can add links to supported providers. 14. Editing Your ProfileYou can:Add a photoChange your display nameChange your titleChange your localEdit the URL of your public profile 15. Your Skills and EndorsementsYou can list your skills and your connections can endorse your skills. Endorsements have more credibility when they come from people you have actually worked with. Users tend to reciprocate. The best way to receive an endorsement is to give an endorsement. 16. BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY AND BRANDDiscovering LinkedIn 17. Building Your BrandWho are you? What is your story? How will people recognise you?Your nameYour display photographYour tone of voiceIs your LinkedIn profile in keeping or at odds with your other social media presences? 18. Building Your BrandWhat is your business? What is its story? How will people recognise it?Your business nameYour logo (Do you have a style guide?)Your business tone of voiceIs your business LinkedIn profile in keeping or at odds with your other social media presences? 19. Building Your BrandWho are you connecting with?What kind of business: service, B2B, B2C?CustomersColleaguesCompetitors 20. Building Your BrandWhat are your LinkedIn goals? What are your social media goals?Do you want to reinforce connections you have already made?Do you wish to make new connections?Do you want to be seen as an expert within your industry? 21. Building Your BrandWhat are you sharing?Are you talking about yourself too much?Are you sharing information that will be relevant to your LinkedIn connections?Are you creating content that will help you or your business find new audiences and new connections? 22. YOUR COMPANY PROFILEDiscovering LinkedIn 23. Adding a Company Page 24. Adding a Company Page 25. Adding a Company Page 26. Adding a Company Page 27. EXPANDING YOUR NETWORKDiscovering LinkedIn 28. Expand Your NetworkHow will you make new connections?How will you bring value to your existing connections? 29. Expand Your NetworkConnect with LinkedIn users you knowSearch for themUse the email import optionsInvite non LinkedIn colleagues to join the platformParticipate in Groups and connect with new peopleShare your profile URL with others perhaps in your email signature 30. LinkedIn Groups and Your IndustryYou can join groups that relate to your industry or business. 31. LinkedIn Groups and Your IndustrySearch for people, jobs, companies and moreYou can refine your search by type, location and company. 32. LinkedIn Groups and Your IndustrySome groups are public and some are private. 33. LinkedIn Groups and Your IndustryHere you can have discussions and share links and resources that relate to your industry group. 34. Industry and Company NewsYou can follow industry news, as well as specific companies and organisations. 35. Illawarra Digital Enterprise Partners