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~ Benjamin Heet


  • 1. Managing a Miasma of StatisticsBenjamin Heet University of Notre Dame

2. What stats should we collect? How do we manage what we collect? How do we use and interpret the data? What are best practices going forward? 3. What should we collect? factor Eigenfactor SFXJR1 Full Text Downloads 4. Can we make questionable numbers more meaningful byadding other questionable numbers? 5. What does it all mean? HTML vs PDF Outlier Use Spikes 6. HTML vs PDF 7. OMGWhere did that come from???? Outlier / Use Spikes 8. Speedy Delivery? Not quite! 9. Keeping Busy Download new stats each month for every provider Merge new month onto prior report Using Excel v-lookup functionWhy are we doing this? 10. Building a better mousetrap There must be a better way! 11. 12. Upload statstics as .txt files System parses, verifies and imports data Log files of all activity 13. Account logins stored in single location, easily accessible System does the work, takes significantly less time 14. Manage statistics, option to delete problematic months System automatically flags outlier data / use spikes 15. Separate reporting page Collection managers can run and obtain their own reports 16. Report output, option to export to excel 17. Questions?Benjamin Heet, heet.2@nd.eduFind out more at