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  • 1. Future ReadyStephen Abram, MLSIndiana Library FederationFort Wayne, INThese slides are available at Stephens Lighthouse blog Nov. 15, 2011

2. Avoid the Climate of Poverty 3. Is there still life inlibraries in a web world? Yes, but . . . 4. Change: Are librariesFuture Ready? 5. 12.0 Fill That Gap3 6. What Are Libraries Really For? Community Learning Discovery Progress Research (Applied and Theoretical) Cultural & Knowledge Custody / Conservation Economic Impact 7. Smelly OrYellow SexLiquid Appeal? 8. Its the Whole Experience 9. News FlashThe Internet and technology havenow progressed to their infancy 10. 7 Gifts to Libraries, Publishers & Booksellers1. The book isnt dead or dying. It is evolving.2. Our users/customers are improving.3. Technology is going social and can support social acts.4. The PC isnt dead, but, again, its evolving and more mobile.5. We know more about our customers than ever before.6. Talent, Insight, Community, have social value.7. Opportunities always exist more in times of change 11. Change can happen very fast 12. What is an EXPERIENCE?What is a library experience? 13. Books are aBad Branding 14. The Book Comet Harper Collins fiascoAmazon authors Google Bookstore Amazon Subscriptions and Lending 24Symbols Bookish Pottermore Recommendation Engines Apple . . . iStore, iBooks 15. FictionNonFictionReading 16. What does all this mean? The Article level universe The Chapter and Paragraph Universe Integrated with Visuals graphics and charts Integrated with video Integrated with Sound and Speech Integrated with social web Integrated with interaction and not just interactivity How would you enhance a book? How do Libraries play the game? 17. Can we frame the e-book issue sothat it can be addressed rationally? 18. Why do people read? 19. Why do people read?1.To learn2.To engage in hearing others opinions (to agree or disagree or understand)3.To develop more knowledge about myself and develop as a whole person4.To be entertained and laugh, to engage and interact5.To address boredom and the inexorable progress of time6.To research and keep up-to-date7.To participate well in civil society (everything from news to voting)8.To be informed (and maybe smarter)9.To understand others (individually and culturally)10. To escape our day-to-day lives11. To stimulate the imagination and be inspired or spiritual12. To write and communicate better through reading others13. To teach14. To have something to talk about15. To connect with like-minded people 20. The Evolution of Answers 21. Sensemaking: Too much choice 22. Why do people ask questions? 23. Gift:Content Spam 24. List of content farms and general spammy user generated content sites: All Experts ( Experts Exchange ( Answers ( eZine Articles ( Answer Bag ( Find Articles ( Articles Base ( FixYa ( Helium ( Ask ( Hub Pages ( Associated Content ( InfoBarrel ( BizRate ( Livestrong ( Buzle ( Mahalo ( Brothersoft ( Mail Archive ( Bytes ( Question Hub ( ChaCha ( Squidoo ( eFreedom ( Suite101 ( eHow ( Twenga ( Essortment ( WiseGeek ( Examiner ( Wonder How To ( Expert Village ( Yahoo! Answers ( ) Xomba ( 25. The nasty facts about Google &Bing andconsumer search:SEO / SMO Content FarmsAdvertiser-drivenGeotaggingWhack-a-Mole:FarmerPandaPanda Silver 26. What are your top 10-20 questions?What is the service portfolio modelthat goes with those? 27. The Bakers Dozen: LVA Top 131. Health and Wellness / Community Health / Nutrition / Diet /Recovery2. DIY Do It Yourself Activities and Car Repair3. Genealogy4. Test prep (SAT, ACT, occupational tests, etc. etc.)5. Legal Questions (including family law, divorce, adoption, etc)6. Hobbies, Games and Gardening7. Local History8. Consumer reviews (Choosing a car, appliance, etc.)9. Homework Help (grade school)10. Technology Skills (software, hardware, web)11. Government Programs, Services and Taxation12. Self-help/personal development13. Careers (jobs, counselling, etc.)14. Readers Advisory was 14th 28. Top 12 Patron Hobbies Recreational ReadingCooking & Recipes Computers Movies & Film Exercise, Cycling & WalkingTraveling, Tourism & VacationsTop Hobbies? Music Top Homework Questions? PetsTop Travel Destinations? GardeningWhat do you know? Television Shows Arts & Crafts Knitting & Needlecrafts 0 10 20 30 40506070 29. Grocery Stores 30. Grocery Stores 31. Cookbooks, Chefs . . . 32. Cookbooks, Chefs . . . 33. Meals 34. The newbibliography andcollectiondevelopment KNOWLEDGE PORTALSKNOWLEDGE,LEARNING, INFORMATION &RESEARCHCOMMONS 35. Driving the Knowledge Portalalignment with User Behaviour 36. How would this look? Top Reference and Research Questions Do you know them? Or do you know retailsales numbers or circulation numbers better? Health . . . Career Advice and Job Finding Genealogy Homework Etc. 37. Mobility: Wherethe Patron Is 38. Mobility 39. Fun Program Ideas Act Like a User Day (signs, sign up, ADD, kids) Librarian for a Day Homework Peer Coaching Fraud and ID Theft Prevention Facebook for Teens Study, Sharing and Social SafetyFacebook for Adults Work, Reputation, Jobs Top 20 Questions Portals Focus Groups eBay (Cameras, How to, Books, etc.) Perennial Trade / Garden Days Collections Slap Down Research Success for Adult Learners Download Faire / Digital Days 23 Things TNG 40. The Virtual Handout The Value of Public Libraries The Value of School Libraries The Value of Academic and College Libraries The Value of Special Libraries Library Advocacy: Save the Library Campaigns 41. Libraries Are SocialInstitutions 42. Summary End User Psychographic Centricity Focus on the Questions (Needs, CRM) Build or Buy Knowledge Portals (Meals) Emphasize Content Quality (not books) Expand Social Media Programs on Information Literacy Advocate and Align with the ListenerTell Stories, Have users tell stories Invest in Strategic Analytics Measurements of Impact, ROI and Value Collaborate vs. socialize 43. News FlashNews FlashShift Happens 44. Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLAVP strategic partnerships and markets Cengage Learning (Gale) Cel: 416-669-4855stephen.abram@cengage.comStephens Lighthouse Blog http://stephenslighthouse.comFacebook or Google+: Stephen AbramLinkedIn / Plaxo: Stephen AbramTwitter: sabram SlideShare: StephenAbram1