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  • 1. O n Y e a F u T i merlle GEPP P EO0 L NH1 AT UCBRE REM C20

2. THE NOBLEST SEARCH IS THE SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE. ~ Lyndon B.Johnson 3. 0 2 _ The EPGP Experience0 3 _ IIM Indore 0 4 _ Messages 0 8 _ Academic PlanCT O NTENS 1 0 _ Industry Interaction 1 2 _ Honing the Global Mindset1 4 _ Batch Profile1 7 _ Student Profiles4 0 _ Faculty4 2 _ Placement Process 4 4 _ IIM Indore Past Recruiters 4. THE CALL FROM BEYONDT P IC HE E E X EE PPEG NR The hunger for knowledge knows no aims to hone these abilities to peak barriers . An insatiable process that begins at perfection. With its intensive academic the womb and continues through life.structure, the program pits the skills and business acumen of participants against The batch of professionals of EPGP at IIM,the most stringent of tests. Indore have listened to this call. The call to move beyond the boundaries alreadyIn a fast paced and dynamic business In a fast paced and reached. To challenge the standards already world, the EPGP program is proud to set. To surpass the achievements alreadybring to you, future leaders who can dynamic businessaccomplished. achieve the impossible. Champions who world, the EPGP can go the distance. And beyond. program is proudThe EPGP Programme at IIM Indore is designed to meet this quest to know beyondThe intensive one year program teaches to bring to you, what is known. It is a One-Year rigorousto think differently about business, future leadersprogramme of activities that stimulate theabout oneself, and about ones personal who can achieve thought process to realize ones unlimited potential. One year of discovering and the impossible. potential. Arriving from backgrounds as leveraging your personal strengths. IIM diverse as it can get but united at enhancing Indore EPGP is much more than diversity skills in Management Practices to offer the and international exposure. Its about world a better tomorrow. By leading keeping on challenging the standards we organizations not just in wealth and valueset. creation but in social upliftment, adherence to ethics, environmental awareness andSpending a year with a class having high meeting future challenges.intellectual capabilities, extensive industry exposure, global perspective is The EPGP not only nurtures individual an enriching and enlightening leadership skills and strategic thinking, but experience in itself. 0 IoG m u 0 2nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 5. The One year full time EPGP atIIM Indore signifies a metamorphicstage in a participants life throughtheir campus stay with intensenurturing that transforms theparticipants into an individual with stimulating thoughtand immense drive.Esn Iis h9 at e 9nad6 bi ,d l i1nI i ea e on o gt r s fn n e t M I itu a n t e d m s ti iht sh nr i Ie t eu sx ei It po h s Mg flfn noa mt lma s s i a eoy g c.o e h mTHE INTELLECTUAL HUBI IO IN MDRE The institute was chosen to be set up in Indore to give an impetus to management education in central India and has ever since been acting as the pioneer in the field of management, interfacing with the industry, government sectors and PSUs.IIM Indores achievements in such a short span of time can be attributed to its innovative spirit, its will to excel, and, to a great extent, to the relationship it has developed with the Indore community.The One year full time EPGP at IIM Indore signifies a metamorphic stage in a participants life through their campus stay with intense nurturing that transforms the participants into an individual with stimulating thought and immense drive. Rigor becomes a part of life and confidence a weapon of choice. Trained in the finest analytical skills, the participants evolve to not only manage but also transform situations, companies, markets and ultimately societies that they work in. They brim with confidence and embody humility. Teamwork and openness to reason become the hallmarks of their persona. They are taught to value discipline and experience. The virtue of perseverance is ingrained to take roots and bear fruits in any situation. I nEPeo 2 3d Pre le Be 0 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 6. MESSAGE FROM THE DRITREC OI am pleased to inform you that Indian Institute of Management (IIM),Indore which has a reputation of fastest growing IIM in this countryhas launched its One Year Full Time Executive Post GraduateProgramme (EPGP) in Management in September 2009. The first edition of this EPGP has attracted 42 participants. Theparticipants are from diverse segments of the industry includingmedia, advertising, management consulting, banking, healthcare,information technology enabled services, telecommunication,power, oil, aerospace, automobile and manufacturing. The EPGP at IIM, Indore is designed to enable managers with provenrecord to deal with managerial challenges arising in a wide range ofsocio political and economic environments. The EPGP is designed to deliver sound contemporary principles ofmanagement, and an attitude to balance between the wealthcreation process and creating socially relevant organizations. As a part of EPGP, the participants undergo a two-week internationalimmersion at KATZ Business School, University of Pittsburgh, USA. At IIM, Indore everything possible is done to prepare a set of talentedyoung managers to shoulder responsibilities for senior positions ininnovative organizations in emerging economies. I invite you to interact with these young managers to identifyappropriate human resources for your organization. Professor N. Ravichandran 0 IoG m u 0 4nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 7. MESSAGE FROM THEPA A R M OEIGCR HM R It gives me profound satisfaction in introducing the pioneering batch of the Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) of IIM Indore. The EPGP is the one year full time programme aimed at synergizing the experiential learning of the participants with the rigorous academic discourse imparted by the institute. The aim, therefore, is to provide a pool of talents to the industry who are capable of occupying responsible positions in the upper echelons of the organizational structure.The programme therefore is structured to equip the participants with the various theories, skills and perspectives in management so as to create economic, innovative and socially relevant values for the organization, the society and the self. To this end the participants are exposed to the contemporary occidental and traditional oriental management principles and thoughts. Together with a pedagogy that inculcates deductive and analytical thinking, the programme aims at significant differentiations in a rapidly commoditized market.When they stepped within the hallowed portals of IIM Indore, the participants already had substantial work experience from the varied sectors that they catered to. While the programme has provided them with an opportunity to earn theoretical knowledge it has also afforded them an opportunity to cross fertilize the nuances of the complementary industry knowledge. Therefore it is expected that when they step outside the same hallowed portals, they will live upto and beyond the expectations of the industry and the society.I have been very closely associated with this batch, living through their moments of trials and tribulations, joy and ecstasy. I have seen them evolving to the next level and the next, ad infinitum. I am confident that they have the competencies and capabilities to evolve beyond my expectations. I am also confident that, by Gods grace, they will become good citizens of the country and that of the world. I wish them the very best in their future career and endeavour.Professor Shubhabrata Basu I nEPeo 2 5 d P r e le Be 0I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 8. MESSAGE FROM THE PEAN L NP AT E C CRE HOMI SR The rigorous pedagogy and exceptional faculty of IIM Indore ensure that classroom learning is fully internalized by each participant. This learning is coupled with our heritage of strong industry interaction and real world management principles imparted by practicing managers from some of the world's finest companies. I am certain that the talent on our campus would add immense value to your company. We look forward to having you on campus this year. THE MOST SPLENDIDProfessor P Salwan ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL IS THE CONSTANT STRIVING TO SURPASS YOURSELF AND TO BE WORTHY OF YOUR OWN APPROVAL. - Denis Waitley 0 IoG m u 0 6nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 9. LEARNING NEVER EXHAUSTS THE MIND. ~ Leonardo da Vinci 10. COURSE CONTENTAI L CC AP DAE NM The EPGP course is structured to create business leaders of tomorrow. The curriculum is designed around six intensive terms each spanning seven weeks, and an international immersion module between the fourth and the fifth term. At the core of the course, special emphasis is on leadership skills development, change management, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and spiritual leadership.The first three terms comprise of core courses in fields of economics, "THE RICH finance, marketing, operations management and strategic INTERNATIONAL management. The electives are offered from Term 3 onwards and EXPERIENCE OF THISprovide the participants an in depth understanding of the subject. BATCH ADDED A LOT OF VALUE TO The International Immersion module is a unique academic and DISCUSSIONS ONcultural experience that helps participants gain a competitive edge for GLOBAL ECONOMYtodays global market. It provides a unique opportunity for AND ITS A DIFFERENT participants to study under renowned faculty and explore the best TEACHING EXPERIENCE practices of international business. ALTOGETHER" Prof. Ganesh Kumar Economics Area, IIM Indore0 IoG m u 08nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 11. T af r'n sa h mn c s e i Ln m' r o i epPd y eg a a oin g werdvr i r oa c o d fe l ic se cn e ea oe unget s cnh apod gptm a lr ibi l e vi wb e et os ec CapstoneIntegration &Industry Interface MA E SAI PCNLPEA ET G RI E SV R Regulatory Perspective Spirituality & OrientalInternational Immersion Policy Frame work Oriental Management Thoughts Field visits to US manufacturersPA R ER MUOE C G ST R TR MUAE E RD LCSV EOAV S N L E C D U IT Risk ManagementGlobal Business EnvironmentBehavioral Finance Green Management Information Security Project Appraisal & Finance Financial ModelingMergers, AcquisitionsManagement && Corporate Restructuring ComplianceBusiness Forecasting International CorporateFinance Creativity & Innovation Business Protection of Intellectual Property Business Analysis & Valuation Turnaround Performance ManagementCross Cultural Communication Public Private Partnership& Control SystemsCompetence, Capability &Corporate Strategy MarkstratOptions, Futures & DerivativesPricing & Revenue Management International Strategy & Global Business AnalyticsExotic Derivatives Leadership Logistics ManagementIT StrategyEquity Investment Management Insights into Customer BehaviorProject Management Outsourcing & ITFixed Income Security Marketing of Servicebased BusinessBusiness Statistics Sales & Distribution Management Business OptimizationMarketing Strategy Supply Chain ManagementRetail ManagementOperations Strategy Negotiations Leading Groups & Organizations FMUUN RNT S DA E AL SEC OLegal Aspects of Business Micro Economic Dimensions Dimensions of Individual BehaviorManagement Information System Business EthicsMacro Economic Dimensions Dimensions of Group BehaviorDecision AnalysisCommunication for Leaders Theory of the FirmDimensions of Organizational Services & OperationsBehavior Written Analysis & ManagementCommunication Strategic Management Financial Reporting & AnalysisCreating Customer ValueResource Based View of StrategicHuman Resource ManagementCost Management Management Delivering Customer Value Industrial Relations ManagementFinancial Systems & ReportingBehavioral Theory of the Firm Marketing Research Corporate Finance I nEPeo 2 9d Pre le Be 0 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 12. A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCEIUTI N IE ODN NS RT A R C Y T IIM Indore hosts numerous Industry speakers each year. Leaders in global business, pioneering innovators and heads of state all contribute to the daily exchange of high-level ideas. Senior business leaders work closely with students and develop longstanding relationships with the Institute. Students often establish and maintain connections with visiting business leaders, which can translate into professional opportunities, including company projects.The EPGP program also makes creative use of experienced practitioners from industry in its classes as adjunct professors and lecturers.Experts and industry leaders, many of whom are IIMI alumni, come to campus to participate in various lecture series, conferences, and special events, many of which are led by students. FEWAPJ AbdulPitroda Dr.Mr. Sam Kalam11th President of IndiaCEO, WorldCom RECEN Mr. Balakrishnan TChairman and Managing Director, HPCLP S Mr. RaghavendraBuch SE EAKRMr. Dhaval RaoExecutive Director at HULFounder of Orchid Chemicals Mr. SanthanamMD, Saint Gobain Glass IndiaMr. Satish KumarEx. Managing Director and CEO of Henkel India Ltd Mr. Raja Kumar Ex CEO, Philips Malaysia Mr. A Vaideesh MD, Johnson & Johnson India Ltd. 1 IoG m u 0 0nEPeo 2I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 13. EDUCATIONISTS SHOULDBUILD THE CAPACITIES OF THE SPIRIT OFINQUIRY, CREATIVITY, ENTREPRENEURIAL ANDMORAL LEADERSHIPAMONG STUDENTS. ~Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 14. HONING THEGM L IS OD B EA TLN In order to mould its students into truly global leaders, IIM Indore believes in sensitizing and exposing them to different cultures, economies and markets. Accordingly, IIM Indore and the University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business have created a unique academic experience for the EPGP students through the Executive Leadership Program.The Executive Leadership Program, a two week credit worthy program held at the University of Pittsburgh - USA, provides an opportunity to students to explore the international landscape of business and culture and understand emerging and developed markets. The program also provides students with a chance to explore the best practices of established American companies.SENSITIZE THE STUDENTS TO DIFFERENT CULTURES AND THE IMPACT OF DIFFERENCE IN CULTURESPAROG RM ON BUSINESSOEB SJI E C TVUNDERSTAND, COMPARE AND CONTRAST THEBUSINESSES IN EMERGING AND DEVELOPED ECONOMIES EARN AN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION AND JOIN AGLOBAL NETWORK OF KATZ BUSINESS SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH ALUMNI I nEPeo 23d Pre le Be 1 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 15. CLASS OF 2010 BPEAOTF CI HRLThe class profile of IIM Indore's EPGP is at par with leading international B Schools. Theparticipants are selected based on their performance in GMAT/CAT and undergorigorous interview process where many factors are taken into consideration before acandidate gets selected. Every participant thus selected is exceptional and a potentialleader. The rich and diverse experiences of the participants creates a stimulatingenvironment. The varied academic and industry backgrounds of the batch provides theparticipants with insights into corporate practices different from their own. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT Region Wise Aggregate International Experience canadaunitedkingdom kazakhstanunitedstateschinaegyptindiakenya australiasouth africaMIDDLE EAST & ASIA PACIFIC AMERICA EUROPE ARICA205 months 648 months 258 months65 months 1 IoG m u 0 4nEPeo 2I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 16. 6 9 4 7 6 0 KA ET YICSTT S S I A verag H e ieghs t G oG o M ATS Mcr Ae TScre 3 Aatl 1 y v gers e e cr oaa f sg h e s 9 Ay f e y v eenrs e a xcr r pea s rg oi e e 2 Ay fe ne y v e I ropers e a nia rr r ttl ica s n Eeg o a x e n4hmo n ts 7 Pto wnlpe 1 eac ii ro e %e fsh a Ee r gl t e n r c e s nia icn a tt x n 1 PtoRt i 0 eaNdm %e fne t r go n s ce -n e as diCLASS OF 2010 BPEAOTF CI HRL 2 %5% 2% 75 %%14% EDUCATION INDUSTRY 1 7 %EngineeringAdvertisingCommerce 1 Automobile 0 %14%Science 7 %5Consulting%Arts Financial Services6 Medicine9%1 Telecom 0 % Marketing/Retail 3 1 % 2 Healthcare % IT Services IT Products Manufacturing 1 7 %14% 1 9 % EXPERIENCE AGE 5-6 years 3 6 % 36 years & above 1 6-7 years 0 % 33-36 years 7-10 years2 30-32 years 1 % 10-15 years Less than 30 years 2 2 % 15 & above 32% 2 9 % I nEPeo 25d Pre le Be 1 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 17. EXCELLENCE IS NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. IT IS A SPIRIT, A NEVER-ENDING PROCESS. - Lawrence M. Miller 18. SNL T PE URDOE FT SI I nEPeo 27d Pre le Be 1 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 19. 9 years of global experience in Retail & Technology Consulting, Leading Teams and Managing Change 01Independent Consultant Worked with Retail, F&B, Mfg., Shipping, IT Product and Services companies. Interfaced with senior and top management on strategizing, planning and inducing change.Manager, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. Streamlined processes and ensured IT compliance, saving INR 20 million annually per region.Retail Consultant and Lead, Wipro / HCL Tech Engaged with leading retailers including Target, Macys, Nike and Stage Stores on merchandising, store ops, innovation and IT projects.ABHISHEK PANGARIA Led large teams of technology and business consultants for turnkey projects ofMCA, key clients. Conceptualised and implemented innovative ideas in retail at Concept Store inInternational Institute of Wipro.Professional Studies Managed revenue of upto USD 3 million working as relationship and businessIndore,development manager in US.India Achievements Several performance recognitions and awards. Accolades from NGOs like Helpage and Rotract Club for service to society.Career Aspirations Business Development, Strategy Consulting, General Management. 15 years of experience in Design, Project Engineering, Facility & Project Planning in Manufacturing Industry 02 Manager, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, India Headed the Transformer Facility Planning Department. Managed a multi-functional team for the establishment of a New Transformer Plant with an investment worth over INR 150 crores. Prepared technical specifications for various facilities & machines and evaluated the tenders. Executed project engg of bus ducts for power plants. Designed locomotives & utility vehicles for Railways.Graduate Engineer Trainee, L& T Limited, India Executed the structural Fabrication & Erection in project. AJAY SAXENAM. Tech., Production Engineering Achievements Certified Supplier Assessor by Bureau Veritas.IIT, Delhi ISO Coordinator for Transformer Manufacturing Div. Special prize winner in the All India Inter-unit Value Engg competition forB.E., Mechanical Engineering all BHEL units.IIT, Roorkee Recipient of Merit & National Scholarships.Career AspirationsCertified Energy Auditor & Senior Management position in Operations, Projects, Consulting, GeneralEnergy Manager Managementby Govt. of India(Ministry of Power/BEE)1 IoG m u 08nEPeo 2 I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 20. 5.5 years of global experience in ERP Implementation and Business Analysis Advisory Consultant, IBM India Pvt Ltd 03 Led a techno-functional onsite team in capturing functional requirements for Hactl, Hong Kong. Showcased ERP capabilities to various clients through presentations and demonstrations. Performed the role of an onsite business analyst for an ERP implementation for EDF, France.Associate Consultant, Infosys Technologies Ltd Captured requirements for strategic sourcing metrics and benefits realization processes for Sysco retail foods, USA. Performed onsite functional analysis and co-ordination activities in an ERP implementation for BP, UK. ALOK JOSHIBachelor Of Engineering Achievements Received most innovative solution award for a case-study competition atBirla Institute of Technology, Infosys. Mesra, Ranchi Member of editorial team for the Infosys Supply chain newsletter: SCM +Career Aspirations Marketing, Business Development, International Business, General Management 6.5 years of experience in Distribution of Financial Services including Insurance & Loans 04 Area Manager, ICICI Prudential LIC Ltd., Mumbai Managing a team of 600+ partner employees. Target achievement through distribution partners. Ensuring company and partner objective alignment.Branch Manager, CitiFinancial CFI Ltd., Mumbai Handling independent branch-related operations (SBU) & overall management. Planning and delivering new business sales targets. Training & team management.Branch manager, Alpha Data (DST ICICI Bank), Mumbai Suggesting measures to improve process & policy for ICICI's new productALTAF SIDDIQUI Planning & achieving sales targets.P.G.D.B.A, Marketing, Achievements I.E.S College Mumbai Number 1 Area Manager PAN India in Target vs. Achievement in AMJ 09B. E. Electronics & quarter. Telecommunications, Instrumental in the launch of Car Overdraft for ICICI Bank.Mumbai UniversityAssociate of III Career Aspirations Distribution, Product Design, Strategy, & Cross Cultural Team Management. I nEPeo 29d Pre le Be 1 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 21. 6.5 years of Global Experience in Project Management andConsulting 05 Team Lead, Infosys Technologies Ltd, USA Worked with Wal-Mart Inc at Bentonville, USA. Optimized pricing framework and applications to achieve 15% fasterexecution. Led production support team to provide 24/7 support to Japan, Britain,Canada, China and US stores. Coordinated with business users, services teams and offshore developmentteams. Programmer Analyst, Infosys Technologies Ltd, USA Worked with Starbucks Coffee Company at Seattle, USA. Built and managed 18 member cross-functional team, delivered customizedAMIT SHARMA Business Intelligence tools. Won 3 development projects.B.Tech, Electronics &Communication Engineering Quality Manager, Infosys Technologies Ltd, USAIT-BHU, Worked with Amazon.com at Seattle, USA.Varanasi Successfully launched 15 retail websites across 3 continents. Led a team of 35 test engineers. Generated 1200% increase in project revenues. Career AspirationsConsulting, Finance, and Business DevelopmentTelecom Consultant with 6.5 years of global experienceExpertise in telecom value chain, service provider business models and 06 processes, architectures, technologies, international telecom frameworks &standards. Lead Business Analyst and Solutions Architect, Siemens InformationSystems, India and UK Spearheaded product launch for British Telecom, UK. Comprehensive Requirement Capture in terms of business functions, systemimpacts, inferface specifications and business metrics. Played instrumental role in growing onsite team size and winning newaccounts. Process Consultant, Tech Mahindra, India and UK Business process reengineering through client interaction & gap analysis forASHEESH KAKAR streamlining and optimization cross-domain processes.B.E. (Electrical) Handling team work-stack, review, customer delivery and OnsiteNagpur University coordination. Achievements Accredited for cracking Rs 50M project with Reliance Telecom. Written case-study on Business Process Convergence , published oninternational platform (www.tmforum.org). Identified and streamlined a process gap which had direct revenue impact(9000/annum) in British Telecoms Private Services domain. Career AspirationsConsulting, Business Development, General Management2 IoG m u 00nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 22. 7.5 years of experience in Product Development, Project Management and Consulting Senior Consultant, Revamp Consulting, India 07 Designed and developed Theory Of Constraints (TOC) products. Consulting on Theory of Constraints projects. Gave TOC training and support to organizations.Onsite Consultant, Geometric Americas Inc., USA Project Management for Finite Element Analysis projects. Onsite Support for end-to-end PLM project.Senior Engineer, Geometric Limited, India Led a FEA project team. Led development of CAD/CAM/CAE features in CATIA (CAD modeler). Design and development on patented Feature Recognition Technology.CHETAN KEKATPURE B.E. (Production Engineering) Achievements Won team of the year award in Geometric Limited.VJTI, Mumbai TOCICO Certificate of Achievement in Theory of Constraints fundamentals exam. Certification in French language. Represented college in inter college chess tournaments.Career Aspirations General Management, Consulting, Business Development 9 years of multinational experience in IT Services and Project Management, in diverse sectors like Data Warehousing, Retail and e-security 08 Project Lead, UHG Setup and managed a 20 member offshore BA team for the worlds third largest data warehouse-Galaxy. Facilitated formation of Testing COE. Managed delivery of the projects objectively with focus on financial (OM, revenue productivity), people matters (Appraisals, attrition, employee satisfaction) and organizational matters (PU Initiatives).Program Analyst, Infosys technologies Ltd. Successfully managed/executed complex and high-risk projects for multiple customers like CA, Amazon Inc., all of them got excellent feedback. Recipient of Project Excellence Award. Demonstrated capacity to initiateDEEWAKAR SATIYA new engagements, appreciate customer processes. B.E. (Civil) AchievementsTIET, Patiala Successful migration and setup for business analyst team for Ingenix, a core technological groups in UnitedHealth Group. Generated a $5mn engagement with a retail firm while working as a Technical Project Manager.Career Aspirations Consulting, Finance, IT and General ManagementI nEPeo 2 1 d P r e le Be 2I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 23. 5.9 years of experience in Product Design and Developmentof Enterprise Telephony and CAD Software Systems in USA, 09 France and India.Senior Software Engineer, Avaya India Led a team for development of Avaya Incorporateds market leadingenterprise contact centre telephony software. Played pivotal role in proving teams ability to take over the technicalknowledge and product development ownership of mid-market contactcenter software from Tenovis, Germany to Avayas R&D centre in Pune,India. Senior Software Engineer, Geometric Limited Led a multicultural and globally distributed team of engineers for thedevelopment of CAD application softwares of the client viz. SolidWorksDHIRENDRA SINGH Corporation, MA, USA. Provided strategic advantage to SolidWorks in acquiring customers ofB.E. (Mechanical Engineering) competitors by independently developing various interoperability solutionsNational Institute of Technology, for integrating SolidWorks products with competing CAD products.RaipurAchievements Received award for star performance for saving a customer account byimplementing customized functionality for the customer in record time atAvaya India. Received Kudos award for individual and team performances at GeometricLimited. Career AspirationsStrategy, Consulting, Business Development, Telecom and IT8 years experience in Launching and Managing RetailProjects in India 10Profit Centre Head, Future Group Headed Pantaloons stores with annual turnover ranging from INR 100million to 200 million. Led a team of more than 100 employees responsible for recruitment,training and performance management. Spearheaded the launch of key large format stores and project improvementof one store. Pioneered team development, performance management and customerinterface projects leading to an increase in productivity by 20%. Provided setup support and mentored the management of Pantaloons store. Store Manager, ITC LimitedGAURAV SURI Managed exclusive brand stores, key accounts and retail outlets with annualturnover of INR 80 million.B.Com Achieved top line growth of 66% in 2006.Delhi University, India Member of the task force responsible for conceptualization and launch ofthe Club Wills loyalty program. Achievements Best Annual Business Plan Achievement award at Future Group in 2008. Best Private Label Performance award at Future Group in 2008. Best Exclusive Brand Store award at ITC Limited for the year 2006. Career AspirationsSenior Management and Leadership Role Retail, Consulting, Planning andStrategy, General Management2 IoG m u 02nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 24. 6+ years of global experience in ERP (SAP) Consulting, IT Project Management, Client facing & pre sales in Germany, Australia & India 11 Senior Software Engineer, Accenture Team lead of SAP core banking project for a leading Australian bank. Led a multinational team in Frankfurt for 1 year for implementation of SAP XRPM for a leading bank. Group lead for SAP Bank Analyzer project in Waldorf. Group lead for SAP financial implementation project for an UK bank. Group lead for SAP CRM leasing implementation project in Frankfurt for 6 months for an automotive major involving personnel from 7 different nationalities.Software Engineer, Patni Computer Systems Co-designed a SAP financial system for Gillette Inc, Boston. JAYDEEP BHATTACHARYYA Worked on SAP fiscal calendar change project for GE Hungary. Worked on SAP implementation project for Pitney Bowes US.MCA, Trained in Six Sigma.Computer Science Department,Pune University Achievements Received merit certificate for scoring cent percent in mathematics in AISSE. BSC, Physics(Hons), Received merit certificate in lieu of monetary scholarship under National Scholarship Scheme.Delhi UniversityCareer Aspirations Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Financial Services, IT Management 9.5 years in Channel Sales & Retail Operations Franchisee Development Manager- Reliance Retail Ltd Franchisee Selection, Area Profiling, Market Intelligence, Store Opex, Footfall 12 Drive, EBDITA.Cluster Manager- Reliance Industries Ltd. Concept to Business model- Retail petroleum: Erection, commissioning & operations of retail outlets ( Projects worth Rs 100 million).Channel Sales- Nestle India Ltd. Distribution Management, Inventory & Forecasting. Small Town (Rural Marketing) & Key Accounts, Network Expansion.Management Trainee- Panacea Biotech Ltd Launched Vaccine brands, Tapped Key Accounts like PAC, Rotary Club.KANWAR PAL SINGH Achievements Chemistry (Hons) No-1 team in growth- Nestle (02-03). Delhi University Nestle SMDP highest growth in region (25-30% yoy for 3 years). Fastest Launch of Retail O/l- Petro & Fresh O/L in region, highest sale of MS in Petro Retail Outlet in country. 15 Categories in store/ Cost & Space Optimization / Best Product mix.Career Aspirations Marketing / General Management in FMCG, Health, Energy, Consulting, Retail I nEPeo 2 3d Pre le Be 2 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 25. 5.5 years of experience of Consulting and ProjectManagement in Telecom 13 Sr. Engineer Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India. Consulted and Designed Intelligent Network and Value Added Services forleading Indian GSM Operators. Involved in launch of 3G services in East Circles in India. Advised for the Dimensioning in the Core GSM IP based networks. Sr. Engineer Colt Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India Delivered IP Based Managed Services for the customers in 8 countries ofEurope. Led a non standard Internet Services project for UK based Client. Achieved 100% SLA twice for the Change Order Process. KAPIL WADHWAAchievements Designed Carrier Supporting Carrier network for the first time on any GSMB.E. (Electronics and Comm.)Network in India.Maharishi Dayanand University Executed Green Belt Project to reduce configuration error rate from 15%to 5% at Colt. Led an offshore assignment at for the migrating 350+ DSL customers inSpain. Career AspirationsBusiness Consulting, Strategic Management and Consulting, and MarketingStrategy.7 years of experience in Software Product Development andQuality Engineering 14Lead Software Engineer, Adobe Systems Technical Quality Lead, Mentor, and Key Contributor to 6-member productdevelopment team, coordinating with multiple functional teams in thecompany across multiple geographical locations. Successfully coordinated development and shipment of 5 software productreleases, effectively building on best practices learned and developed ineach release cycle. Software Quality Engineer, Quark Media Involved in requirements analysis, process and performance improvement,and upgrade for Desktop/Web products each release cycle. MANDEEPAK SINGH Achievements Awarded best performer award Quark Pro twice at Quark Media House.MS (Computer Science) Awarded Value in Action award at Adobe Systems.~In ProgressIllinois Institute of Technology, Career AspirationsUSA Technology Product Management, Strategy Consulting, Business DevelopmentManagementBachelor Of TechnologyGuru Nanak Dev EngineeringCollegeLudhiana2 IoG m u 04nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 26. 7 years experience in Hospital based - Healthcare Delivery, Drug/Medical Device Development & Life Sciences Consulting Technical Consultant / Associate; UnitedLex Corporation, USA/India 15 Domain Expert in Techno-business Consulting Intellectual Property Asset Management. Undertook Searches, Landscape Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Valuations for PE/VCs, Incubators, Universities, Fortune 500 Medtronic, Inc, Johnson and Johnson Vistakon, OceanTomo.Research Officer Neuropsychiatry; GB Pant Hospital, India Conducted Phase 2/3 Global Clinical Trials in Epilepsy, Stroke, Schizophrenia, Parkinsons for - Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim. Inducted, Trained, Managed Medical/Paramedical Staff in ICH-GCP, FDA, MHRA guidelines. Published Research in International/National Journals. DR. MAYANK GURNANICertified Doctor Resident Doctor; Government Hospital, India Worked in Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, InternalEducational Commission for Medicine.Foreign Medical Graduates Out-patient/In-Patient Management, Conducted procedures, Led (ECFMG), USA Emergency Response Team (ERT). Trained Undergraduate Medical / Paramedical Students.M.B.B.S Career Aspirations Gujarat University, India Leadership, Strategy, General Management, Consulting 8.5 years in Customer Relationship, Account, and Project Management for BFS clients in IT services 16 Business Relationship Manager for Banking and Financial Services (BFS) client, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), UK and India P&L responsibility for large BFS account. Worked closely with CXOs, VP's, AVP's, and other Business Managers. Achieved Q-o-Q growth across different parameters. Leveraged technical and domain capabilities of TCS to offer IT and business solutions to the client. Ensured a healthy work environment for all associates.Program Manager for Banking and Financial Services client, TCS, USA and India Implemented the IT outsourcing strategy for two portfolios in retail banking. Managed multi-vendor Project teams (USA and India).MOHAMMED JAIPURI Risk assessment and Risk monitoring for projects.B.E. (Civil Engineering) Achievements Government College of Awards for continuous commitment.Engineering, Customer and Project awards for going the extra mile.Amravati University, Globecon Certificate in Core Banking and Financial Knowledge and India French Language Certificate (Level I). TCSs Ambassador Corps - Global Leadership.Career Aspirations General Management, Corporate Strategy I nEPeo 2 5d Pre le Be 2 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 27. 8 years of Multinational experience in IT Services Delivery and Client Relationship Management 17Project Manager, HCL Comnet Ltd., India Spearheaded Service Delivery and Customer Engagement for a $60mn Infrastructure monitoring platform, from IT Service Management Tool perspective. Led onshore to offshore Transitions and Presales efforts for various projects and global customers, handling a team of 12 people and $1mn in revenues. Exposure to global customers/geographies like US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Canada including various domains like Networking, Entertainment, Industrial Gases and Semiconductor.Sr. Software Engineer, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, IndiaNAVEEN KUMAR MALIK Engineered applications for Project Management, HR Management and Performance Appraisal.MCA Successfully cleared Six Sigma phase-1 initiative.VIT University, Vellore, India AchievementsBSc (Computer Science) Awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from CEOs Desk for outstandingUniversity of Delhi, India performance. Awarded team and individual excellence awards for contribution to various customer engagements.Career Aspirations Business Development, Marketing, Corporate Strategy and General Management 10 years of Multinational Experience in Business Intelligence & Consulting in Financial Services 18 Senior Architect, Infosys, India Worked with a US Bank in Australia on international merchant acquisition & compliance monitoring system in credit card division. Piloted an Earnings Estimate Solution with transformational savings of $1mn+ for a US Financial Services provider. Worked on Fraud Detection modeling for a US mortgage company. Worked on Reconciliations in Cash and Securities. Led development of Patent pending product in Customer Sentiment Analysis. Helped a UK Telecom client plug revenue leakages in Billing Disputes.Associate IT Architect, IBM, IndiaNISHANT ANSHUL Led Business Transformation team in IBM UK for managing availability information of IBM products.PGDBM (Systems),Indian Institute of RuralAchievementsManagement, Jaipur, India Filed Patent on Semantic Analysis of Unstructured Data. Won IBM Bravo Award, Infosys Top Popular Invention Award, NIIT Japan Delivery Quality Award. Certified Enterprise Architect by IBM, TOGAF and Sun Microsystems.Career Aspirations Business Consulting, Financial Services Consulting, Corporate Strategy2 IoG m u 06nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 28. 6 years of experience in Sales & Marketing in Engineering & Automobile Sector Territory Manager, John Deere Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (JDEPL)19 Responsible for Annual Sales Target of Rs. 125 crores in Karnataka. Managed a Team of 5 Sales Executives for a 23 dealer network.Territory Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) Part of Team to create new record of All-Time High Sales of 1601 tractors in a single month. Management of Dealer outstanding & Credit.Greaves Cotton Limited Acquired key clients from the Defence and Para-military for Sales of Portable gensets. Established new dealer network in the State of Uttaranchal.NITIN FERNANDESB.E. (Mechanical) Achievements Re-structured dealer network in Bangalore Distt. In Karanataka for M&M.Manipal Institute of Technology Won tender of 800 nos. portable gensets from Northern Command, Udhampur, J&K.Career Aspirations General Management, Sales & Marketing, Consulting 8 years of experience in Operations and General Management in Indian Army and ICICI Lombard20 Senior Product Manager, Underwriting, ICICI Lombard GIC Limited Operations Incharge for RSBY and the Artisans and Weavers policy of the Indian Government. Designed key retail health products and processes.Station Medical Officer, Indian Army, Gurgaon Zone Led the army medical team during war exercises involving over 10,000 troops.Adjutant of Army Hospital, Indian Army, Kupwara Was designated as the Principal Staff Officer and managed man power of 700 soldiers along with assets worth 150 crores.MAJOR (DR) PANKAJ KUMAR AM Operations, GECIS, GurgaonPGCBM Subject authority on medical summarizing processes.IIM Indore Achievements Awarded Special Services Medals: Op Meghdoot, Op Rakshak, High altitudeMBBS Medal and J&K medal. PGIMS Rohtak Awarded ICICI group process excellence award.Career Aspirations Senior management position in Healthcare, Insurance and General Management I nEPeo 2 7d Pre le Be 2 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 29. 5.8 years of experience in various Banking Operations and Management of various I.T. operations 21Deputy Manager, Punjab National Bank, Field General Manager Office, Lucknow Led a team of 42 members across various states of northern India for monitoring various I.T. activities and key parameters of I.T. of the Bank. Implemented and stabilized Asset and Liability management system. Vendor Management for the circles under jurisdiction.Deputy Manager, Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Kanpur Worked on various banking modules and other banking operations. Led a team to plan and implement Back Office Operations. Led multiple teams across various locations for migration of branches to Core Banking.PIYUSH VERMA Implemented and stabilised various banking modules like Alternate Delivery Channels, IBR, centralised pension processing, direct and indirect TaxB.Tech., collection, currency chest operations, etc.Computer Science and Implemented Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) Credit in East U.P. andInformation Technology,increased the deposit of a branch by 25 Crores.Rohilkhand University,Bareilly, IndiaCareer Aspirations Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Risk Management, General management 13 years of experience in General Management, and Global Project Management 22 Cluster Leader, Philips / NXP Semiconductors, India Led technology cluster. Worked in HDTV, STB, and eGovernance applications. Strategic partnership with suppliers and vendors.Technical Manager, Robert Bosch, India and Germany Led multisite team. Managed Car Multimedia projects. Worked with OEMs Volkswagen, Ford and Volvo.Scientific Officer, Dept. of Atomic Energy, India Plant maintenance-in-charge of two plants.PRANAVA TRIPATHI Instrumentation, automation and maintenance.B. Tech. (Electronics) AchievementsKamala Nehru Institute of World finalist: Business Improvement, Beijing China.Technology Asia winner: Business Improvement, Hanoi Vietnam. Awarded and recognized by CEO, SVP, and MD.MCP Organized Events branding, family days, and OBLs. Awarded with national and merit scholarships.Microsoft Certified Professional Career Aspirations General Management, Product management for Lifestyle products, Automotive, and Emerging Technologies2 IoG m u 08nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 30. 15 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Business Excellence and Sales/Marketing of Capital Goods Manager, Corporate Planning, Voltas Limited23 Team member for acquisition of Electrical Projects and divestment of Chemical trading businesses. Implemented SAP Integrated Balance Scorecard across all business divisions. Supporting businesses on Sectoral outlooks and strategic initiatives.Area In-charge, Kolhapur Branch, Voltas Limited Head of operations: Textile Machinery, Machine tools, Material Handling businesses, PBT Rs. 300 Lacs. Product management of new businesses of Klueber Lubricants and Motors.Sales Manager, Chandigarh Branch, Voltas Limited Business development and account management for Textile Industry inPRASHANT SAXENA northern India. Order Booking of Rs. 250 Crores during FY06. B.Tech (Textile Technology) CFT Member for expansion to new businesses of TMD.G.C.T.I, Kanpur University Achievements Business Excellence: 5 years in external assessment of Tata Group Companies-TBEM Identified as High PotentialCareer Aspirations General Management, Strategy, Consulting Global Presales, Business Development experience of six years in IT product & Consulting (Unisys, Keane)24 Presales and Relationship Management for EMEA Analyze the existing business strategies affecting growth of business and suggest strategies to maximize sales volume and profit goals. Implement business plan comprising market entry strategy, partners involvement, budgets, project transition/offshoring strategy. Develop and sustain effective relations with clients and partners to ensure repeat/referral business. Negotiate and Finalize SLAs, scope of work and pricing of multi million dollar projects.Project Management and Consulting Worked thru entire project life cycle- Planning, execution, monitoring and control. PRATEEK NARULA Process Level Consultancy to financial institutions in middle east to improveB. E. Computer Science, their business environment and competitiveness.Maharshi Dayanand University, Achievements Rohtak Responsible for winning the first customer in Europe and Middle East. Instrumental in generating business of nearly $6mn from EMEA. Independently responsible for designing outsourcing approach for 60 % projects of the business unit.Career Aspirations Corporate Planning and Strategy, Outsourcing, Client Relationship Management, Presales I nEPeo 2 9d Pre le Be 2 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 31. 5.5 years of experience in IT Project Management, Client interfacing and Business Development 25Lead Technology, GlobalLogic Pvt. Ltd, India Led a team that worked on cutting edge technology for IP Multimedia and VOIP product systems. Key player in winning 2 new development projects. Successfully completed Level 1 of Velocity, distributed agile product engineering initiative by the company.Software Engineer, Infosys Technologies Limited, India Formed architectural design for LexisNexis, a Global Legal Publishing Platform. Coordinated with cross functional teams across various global delivery centers.RACHIT BHAGAT Played a vital role in bringing Rosetta Project at Infosys to CMM Level 5.B. E., Electrical Engineering, AchievementsDelhi College of Engineering TNS Star Award - Best Program Management, Infosys. Won the Resonance Enterprise 2002 Case Study Competition of IEE & IEEE. Received Scholarship for outstanding academic performance under national scholarship scheme.Career Aspirations Consulting, Business Development and General Management 5 years of Consulting Experience for Companies in India and Europe 26 Consultant, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young (EY) India Performed market analysis for Education institutions/ universities at EY Europe and India offices. Analyzed key trends in education and the advent of market forces on universities. Led key projects in setting up forex risk management framework and trade finance framework at various companies. Led key projects on SOX testing for corporates at their Europe offices. Responsible for client relationship management on key accounts to enable greater penetration and cross-selling.Achievements Awarded the EY National Directors Award for solution development.RAHUL DHANDHANIA Awarded as Student of the Year at college for outstanding contribution to academic activities.BMS, University of MumbaiCertified Business AccountantCareer AspirationsCIMA Institute, UK Management Consulting, Marketing and Business Development Executive ManagementEducation Program,IIM Kozhikode3 IoG m u 00nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 32. 18+ years in IT and Consulting, with significant contributions to Business Acquisition and Service Delivery for Premium Global Customers 27 Group Project Manager, Blue Star Infotech Account, Delivery, Program and Project Management, Marketing Support for Enterprise and ISV clients. Setting up and managing ODCs for clients from USA, UK, Japan and South Korea. SEPG Head and Process Champion for SEI-CMM Level 5 certification.Senior Consultant, Quinnox Consultancy Services Project Management at offshore for a largest US Bank. Solution Architect and System Analyst at onsite in USA. ERP Consultant and Team Manager at onsite in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.RAJENDRA INANIBachelor of Engineering GIS Coordinator, Centre for GIS, Doha, State of Qatar Project Management for GIS implementation in Government of Qatar.(Electronics), SGSITS,Indore Senior Systems Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Limited Software Consulting Services.PMP, Industrial Automation Solution and Commissioning. Started as Graduate Engineer Trainee through campus recruitment. Project Management Institute,USA Career Aspirations Leadership role in General Management, Corporate and IT Strategy, Business Development and Account Management for Enterprise clients Over 15 years of experience in Project Management, Operations & Resource Management28 Project Lead, Arcelor Mittal, India Led a multifunctional team for commissioning of USD 200 Million Green field project. End to end project management from assessing feasibility to final execution of projects including budgeting. Relationship management and Business Development. Project Manager, Gornoe Buro, Kazakhstan Responsible for commissioning of USD 100 Million Green field project. Handled global sourcing of equipments worth USD 50 Million.Head of Department, Arcelor Mittal, Kazakhstan Commissioned a green field project worth USD 35 Million. RANA PRATAP SINGH Handled cross functional team and ensured Strategic Planning and B. Tech. Implementation.Indian School Of Mines, Manager, Steel Authority of India Limited, India Dhanbad Managed a wide gamut of operations, encompassing planning and execution of Business Plan, Resource Management, Environment and Safety Management.Achievements Awarded with Jawaharlal Lal Nehru Award in the year 1997 and 2001 for Outstanding PerformanceCareer Aspirations Business Development, Consulting, Project Financing, Project Management and General ManagementI nEPeo 2 1d Pre le Be 3 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 33. 7.6 years of experience in Project Management, IT/ERP Consulting, Pre sales with International Exposure 29Project Manager, Infosys Technology, Pune Offshore Project Manager for Fortune 500 clients. Managed 20 direct reports and trained 50+ professionals. Anchored Pre-sales activities, project proposals & client visits.Principal Consultant. Oracle USA Inc, Chicago ERP Consulting & Business Process Reengineering. Project planning, scope & effort estimation, project delivery, interface with client & PMO, People Management. Weekly travelling for client visit.Programmer Analyst, IBM, BangaloreRANDHIR NARAYAN Onsite and Offshore Project Lead for PeopleSoft implementation & UpgradeMCA, projects. Led global teams located in many countries.NIT, Warangal Achievements Presented paper in PMI-Club @ Infosys. Nominated for Best People-Manager Award. Received 2 Bravo Awards in IBM. Received multiple Certificates of Excellence.Career Aspirations Consulting, Marketing, Business Development, IT-ITeS, Insurance Industry, Strategy 13 years of experience in Large Account Management, Sourcing Advisory and Business Development in IT Industry 30across USA, UK, Australia & India Business Relationship Manager- Retail & Market research sectors, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Assessed the sourcing opportunities in IT / ITeS and executed the business deals of worth $120 MN. Engaged with the CXOs and delivered the IT transformation initiative (150 FTEs), part of the mega sourcing deal($10 B), for The Nielsen Company.Sr. Program Manager - Retail & Market research sectors, TCS Led the implementation of the business analytics portal, within the schedule for ACNielsen ($10 MN;50+ FTEs). Designed the IT service strategy & managed the account from Setup,SARAVANAN LOGU transition to service phases ($6 MN).B.E., Mechanical Engineering Program Manager (Delivery) - Retail sector, TCSCollege of Engineering, Led offshore delivery and managed service levels of IT programs ofAnna University, India advertising division, Best Buy. PMP, Project ManagementAchievements Awarded as MVP for the best program management at Best Buy.Institute (PMI),USACareer Aspirations General Management, Sourcing advisory, Corporate Strategy and IT Leadership; International positions with P & L responsibilities3 IoG m u 02nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 34. 6 years of experience in IT Project Management, Client Interfacing and Business Development in USA & India Senior Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India 31 Led and managed multiple application development projects (team size: 15+) Gathered business requirements, performed design reviews and provided technical assistance Key player in the IME Continental Europe Business Development team Conducted domain specific trainings for various teamsSystem Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA Onsite coordinator at Nielsen Media Research, Florida Responsible for project planning, execution and coordination with business users Consistently achieved high customer satisfaction rating SHASHANK BHANSALI Achieved 40% process improvement and significant amount of cost savings B.E, Computer Science for Nielsen through innovative design University of Madras, Chennai Achievements Appreciation awards at Nielsen Media Research, USA Star Performer of the Quarter award at Cognizant Level 1 certification in Spanish language (92.75%)Career Aspirations Consulting, Strategy, Business Development, CRM, General Management 6.5 years of Techno-managerial global experience in Design and Development of Aircraft Engines through Six-sigma Methodologies 32 Six-Sigma Black Belt, GE - Aviation Passionately drove Advanced Technology & Preliminary Design team engineering productivity metric, yielding more than $0.8 mn. Passionately led LEAN Action Work out reducing Fan Blade Out (FBO)load publication cycle time from 51 days to 28 days.Lead Engineer/Technologist, GE - Aviation Led a team of six engineers to reduce risk associated with FBO Engine test ($10mn). From different global sites, trained over 40 engineers in System dynamics and over 30 engineers in Six Sigma methodologies. Certified for GE Crontonville Facilitation at GE, Foundation of GE SHASHIKANT GAVHANE Leadership and Six Sigma Green Belt. First Rank Holder ~ M.Tech, Career AspirationsIIT Delhi, India Corporate Finance, International Business, Marketing, Six Sigma Six Sigma Black Belt, General Electric (GE) CompanyI nEPeo 2 3 d P r e le Be 3I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 35. 6 years of experience in formulating Brand Strategy & creatingPrint, Television, Radio and Outdoor Advertising for top brands 33 Creative Director, The Base Communication Headed the creative department. Handled General Electric, Merck Pharmaceuticals. Launched Educomps The Millennium School. Creative Group head, Grey Worldwide Handled India Today, Wrigleys, Suzuki. Launched Ebony-Gautier & released TV commercials for India Today. Creative Supervisor, Leo Burnett Launched Chevrolet Spark with the Full of Life print & TV campaign. SHIKHAR MOHAN Senior Copywriter, Mudra CommunicationsFirst Rank Holder Handled Electrolux, Yamaha, Dabur, Air India. Launched Mitsubishi Cedia and Headlines Today.B.A Hons.-English Literature,Ramjas College, Junior Copywriter, FCB-ULKAUniversity of Delhi Part of team that created the Mammi ka magic chalega kya? series forWhirlpool. Achievements Jury Member- The New York Festivals 2008, USA. Recipient of eight international and national advertising awards. Ranked at No. 942 amongst The Top 1200 Creative Professionals in Asia & TheTop 150 Creative Professionals in India. News reports - MINT {http://tiny.cc/mint870}; NDTV Profit {http://tiny.cc/ndtv};Television Point { http://tiny.cc/tel279} Career AspirationsSenior marketing role6 years of experience in Automotive Product Development,Project Management in Japan & India 34Project Engineer, Tenneco Japan Managed an Exhaust System Project - worth $12Mn /Annum, for LeadingJapanese OEM. Handled Technical negotiations, resolved technical and commercial issues. Coordinated among cross functional teams at global development facilities. Closely involved in RFQ activities to win new business. Design Engineer, Softbridge Solutions Japan Designed Toyota Concept Cars exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show, New YorkMotor Show. Onsite Design support for Japanese OEM-Isuzu Motors. SOMNATH JAJUDesign Engineer, Tata Johnson Controls IndiaFirst Rank Holder Involved in development of Instrument Panel for GM Chevy-Car. Executed VAVE projects for seating systems of GM and Nissan Cars.B.E. (Industrial Engineering)Pune University Achievements Won negotiation worth $500,000 for Tenneco Automotive.Certification in Japanese Won The Best Team Award at Tata Johnson Controls Ltd.Language Proficiency (JLPT2)Career AspirationsConsulting, Automotive Product Planning, General Management, GlobalSupply Chain Management3 IoG m u 04nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 36. 16.5 years experience in Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry with exposure to Marketing, Sales & Distribution Logistics, Operations and Maintenance35 9.5 years as Sales Area In Charge of Retail Marketing and LPG at Indian Oil Corporation Limited Identifying Potential Markets for new Retail Outlets/LPG Distributorships. Co-ordinating Retail Outlet Dealer / LPG Distributorship Selection. Monitoring Supply and Distribution of Petroleum Products . Promoting sales, launching marketing initiatives, redressing customer complaints.3.5 years as Depot Operations Officer at Indian Oil Corporation Limited Managing receipt of Petroleum Products through cross country pipelines. Managing Supply and Distribution of Petroleum Products to Retail Outlet T.N.DEEPTHINATH Dealers. M.Tech (Industrial Engineering) 3.5 years as Maintenance and Operations Engineer at Indian Rare Kerala University Earths Limited Maintenance of facilities like Kilns, Process and Instrument AirB.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Compressors, Steam Boilers, Acid Handling Pumps and Pipelines.Calicut University Achievements Awarded Appreciation Cheque by Indian Oil Corporation for outstanding performance in Branded Fuel Sales.Career Aspirations General Management, Supply and Distribution Logistics, Operations Management, Maintenance of Facilities. 10 years of global experience in IT Consulting/Product Industry in Business Intelligence Domain 36 Senior Program Manager, Microsoft India Program management in BI with budget over $1mn/yr. Worked on BI portfolio strategy & implementation plan. Managed product feedback system readiness program for Windows 7.Project Lead/Manager, McAfee India Established centralized BI team in India under CFO vertical. Led corporate BI & analytics drive for McAfee. Prepared analytical reporting solutions for global management team.Project Lead/Manager, TCS Worked as PM in multiple data warehousing, analytics and consulting projects for fortune 500 clients. TAPAS PATTANAIK As a pre-sales consultant in BI & analytics domain, worked on proposals,B.Tech (Mechanical) sales collateral and innovative offerings from TCS. College of Engineering & AchievementsTechnology, Certified Oracle Business Analytics Professional. Bhubaneswar Team lead for APAC Team of the Quarter McAfee.Career Aspirations IT Strategy, Product Management, Business consulting, & BPMI nEPeo 2 5 d P r e le Be 3I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 37. 6+ years of experience in IT Services in US, UK, Canada, Singapore and India, in Banking and Insurance Domain 37Project Lead, Mahindra Satyam Project Delivery and Management of projects, leading 10 team members. Onsite Consultant at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, for banking applications. Onsite Liaison for Treasury of Singapore, managed critical accounting applications.Programmer Analyst, Computer Sciences Corporation Implemented Software Estimation Model for project team of 60. Onsite coordinator and module lead for Swiss Re, for Insurance product Cyberlife. FLMI(USA) Level one certified Insurance programmer.TARANDEEP SINGH Software Engineer, Infosys Technologies LtdB.Tech (Chemical Engineering) Designed Health insurance application for Aetna (USA).National Institute of TechnologyRourkela, IndiaAchievements Awarded Player of Quarter twice in CSC India.PMP, Project Management Regional Mathematics Olympiad winner Orissa. Second in inter college Chess competition, NIT Rourkela.Institute (PMI), USA Career Aspirations Business Development, IT consulting and client relationship management 13 years experience in Sales and Marketing in FMCG, Telecom & FMCD Industry. 38 Zonal Manager, HCL Infosystems Ltd Profit Centre Head for West and South India with annual revenues exceeding Rs.9 Billion. Responsible for recruiting, training and leading a team of more than 100 employees. Managed the B2C channel for Nokia, Apple, Kodak, Kingston and SanDisk Customer Interface process and policies ensuring customer satisfaction for organized retail. Responsibilities include identifying growth opportunities, forecasting & target setting, inventory management and maximizing distribution efficiencies. VAIBHAV SAMANT Regional Sales Manager, The Himalaya Drug Company Was responsible for envisioning and deploying sales and distributionBachelor of Science network for the new FMHG business in West India.Mumbai University District Manager, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. Expanded rural coverage in Western Maharashtra by introducing Super- stockist network.Achievements Best Region Award at HCL for last three years in succession - FY 2007-08, FY 200607, FY 200506. The Managing Directors Gold Award at Colgate Palmolive for the best product launch of Colgate Double Protection in India.Career Aspirations Senior Management role in General Management, Corporate Strategy, Business Development3 IoG m u 06nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 38. 5.5 years of experience in ERP Consulting, Requirements Gathering, Customer Liaison and Solution design Project Lead, AIGSS, India39 Led a 12 member team to provide support for AIG offices in APAC.Consultant, Hexaware Technologies Worked as a functional consultant for Caterpillar Inc. and conducted pre- implementation workshops. Redesigned and analyzed business processes. Created a security process automation with an overall cost savings of 12%. Provided training to end users on product and solution design. Worked on several pre-sales initiatives. Managed mid-to-large cross functional teams for a global HR implementation. VIJAY ANAND RAJENDRAN Achievements B.E (Information Technology) Certified in American Payroll (FPC) by APA. Award recognizing Excellent Customer Service from Caterpillar Inc.Bharathidasan University Recipient of national level academic scholarships including Math Olympiad.Career Aspirations Marketing roles in Retail, FMCG or IT Consulting. 8.5 years of experience in Banking and Finance Sector Manager, Business Banking, HDFC Bank Ltd Managed a portfolio of 80 SME clients with total asset relationship of Rs40 400 million. Managed NPA accounts. Monitored review/renewal and enhancement of credit facilities. Handled team for cross selling of retail liabilities and investments.Relationship Manager, SME Banking, Fullerton Enterprises Pvt Ltd Client Relationship Management. Credit Appraisal of loans and post sanction follow up. Handling forex operations, collection of export/import bills, remittances, forwards.Deputy Manager, Branch Banking, Axis Bank Ltd Handled corporate accounts- LIC of India. VIKRAM DUGGAL Handled branch audit compliance as operations head. Bachelor of Commerce Kurukshetra University Achievements Generated maximum business of Rs 200 million and revenue of Rs 1 million Chartered Accountant,in the North Region. Handled statutory, revenue and concurrent audits of banks. Intermediate ICAICareer Aspirations Finance(BFSI), Risk Management, Private Equity, ConsultingI nEPeo 2 7 d P r e le Be 3I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 39. 6 years of experience in Supply Chain Management andProduct Development 41 Deputy Manager, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd (A joint venture of VolvoAB & Eicher Motors Ltd) Part of Supplier Upgradation Cell: Responsible for reduction in vehicle leveldefects due to part quality. Responsible for development of Local Ancillary for Critical parts like Gearsand Differential sets. Assistant Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Part of a team responsible for design and development of a new family ofHigh Speed Diesel Engines (HSDI). Project management responsibilities like preparing timelines of the system,parts management, involvement in quality functions like Design Reviews,VISHAL SHARMA DFMEAs and QFDs.B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)AchievementsS.G.S.I.T.S, Indore Got awards for Vendor rationalization and New development of a 40 toner(tractor trailer) and 31 toner (8X2) vehicles. Won excellence award for Crisis management: Alternate SupplierDevelopment. Lead role in Gear Ancillary development project. Career AspirationsBusiness Consulting (Strategy/technology/finance), Supply chain specialist andGeneral ManagementReturning from USA with 14 years of Product DevelopmentExperience in Multiple Industries 42Senior Mechanical Engineer, Power-One, San Diego Led mechanical design of DC-DC switching modules from concept toproduction, designed process tools, test equipments. Senior Development Engineer, Tyco Electronics Power Systems, Dallas Led mechanical development of seven power modules collecting more than$7mn. Integrated modules licensed from a start up. Worked with contractmanufacturer in Taiwan ensuring smooth production. Completed three weeklong course Lean Design for Six Sigma Green Belt. Research Engineer, Peerless Mfg DallasVIVEK EDLABADKAR Developed high velocity air filtration system for cargo ships.M.S. Mechanical EngineeringEngineer, Product Engineering Sulzer IndiaUniversity of Texas at Arlington, Led a project to modernize the air compressor plant.USA Developed CNG, oxygen compressor plant layouts. B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Career AspirationsGeneral Management, Consulting, Business Development, FinanceCollege of Engineering Pune3 IoG m u 08nEPeo 2I dPan h0 I M P r e l c tc 1e Berr 40. Thomas L. Saaty Distinguished University Professor, Katz Graduate School of Business PhD, Mathematics, Yale UniversityWe were amused, stimulated and entertained by the many creative projects presented by the students, particularly in view of the limited time to come up with ideas and implement them. We hope that you all will come back to visit us again and tell us about your successes and the contributions you are making to make India a better country. We look forward to working with future groups from the IIM Indore, which has proved to attract an impressive group of executives who are highly motivated and intelligent, appreciative, and openly friendly and gentle like all of you were.TOENS ISTA I L M John C. Camillus Professor of Strategic Management, Pitt Business Ph.D, Harvard University PGDM, IIM Ahmedabad B.Tech, IIT, MadrasThe EPGP class from IIM Indore is truly world class. Beyond the talent and distinguished records that characterize the group, there is a remarkable energy and a willingness to learn and to share perspectives. The EPGP class, in my estimation, based on decades of teaching executives on four continents, has the knowledge, dedication, ambition and distinctive capabilities that hold the promise of a brilliant future. 41. H aail u n g ld hi dyf q i eeialwx n tt c lc ia e f ypa ht u oucn fnot a ie i i o qbu amo n MARKETINGr a fege so i, ai rc ls t np o an hAshish Sadhatiu wn ef sa dlo t h r y Ph.D. (DAVV, Indore)enx cd pe e,r ai neSabita Mahapatradi t eeo s d or i n ac rca ehtPh.D. (Utkal University)ot tlaf sno f ua l ed g r e bs spte re i xe r v oo s esp ptec , uORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR &e n samu n ei er sagi sn g d HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Ashok Kumarigomnnto si c p it o rh nat er y MA (Psychology, Allahabad University),p aiir eh a nk c dnt t gis nPh.D. (Lucknow University)Kamal Kishore Jain M.Com, Ph.D. (Agra University) FTACU L Y Pawan Kumar Singh PGDPM & IR (XISS, Ranchi), Ph.D. (Vikram University)Sumit Kumar GhoshFULL TIMEPh.D. (Pune University)GENERAL MANAGEMENTAbha ChatterjeeOPERATIONS MANAGEMENT &DEA (Paris III), Maitrise (Paris VII), QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUESM.A, Ph.D. (JNU New Delhi) N. Ravichandran B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (IIT Madras)Lalitha SreenathBA (LLB), MA (Chennai),Rohit KapoorPh.D. (University of Kerala) M.E. (CAD/CAM & Robotics), Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad)M. Ashraf RizviPGDTE, PGCTE (CIEFL, Hyderabad), U. K. BhattacharyaM.A, Ph.D. (Patna University)M.Sc, Ph.D (IIT Kharagpur) M. R. Sreenath Vinaysingh ChawanM.A., LL.B. (Hons), Ph.D.M.Tech., B.Tech. (IIT Mumbai), Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad) ECONOMICSDipayan Datta ChaudhuriFINANCE & ACCOUNTINGPh.D. (Calcutta University)A. Kanagaraj M.Com, MFT, Ph.D. (PondicherryGanesh Kumar NidugalaUniversity)FPM (IIM Ahmedabad) B. HariprasadPradyumna Dash Ph.D. (IIT Madras)Ph.D. (IIT Mumbai) Keyur Thaker Ph.D. (Gujarat University)INFORMATION SYSTEMPrabin Panigrahy L. V. RamanaMCA (NIT, Rourkela), M.Tech (IISc Bangalore),Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)Ph.D. (Madras University)4 IoG m u 0 0nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 42. FTACU L Y STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Dr. Jayanth Jayaram D. L. Sunder Ph. D. (Michigan State University) M.S. (BITS, Pilani), Associate Professor of Management Science, Ph.D. (IIT Madras) Moore School of Business,University of South Carolina Neeraj Dwivedi Marjo-Riitta Parzefall M.Tech. (IIT Kharagpur), Ph. D. (London School of Economics) Fellow (IIM Lucknow) Asst. Professor of Organizational Behaviorand Family Business, Prashant SalwanEuropean Business School B.Sc, MBA, PGDITM, DG & L (UK), Ph.D. (University of Pune),Amit Karna British Chevening ScholarPh. D. (IIM Ahmedabad)Asst. Professor of Services Management,European Business School Shubhabrata Basu FPM (IIM Ahmedabad)Anita BasalingappaPh. D. (Karnataka University)Asst. Professor of Marketing, MICAVISITING Niloy BosePh.D. (Virginia Tech) M R RaoProfessor, Department of Economics, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University) University of Wisonsin Milwaukee Former Dean, IIM Bangalore Professor of Operations, ISB Shivram AptePGDM (IIM Ahmedabad) S. Ram Kumar Founder and Principal, Aspect Ratio PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad) CEO, Last Resort ConsultingArindam Banerjee Adjunct Faculty MarketingPh.D. (SUNY at Buffalo), PGDM (IIM Lucknow)Professor of Marketing, IIM Ahmedabad I nEPeo 2 1d Pre le Be 4 I IoG m u 0 M Pan h0 c tc 1rr 43. GUIDELINES FOR RECRUITING ORGANIZATIONS P EOL NEAT S C PS E R MCThe EPGP placement committee and relationship managers will work withyou to streamline placement processes for recruiters and participants. Theywill help schedule your visits for presentation and recruitment interviews. Pre-placement presentations (up to 2 rounds) - enable you to informparticipants of your organization's unique opportunities and challenges,and your culture and structure. We believe a 20-minute presentation and a20-minute Q&A session most effective. Presence of senior executives andalumni help create a better impact. We recommend you plan your first-round recruitment interviews early with the support of the PlacementCommittee.Our facilities includeOn-line CV access and searchTele-conferencingVideo-conferencingInterview cabinsReprographics and on-campus accommodation 4 IoG m u 0 2nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 44. KT E E YSDATi mi te ist od fb t crdp oii o r are l l h t no rx v e t r e oey eu m sisaah m a eaocs p nt ao r n l ec p f t teh i n i t rh t p , ati t cp e su prg s r 2 cls al p,a n hiea r s t de ks l ot gd t o c i eine ns A0 p. r1i0l2 O su nu s -p s c do a i im nsc wt t A 2 w it u/ p 0 ate nh d he s s r, 1 r i2 os l00 d n Rnegcrui t iPELL NIAT EC PS E O MCI Negotiations on compensation and other terms of employment should be held in strict confidence between you and the candidate. However, recruiters need to keep the Placement Committee informed at the following stages to ensure that all recruiters are able to hire effectively and efficiently. When a preliminary offer is made When a final offer is made When a candidate accepts or rejects a final offer Recruitment Fee There is recruitment fee of Rs. 50,000 per successful hire, however, there is no fee for participating in the recruitment. Companies headquartered in India, with turnover of less than Rs. 1 Bn and Non-government organizations (NGOs) are exempt from the recruitment fee.EPGP PLACEMENT COMMITTEE E P GPepgp_placecom@iimidr.ac.inPE L N ATCEMSHYAM S MANTHA CT OE MMIE T +91-9959941212MOHAMMED JAIPURI +91-9575583505PRASHANT SAXENA +91-9752593371SARAVANAN LOGU +91-9752593379SOMNATH JAJU +91-9752593361 I nEPeo 2 3 d P r e le Be 4I IoG m u 0M Pan h0c tc 1 rr 45. Accenture Business Consulting Infosys TechnologiesAmericorp Capital Infrasoft TechnologiesAmexIOCLAmulIrevnaAsian PaintsITCAstro MalaysiaJindal South WestAT FoodsJindal SteelAtos Origin Johnson & JohnsonAxis Bank JP MorganBank of BarodaKelloggsBhartiKnight FrankBig 92.7 FM KotakBizzsourceLehmanBrothersBosch L&TBPCLMacquarie BankBristlecone consultingMaersk LogisticsCadburysMahindra & MahindraIIM INDORE PE EAUSR TIS R RCTCapgemini McKinsey & CoCARE RatingsMacquarie BankCitibankManipal GroupColgate Palmolive MaricoCTS NDTVDabur Nerolac PaintsDELLOLAM International LtdDeloitteOne97 CommunicationsDeutsche Bank ONGCDirect-IPepsiCoDupontPfizerEli Lilly & Co. Punj LlyodEra Group Red FMExcelan Consultancy RelianceGatiRenoir ConsultingGodrejResurgent IndiaGrasimSAILGSK PharmaSBIHCL SEBIHeadstrongSETHewitt Associates Standard CharteredHLL Tata Strategic Management GroupHPTCSHSBCThe Colour FactoryHSBC Global ResearchTIMEHT MediaUnicon InvestmentsIBM Union Bank of IndiaICICI BankUTI BankICICI PrudentialUTI Mutual FundICRAVIP IndustriesIMS Virgin MobileIndofil Chemicals Company WiproYes Bank4 IoG m u 0 4nEPeo 2 I dPan h0IM Pre lc tc 1 e Be rr 46. DO NOT FOLLOW WHERE THE PATH MAY LEAD. GO INSTEAD WHERE THERE IS NO PATH AND LEAVE A TRAIL. ~Harold R.McAlindon 47. El m P c tc G efP neP O a f e i e l ciia p c@ g e idp o rn_ mcpa m.. i Ii I i ea e o n s o gt rdt fn n eat M Inu a nnte dm Pdh r haa Srbha i nk R aR a mu pdPu i t rh oa Io 3 n5d3r 3 e 14 MdaPdahe y s a h r Ii nda D wo ew b s w. i: .f x g t in if n i n