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IGP:Distribution Manager with IGP:ONIX Online IGP:Distribution Manager provides fully automated distribution of e-books and other files to an expanding list of international digital retailers, wholesalers, aggregators and search engines.

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  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    IGP:Distribution Manager

    with IGP:ONIX Online

    IGP:Distribution Managerprovides fully automateddistribution of e-books and other files to an

    expanding list of international digital retailers,wholesalers, aggregators and search engines.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    Digital distribution power

    Automated e-book and other file distribution

    Powerful ONIX and other metadata tools

    Dynamic digital product pricing

    IGP:Distribution Manager allows publishers to

    store, manage and deliver e-books to a range of

    digital content (e-book) distribution channels

    including: online-retailers, digital wholesalers,

    print on demand vendors, and search engines.

    E-book distribution consists of sending a package

    containing e-book files, covers, and ONIX metadata to

    each distribution channel you have selected to carry your

    digital book products.

    ONIX is a business to business protocol for the

    distribution of books and serials in multiple formats. It is

    a protocol used by publishers to notify sales channels of

    new products and the status of existing products. ONIX is

    complex and optimized for print book distribution. Using

    it effectively for e-book distribution means applying

    specific price and currency information for each channel.

    The administrative overhead multiplies exponentially.

    Each channel has its own packaging rules, and ONIX

    metadata requirements. Digital file distribution to

    multiple outlets is difficult for publishers of any size. For

    small and medium publishers it is a tangled mess.

    IGP:Distribution Managermakes the job of getting

    digital formats to the right channel with the correct

    information easy. It is flexible enough to address any

    unforeseen future requirements of a fast changing digital

    content future.

    Digital content delivery is going to become more

    complex before it becomes easier. The first issue "off the

    block" is handling enhanced ePubs for specific channels.

    An example is, a publisher has produced up to three

    variants of the same product with different video

    encoding for different reader systems, but wants to

    deliver it to three channels with the same ISBN.

    IGP:Distribution Managersolves this and many more


    Major New Features in IGP:Distribution Manager

    New stand-alone interfaceIGP:Distribution Manageris now a stand-alone Web

    Application with a streamlined interface and all the tools

    required to manage powerful, changing digital

    distribution business to multiple channels.

    Metadata UploadUpload metadata as a spreadsheet, existing ONIX file or

    use the built in forms method. The system extracts the

    metadata that is required for digital distribution and

    prompts you for any incomplete or missing information.

    File UploadYou can ftp files to a watched location. The improved

    forms interface lets you drag and drop dozens of e-pubs,

    kindle files and covers into the system with one action.

    The files are instantly uploaded and automatically sorted

    into the correct storage location based on ISBN matching

    with the metadata. The radical simplification of this

    process makes uploading dozens of books with their files

    easy and intuitive.

    Completeness and Correctness checking

    No more failed deliveries because of wrong keyed ISBNsat delivery time. IGP:Distribution Managerhas a list of

    checks it makes on your metadata for completeness and

    correctness. The application dashboard notifies you so

    you can to immediately evaluate and correct any

    problems. You can even upload partial metadata. The

    only rule is there must be a title, and at least one ISBN in

    the metadata upload.

    Price UpdatesFor publishers that don't have ONIX or other software

    systems, you can change prices by book and currency;

    and resubmit the ONIX to selected distribution channels.

    Price changes can be applied by metadata such as

    Imprint, Series or Keyword. The price calculator lets youenter your book price in your currency and will convert it

    to all channel currencies using your conversion rate. If

    your jurisdiction has the requirement for a taxable price,

    you can also enter the tax rate and ONIX price

    composites type 01 (no tax) and type 02 (taxed) will be

    generated automatically.

    Channel Price confidentialityWhen ONIX is assembled and delivered to a channel,

    only the prices for that channel are included in the

    delivery package. That means if you have different

    pricing for distribution channels serving various marketsyou can optimize the price for each market served, and

    the pricing information remains confidential.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    ONIX outputsIGP:Distribution Managersupports delivery of ONIX

    2.1 or ONIX 3.0 channel by channel. As the various

    distribution channels adopt ONIX 3.0, you are ready.

    Spreadsheet outputsThere are some distribution channels that cannot handle

    ONIX price changes elegantly and you just have to email

    them a spreadsheet. You can generate a spreadsheet witha custom range of metadata columns with just a few


    Action Status reportsThe interface now tells you what has happened, and what

    you have to do. For example: You have 500 books in the

    system and decide to add another channel. Once the

    channel has been set up it will compute the prices and

    exchange rates automatically (with tax if applicable). It

    will then give you the opportunity to review, modify and

    commit the prices for each item before distributing.

    Warning Status reportsIf there is any metadata or files missing that stop a

    distribution event, the system will immediately notify you

    through the Status Dashboard. All checks are carried out

    at upload and creation time to make sure when a

    distribution event happens there are no surprises or

    failures based on files and metadata.

    Powerful ReportsThe system generates comprehensive log-files as well asmaintaining Status information. The Reports interface

    allows you to view your distribution history and events

    with multiple filter options.

    File StorageIGP:Distribution Managersaves files to IGP:Repository

    2 by default. It can also be configured to store files on a

    local server, and an external API to allow it to interface

    with other systems is on the roadmap.

    IGP:Long Running Process Engine

    Complex overlapping processes have been radically

    simplified due to the power of the new IGP:Long

    Running Process Engine (LRPE) working in the

    background. This is included in your IGP:Distribution


    LRPE can queue and manage thousands of processing

    events. It makes installing and setting up a new channel

    with different packaging rules easy because it is a fully

    scripted workflow engine. Each channel packager is an

    programmed workflow activity distributed by Infogrid

    Pacific as part of the license. This simplified approach to

    high volume processing dramatically lowers the product

    complexity, increases current and future flexibility, and

    lowers total cost of ownership.

    LRPE can handle thousands of file uploads and

    distribution events elegantly and simultaneously. New

    channel packaging processes can be dropped into place

    and be working instantly. In large installations it can be

    deployed on a dedicated processing server.

    Product Gamut

    Digital Product Distribution OnlyIGP:Distribution Manageris designed for digital file

    distribution and addresses new and emerging complexity

    issues specifically related to digital e-book distribution.

    It is not a complete ONIX solution for print books. It is

    targeted at the needs of Small and Medium Publishers

    and addresses the immediate need of getting digital books

    to as many channels as possible, as fast as possible.

    A software license, not a serviceIGP:Distribution Manageris not a SaaS or aggregation

    service product. You must have your own accounts

    registered with Amazon, Apple, Kobo and other

    distribution channels. IGP:Distribution Manageris

    licensed on various terms and conditions to address a

    wide range of business requirements.

    Suitability for large publishersIGP:Distribution Managermay or may not be suitable

    for larger publishers with sophisticated in-house ERP and

    ONIX systems, depending on the exact requirements. It

    does not preserve the submitted ONIX. It extracts the

    required metadata from submitted ONIX and rebuilds the

    ONIX at distribution time, channel by channel. This

    allows the addition of multiple pricing composites and

    other channel specific rules.

    Our Browser policyIGP Web Services applications only support highlystandards compliant browsers. That means we do not

    support Microsoft IE any version. We do this for the

    following reasons. 1) Cost of development is

    substantially reduced and this is reflected in our license

    fees. 2) Features are more extensive and simplified.

    3) The products are not public web sites so the browser

    standard required to use them correctly is published

    publicly. 4) Modern standards compliant browsers are

    generally highly secure, free and work across a wide

    range of platforms. The digital content of today and

    tomorrow cannot be made to work from sub-standard



  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    The Distribution Channels

    Select your channels

    Configure your channels

    Set up your pricing rules

    Choosing your channels

    IGP:Distribution Managercomes with a range of

    distribution channels built in. This number is being

    maintained and increased. Distribution channel types

    include e-book retailers, e-book aggregators, Print on

    Demand Vendors and Search Engines. The application

    now allows you to register to automatically receive

    channel updates from Infogrid Pacific.

    Infogrid Pacific provides new channels at no charge if

    software assurance licenses are paid. You can also

    request additional channels. These are created at no

    charge if they are available within the product to all

    licensees. Custom channel creation is carried out at our

    standard development rates.

    Currently Supported Distribution Channels

    1. Amazon.com. US and UK book stores

    2. Amazon Search Inside.

    3. Apple iBookstore. US, UK and Euro book stores

    4. Baker & Taylor

    5. Barnes & Noble

    6. FirstyGroup

    7. Gardners

    8. Go Spoken

    9. Ingram Digital

    10. Kobo

    11. Libri

    12. OLF

    13. Overdrive

    14. Publidisa

    15. Sony UK

    16. 7Digital

    Channel ConfigurationChannel configuration includes the standard ftp address,

    passwords and contact information. It has now been

    extended to include options for currency for automatic

    channel price calculations, and ONIX Version 2.1 or 3.0.

    and distribution event scheduling. IGP:Distribution

    Managernow supports three types of configurable

    distribution events per channel:

    1. First time distribution

    2. Re-distribution of files

    3. ONIX metadata and pricing update

    When you select a channel to add it to your distributionchannel pool, you are prompted once for the custom

    information. Normally the default global presets are

    sufficient to get down to business.

    If you already have books in the system you will be

    prompted whether you want to distribute all books in the

    system to this channel. You have the choice of filtering

    distribution events by Series, Imprints or keyword

    metadata, or selected books.

    Once you have made your selection, IGP:Distribution

    Manager, working with IGP:Long Running Process

    Engine prepare your book selection for distribution to the

    newly added channel. Adding a new channel and sendingbooks is that easy.

    Pricing Rules

    By default your book prices are set to the values you

    loaded into the system, or the base calculations by

    currency carried out by IGP:Distribution Manager. When

    you set up a new channel you can specify

    channel-currency custom prices. For example you may

    want the book to be 10.00 Euro in the EU, and Rs 500 for

    purchase from India and add a 15% premium when

    converted to US dollar. The business decisions are all in

    your hands.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    Create & Manage ONIX

    Import existing ONIX

    Import spreadsheet metadata

    Create ONIX with the internal forms

    IGP:Distribution Managercreates and maintains ONIX

    metadata for distribution to digital distribution channels

    such as Online retailers and aggregators. It is not a

    general ONIX product and does not address physical

    book distribution ONIX requirements.

    IGP:Distribution Managerwas created to solve real

    publisher pain points as they enter the the business of

    digital publishing and the complexities of owning and

    managing digital content over time. IGP:Distribution

    Managerfocuses on optimizing digital product delivery

    with powerful new features not found in standard ONIX


    The ability to maintain multiple pricing and rights across

    your booksand change the prices at any timeis a new

    publisher business accelerator.

    Import existing ONIX files

    You may already have ONIX files for your standard print

    operation. The problem is there are no ONIX applications

    available right now that can generate multiple ONIX

    files, for multiple channels, for multiple formats, each

    with different pricing rules. That problem instantly goes

    away with IGP:Distribution Manager.

    You continue to maintain your primary ONIX metadata,

    and update IGP:Distribution Manageras often as you

    need. Changed metadata values will be updated. If you

    change your base price in your primary ONIX your other

    currency and channel prices will be generated for you


    Import spreadsheets to ONIX

    If you have a number of books to import and don't useONIX, you can use the supplied spreadsheet templates to

    load multiple books at one time. There are two main

    spreadsheet upload systems - columns and rows. The

    spreadsheet templates are provided with the application.

    When your spreadsheets are uploaded the correctness and

    completeness algorithms check your data to reduce

    supply errors. Any error suspects are highlighted in the

    Status Interface and you can immediately and easilymake the corrections. No distribution events will occur

    until all error suspects have been edited.

    When you use spreadsheets to get product details into the

    system. The minimum required metadata is Title, author,

    one e-book product identifier and an ex-tax price in your

    base currency. All other changes and updates can be done

    using the user friendly forms interface.

    Create ONIX with the internal Forms

    IGP:Distribution Managerhas built in forms that allow

    you to create ONIX directly in the interface. This is ideal

    for smaller publishers who don't have any other

    supporting software products.

    When importing spreadsheets and ONIX files, the forms

    interface lets you make correctness and completion edits

    right in the application. This ensures that when the

    distribution events occur, there are no fail points. Some

    distribution channels also have additional required

    metadata beyond the ONIX; an example is Apple. If you

    are distributing to any of these channels the application

    will prompt you for any missing channel specific custom


    The same forms allow you to update and modify any

    book ONIX metadata at any time. You can then and

    trigger a full redistribution event, or a price change

    notification event for all the book channel events where

    the price has changed.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    Digital Product Pricing

    Multi-currency pricing

    Pricing by channel & currency

    Global, metadata, and per book, price changes

    Price Control is in your hands

    IGP:Distribution Managerprovides publishers with new

    levels of price management control and flexibility. You

    can manage and change prices by currency and channel

    and apply them globallythrough to individual books

    being delivered to a specific channel in a single currency.

    Digital publishing opens new pricing options for

    publishers. Digital content empowers publishers to

    manage prices to optimize business in differentdistribution channels and currencies. Digital publishing

    means there may be many more variants on the same

    book including multiple e-book formats, rich-media

    enhanced versions, online subscription versions and other

    value additions. Each of these product manifestations can

    have different pricing applied by currency and channel.

    A hundred books sold in five currencies to 10 channels

    can be up to 5,000 price variations. Whether you are

    distributing a few dozen books, or thousands,

    IGP:Distribution Managersolves the complexityproblem for you with built in price generation, currency

    conversion and messaging services for digital products.

    Price generation

    When you set up a new channel the application will

    inform you of the currency requirements for that

    distribution channel. When you upload your metadata, if

    you haven't already set currency prices, the Price

    Generator will automatically convert your book price

    from your base currency to other currencies using your

    defined currency conversion rules. Prices can begenerated with or without rounding rules.

    You can also convert your book price from your currency

    and simultaneously apply a price modifier per channel

    and currency. This allows you to consistently deliver an

    optimized price for the various distribution channel

    options. You can also specify individual book prices per

    channel and per currency.

    Price Changes

    There are a lot of reasons to change prices of digital

    products. Promotions, adjusting value through the

    long-tail, and of course for statutory reasons. Assuming

    you can break-away from print-book distribution and

    pricing restrictions, the world is yours. The price update

    options available are:

    Global Price ChangesYour government may have changed a tax rate, or

    perhaps inflation is hurting you too much and you need to

    increase your prices. You can change the price

    calculation on a currency on a global basis with a simple

    set of computation choices.

    Channel Price ChangeThere may be a requirement to change the prices of books

    for a channel. This may be required if there is an

    agreement for a channel for a period of time. This must

    apply to all currencies applicable to the channel.

    Book-Channel Price ChangeA book can have a custom price per channel. The change

    is applied to all currencies or to a just a specific currency

    if the channel offers multiple currency sales. In this case

    rounding rules are not applied as the sales person

    responsible for price change has the exact book values


    Notification of Price Changes

    When you make any price change it can be immediately

    sent to the appropriate distribution channels. The system

    flags that a Book and Channel has a Price Change eventapplied, you check that the pricing decisions you have

    made are correct, and send. ONIX only distribution event

    is triggered and the files are sent.

    Some channels cannot process ONIX price change

    events. In this case you can generate a price change

    notification spreadsheet and send that by email. It's a realworld fact that digital distribution is uneven. But

    IGP:Distribution Managermakes complex business

    straight-forward and achievable.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    Licensing and use

    Site licenses

    Hosting support

    Rent to purchase

    IGP:Distribution Manageris a Web Services application

    that must be licensed. It is designed and priced to

    empower publishers of all sizes to control their own


    It is not another services solution that clips a percentage

    of your sales or charges you by distribution even. Our

    publisher products strategy reflects our strong belief that

    publishers must control their own digital content for a

    viable future. IGP:Distribution Managerlicensing

    reflects that position.

    Once licensed, you will have to register directly with the

    distribution channels to which you want to deliver your

    content; and you then configure IGP:Distribution

    Managerwith the channel information and

    passwordand get distributing.

    You get your own sales report from each distribution

    channel. Infogrid Pacific is not involved in your digital

    retail business in any way. There are no per book or per

    distribution event fees. There is no percentage of sales


    License Options

    Site LicenseThe main IGP:Distribution Manageris a site license for a

    single organization. You purchase the application, install

    it on your servers and use it. The annual software

    assurance must be paid and ensures you are constantly

    updated with new channels and other product upgrades as

    they become available. It comes complete with

    IGP:Repository 2, IGP:Information Architect 2, and

    IGP:InfoViewer 2.

    Cooperative LicenseInfogrid Pacific specializes in supporting small and

    medium publishers around the world. Cooperating groups

    of publishers can purchase a single license and use it

    together. The main terms and conditions are that all

    cooperative members are publishers, and there is a

    maximum of five publishers in a cooperative license. All

    cooperative members are included in the license.

    SaaS LicenseIGP:Distribution Manageris available as a SaaS licensefor any organization that wants to provide a service

    framework where you purchase the application, install it

    and use it for providing charged services to other

    businesses. This is a one-time license fee. The software

    assurance must be paid and ensures you are constantly

    updated with new channels as they become available.

    Terms and conditions apply to SaaS licenses. Infogrid

    Pacific will not sell SaaS licenses with any non-compete

    or exclusivity conditions of any sort.

    Hosted LicenseIf you don't want to install and operate the application

    yourself, Infogrid Pacific offers paid hosting services on

    Amazon Web Services (AWS). This comes with system

    administration technical support for your

    IGP:Distribution Managerlicense purchase. We do not

    provide channel administration or content related support


    Hosted licenses can also be amortized over 12 months to

    assist Small and Medium Publishers with cashflow

    management. Terms and conditions apply.

    Rental OptionFor small publishers with a limited number of books we

    offer a software monthly hosted rental option. The

    minimum rental period is 12 months. The limit is 200

    books under distribution management, after which the

    full licensing options are more financially viable.

    Other License informationIGP applications are licensed on a user/site basis. There

    are no users or CPU restrictions with IGP software

    licenses. You can deploy them in a single location with as

    many servers as required to operate at the load levels

    your business demands.

    IGP applications are built on an Open Source stack of

    Linux, Apache, PostgreSQ and Django. All application

    code is written in Python. While the applications can be

    made to work with other Operating Systems or

    Databases, IGP does not test the applications on any other

    technology stack.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    Take a look!

    Just one application does it all

    Focused and optimized for the Small and Medium


    All the tools

    IGP:Distribution Managerhas all the tools you need to

    implement comprehensive digital distribution strategies.

    The application interface is tablet friendly so you can

    monitor your distribution business anywhere. The simple

    "one touch" dashboard is easy to use.

    The auto generated Status Reports let you know what is

    happening in the system, and what you need to do to get

    your books distributed.

    Reports are available for individual books and

    distribution events, and you can generate ONIX files and

    spreadsheets for any report

    Complete Maintenance Tools

    The maintenance dashboards let the product owner

    control everything: which channels are supported,

    currency rules, default rights profiles and publisher


    In addition a full i18n, internationalization interface

    translator is built right in. You can make the interface

    available in any languages for any target groups.

    The powerful IGP:Long Running Process Engine is

    available (with special priveleges) to allow packaging,

    filtering and processing scripts to be created, maintained

    and changed delivering the ultimate technology


    Powerful editable reports

    Every report line lets you directly interact with and

    modify metadata, rights, prices on an individual book,

    channel and currency basis. You are in control. Any

    changes you make are instantly candidates for

    redistribution, and which products are ready for

    distribution is constantly available through the system

    Status view.

  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


  • 8/7/2019 IGP Distribution Manager Brochure


    About Infogrid Pacific

    Infogrid Pacific is an innovator in Content Management technologies and business solutions

    for publishers. We have a number of powerful content technology applications that make the

    production, management, distribution and sales fulfilment, and long-term ownership ofdigital content easy.

    IGP:ECMS Solutions provides a complete environment for archiving, managing and

    distributing content. Special vertical market versions are available such as

    IGP:PublisherECMS, optimized for Publisher file management and distribution.

    IGP:Distribution Manager and IGP:ONIX Online allow the distribution of e-book formats

    and other files to multiple e-book retailers, wholesalers and Libraries with flexibility in

    pricing and regional models.

    IGP:FLIP (Front List Interactive Publishing) is built on IGP:PublisherECMSand is a full

    Online front-list collaborative authoring and XML production environment for print andmultiple eBook formats.

    IGP:Content Fulfilment Systems is a stand-alone suite of products that enable powerful

    digital content and merchandise sales. It includes IGP:BookstorePlus, IGP:Offers

    Agreements and Rights, IGP:Content Fulfilment System, and AZARDI II offline digital


    2008-11 Infogrid Pacific. All rights reserved.

    Content subject to change without notice.

    Trademarks and tradenames where used are the property

    of their respective owners.

    This brochure was created and is maintained with IGP:Digital Publisher(aka IGP:FLIP).

    Infogrid Pacific Sales Contacts

    Internet: www.infogridpacific.com

    Email: [email protected]