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ILF Consulting Engineers


  • 1. The ILF Group

2. XXX (Name of Event, e.g. 14th Conference on) XXX (Topic, e.g. ILF a strong partner for) XXX (Name of presenter), XX/XX/2010 3. page

  • Company Development
    • Established by Mr. P. Lsser in 1967 in Innsbruck, Austria
    • In 1969 Mr. A. Feizlmayr joined the company, which became Ingenieurgemeinschaft Lsser-Feizlmayr (ILF),second office in Munich, Germany
    • Initially, design and supervision services for oil & gas pipelines
    • Continuous development of expertise andstrategic business areas
    • Expansion into new markets abroad (Saudi Arabia, Nigeria)
    • Today ILF is a leading international, multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm (100% privately owned)

The ILF Group General Presentation 4. page

  • Corporate principles
    • Completely independent with no affiliation to constructioncompanies, suppliers or financial institutionsoptimized project solutions tailored to the clients needs
    • Striving for market leadership through quality
    • Safety, occupational health and environmental compatibility are of utmost importance
    • Focus on innovation and sustainability
    • High reliability in terms of costs and deadlines

The ILF Group General Presentation 5. page

  • Clients and partners
    • Long-term business relations are a top priority!
    • Private organizationssuch as major oil and gas companies,project developers, EPC companies, construction companies
    • Public administrations and bodieson multinational, national, provincial and community level
    • International / multilateral financial institutions such as World Bank, ADB, EBRD, EIB, KfW

The ILF Group General Presentation 6. page

  • Staff
    • Long-term partnership with all employees
    • Interdisciplinary composition of ILFs project teams

The ILF Group General Presentation 7. page

  • Turnover
  • Turnover 2009:EUR 176 million

The ILF Group General Presentation 8. page

  • Offices and projects
    • Head offices in Innsbruck and Munich and more than 30 branch offices and subsidiaries worldwide
    • Over 3,500 successful projects

The ILF Group General Presentation offices projects 9. pageThe ILF Group General Presentation 10. pageThe ILF Group General Presentation

  • Services
    • Consultancy
    • Design and planning
    • Procurement
    • Construction supervision
    • Start-up
    • Project management
    • Special services

DESIGN AND PLANNING Preliminary planning Conceptual design Permit application design Construction design CONSULTANCYMaster plan Feasibility studyEconomic feasibility studyPROCUREMENT Tendering procedure Award of contract Material procurement CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION Quality Surveying As-built documentation Construction cost trading and invoice approval process AcceptanceSTART-UP Personnel training Operation instruction Maintenance instruction 11. page

  • Business areas

The ILF Group General Presentation End

  • Production facilities for oil & gas
  • Pipeline systems
  • Tank farms and undergroundstorage facilities
  • Refineries and petrochemicalplants
  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Railway systems
  • Tunnels and caverns
  • Buildings and structures
  • Alpine engineering
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment &disposal
  • Waste treatment & disposal
  • Hydropower, dam and river engineering
  • Thermal power plants
  • Sea water desalination plants
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate protection
  • Transmission and distribution systems

Special services 12. page

  • Production facilities for oil & gas (onshore and offshore)
    • Well completion
    • Well field flow lines, gas gathering and distribution systems
    • Processing facilities
    • Gas field compressor stations
    • Injection facilities for water and gas, water treatment systems
    • Gas-lift compressor stations
    • Gas dehydration facilities
    • Desulphurisation plants for sour gas and oil
    • Treatment facilities for associated/produced water

The ILF Group Business area oil & gas End BusinessAreas 13. page

  • Production facilities for oil & gas: references
    • Komsomolskoe Oilfield Development, (12,000 BPD, produced water treatment, gas reinjection, water injection, 80 km, 6" export pipeline with 16-km long crossing of sea inlet), Russia
    • Nyadeyu Oilfield Development in the Timan-Pechora basin, complete oil production and processing facilities (2 Mt/a) in a permafrost area, Russia
    • Usari Offshore Water Injection Platform Project,water injection and produced water treatment in order to
    • increase production capacities in almost exploited oil fields,
    • Nigeria
    • BAB Gas Compression Project, (9 compressors, 110 MW, capacity > 2,000 MMSCFD, 110 bar), United Arab Emirates

The ILF Group Business area oil & gas End BusinessAreas 14. page

  • Pipeline systems (onshore and offshore)
    • Pipelines
    • Distribution networks
    • Pumping stations
    • Compressor stations
    • Scraper stations
    • Pressure reducing and metering stations
    • Pressure relief systems
    • Valve stations

The ILF Group Business area oil & gas End BusinessAreas 15. page

  • Pipeline systems: references
    • BakuTbilisiCeyhan (BTC) Crude Oil Pipeline System, Turkishsection, (1,076 km, 42, 50 Mt/a, 7 x 150,000 m tank farm and 2 x 300,000 DWTjetty loading platform), Turkey
    • Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline (TAGP), Uzbekistan-China Gas Pipeline, (twin 42, 525 km, 30 Bcma), Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline (twin 42,1,300 km, 40 Bcma), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China
    • Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), gas transmission pipeline from Thessaloniki/Greece via Albania and through the Adriatic Sea to Brindisi/Italy, (onshore 290 km, 48, offshore 130 km, 36, 3 compressor stations, final stage 20 BCM/a)
    • Kazakhstan-China Crude Oil Pipeline (KCP) Phase II, Kenyak - Kumkol Section, (778 km, 32, 10 MTA, 6.4 MPa), Kazakhstan
    • Burgas-Alexandroupolis Crude Oil Pipeline,(approx. 280 km, 42, 35 MTA with potential expansion to 50 MTA), Bulgaria, Greece

The ILF Group Business area oil & gas End BusinessAreas 16. page

  • Tank farms and underground s torage facilities
    • Tank farms for crude oil and refined products incl. fire-fighting systems and ancillary systems
    • Loading and unloading facilities for marine vessels (jetties and single point moorings), tank wagons and road tankers
    • Treatment facilities for ballast water and vapour recovery units (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • Metering and control stations for filling and withdrawal of crude oil and products
    • Salt and rock cavern storage facilities for oil and gas
    • Gas storage facilities in porous and permeable rock formations

The ILF Group Business area oil & gas End BusinessAreas 17. page

  • Tank farms and underground storage facilities : references
    • Products tank farm for supplyingPetrom filling station networkand airports, ( 29 tanks: 2,000 10,000 m), Romania
    • Epe Natural Gas Storage Cavern, (injection 200,000 Nm/h,withdrawal 400,000 Nm/h, installed compressor capacity 14 MW), Germany
    • Revamp of tanker loading facilities at Leixes Marine Terminal at Porto Harbour, (15 new loading arms, ancillary systems and DCS system at 3 jetties for crude oil import and refined products export), Portugal