iii. the market for pv hybrid solutions

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    Business assessment for

    diesel hybrid systems in Indonesia

    Stephan Blocks, EKONID Berlin, 3st June 2013

  • I. Introduction: Review 2012 and outlook 2013-2014


    Business delegation on PV systems, open for all kinds of technology (on- and off-grid)


    Focus on PV hybrid systems for the off-grid market

    2014 or 2015

    AHK business trip in 2014 or 2015 especially for on-grid solutions


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    I. Introduction: Framework of the AHK market


    Update of the previous study with focus

    on the PV hyrbid market (off-grid)

    Serves as handbook for businesses

    Focus on Indonesian actors and their


    Available latest end of July 2013

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    II. Sentiment for PV hybrid solutions in Indonesia

    High energy production cost for diesel gen-sets (30 Euro cent)

    Competetiveness of PV solutions is increasing

    Electricity demand increases by 9% annually

    Electrification rate in average only 74 %

    Necessity of decentralized grids to electrify remote areas

    Awareness for PV solutions increasing

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    II. Sentiment for PV hybrid solutions in Indonesia

  • II. Sentiment for PV hybrid solutions in Indonesia

  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions

    Indonesian ministries, local authorities:

    Estimated budget for PV projects in 2013: USD 250 million

    80% for off-grid solutions thereof


    implements government as well as its own projects

    Base transceiver stations

    of telecommunication companies (2 MW installed capacity, estimated)

    Captive power solutions


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions: PLN/GOI

    Besides the 8 large interconnected grids PLN operates

    600 (mostly diesel powered) mini-grids outside the Java-

    Bali network

    PLN operates a total of 4600 diesel gensets (3,100 MW)

    outside Java-Bali, representing 40 percent of the total

    outer Java-Bali generation capacity

    Estimation: 30,000 small diesel gensets in rural areas


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    III. The market for PV hybrid solutions: PLN/GOI

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  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions: PLN/GOI


    Location Inverter Capacity Renewable Capacity

    Maluku and Makassar Islands status: under contract 500kW 700kW

    Maluku Islands status: under contract 250kW 225kW

    Marampit island (Sulawesi) status: complete 75kW 150kWp

    Maluku Province status: under contract 275kW 405kW

    Morotai Island, Maluku Status: complete 1.35MW 600kW

    Bunaken, Sulawesi Status: complete 215kW 353kW

  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions: PLN/GOI

    E-procurement website of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy


    Accessed: 02/06/2013


    Region Estimated Budget Tender period

    Papua province (6 tenders)

    600K 2.0 million Euros 28/05 05/06/2013 and 31/05 - 10/06/2013

    West Papua province (2 tenders)

    > 1.0 million Euros 28/05 10/06/2013 and 31/05 - 10/06/2013

    South Jakarta (on-grid?) 40K Euros 28/05 10/06/2013

    Karimunjava island (East Java)

    27K Euros 28/05 10/06/2013


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions: PLN/GOI

    1000 islands project:

    Phase I to start in 2014: hybridization of diesel gen-sets with PV

    ~35 MWp scattered across 170 locations

    mini-feasibility studies already conducted for all sites

    300 Mio US$ in loans from World Bank and KfW

    tender to be announced internationally in 2014

    High-quality components to ensure sustainability

    opportunities for international participants


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions

    B) Base transceiver stations (BTS)

    5-10 % of Indonesias 150,000 to 200,000 BTS are off-grid and

    usually powered by diesel gen-sets

    Operators aim at cost reduction for power supply to increase


    PV hybridization starts to be a cost-efficient alternative

    System size 5-20 kWp

    Telkomsel has experience with PV solutions since 2003


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions


    In 2007-2008: Conergy in partnership with Gerbang Multindo Nusantara (GMN)

    16 off-grid photovoltaic systems for PT Telkomsel

    total installed capacity of 158.50 kw

    Project sites were located in remote areas around Sumatra, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya (Papua)

    Status 2012:

    Telkomsel operats 234 green BTS powered by solar cells and micro hydro power as green energy sources


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions


    Employs a hybrid system: combination of

    solar cell panels, wind turbine and bio-fueled diesel gen-sets and

    (where applicable) electricity from the PLN grid to supply power to a BTS

    Experiences with Charge-Discharge-Controller (CDC), battery bank+diesel gen-set (760 sites in 2011)

    Status 2012: more than 100 solar-powered BTS in remote areas to reduce reliance on diesel


  • III. The market for PV hybrid solutions

    C) Captive Power

    According to PLN data:

    6.4 GW of captive power installations (4 GW outside Java-Bali)

    Diesel gen-sets are mostly used in off-grid areas for tourism, industry and residencies

    no mass market yet as customers have to be convinced individually

    Eco resorts and manufacturing plants that want to be seen as green provide a steady and increasing market for PV hybrid solutions


  • IV. Challenges

    Tender and business processes not always transparent

    Import duties and local standards for technical


    Lack of expertise

    On-site problems


  • V. Recommendations

    Partnerships with experienced local contractors and distributors

    Quick and reliable after-sale-services are a must

    Durable technology for energy storage and control electronics

    Ability to co-finance projects is an advantage

    Successful pilot project leads to more opportunities

    Community development in the project regions, including capacity

    building for local stakeholders


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