iGOZEN Announces Winner of the $100 Target Contest

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<p>iGOZEN Announces Winner of the $100 Target Contest</p> <p>The winner of the recent promotion by iGOZEN was Stefanie Glowiak. She won a $100 gift card to spend at Target for participation in the survey. Everyone who answered the survey questions was entered into the draw to win this generously sized gift card with one lucky winner being chosen.The survey was used to gauge the customers thoughts about the range of iGOZEN organic cleaning products. There were questions about what was liked the most and the least about the product, any changes they would make, whether they would recommend it to others and if they would be likely to order more.</p> <p>Top 3 reasons people enjoy using iGOZEN: It is a 100% green organic product with non-toxic ingredients It is easy to use and very effective on food It is scentless, perfect for people with allergiesThe survey results indicate that the respondents found iGOZEN products very easy to use. The fact that it is a completely natural and organic product made customers feel more comfortable using it in their homes, kitchens and for their families. Additionally, the product was found to be especially helpful for use by people with allergies, because iGOZEN product is not scented the way many chemical laden alternatives are.</p> <p>iGOZEN wants to thank everyone who responded to their survey to help guide the company towards a better understanding of the customers viewpoints.</p> <p>About the Company:iGOZEN is a company that is founded on the principles of Zen. The company was established to help people live a more healthy and balanced life while seeking peace within their environments. They are focused on having integrity, authenticity, living in the moment, being humble, generous and happy. Customers who use this line of products can rest assured that the company has done everything it can think of to make sure the planet is respected during its production and use. For more information please visit http://www.igozen.com. </p>