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Ignore This: Magazine 1 by Croydon Clocktower


  • cari steelThe music editor and writer for the highly reputed Amelias Magazine. She runs the record label City Road and the company Superelectric PR

    contributing writer

    Welcome to the f irst the issue of Ignore This...

    Ignore This... is created by the Clocktower Arts Centre and is a

    ref lection of what we feel excited about.

    The magazine aims to not only pro f ile the events we stage but also provide

    editorial comment and deeper insight into arts, music, f ilm, comedy and

    theatre. We have moved away from the old simple brochure format and

    embraced a way of communicating our thoughts which works hand in hand

    with our website and other forms of communication. Ignore This... aims to be

    held, valued and perhaps even treasured. There is always immediate up to date

    information on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages where you can also f ind

    great offers and last minute deals.

    The Clocktower is building an active community of enthusiastic creative

    people and so Ignore This... has an open door policy to

    anyone looking to participate, contribute and become

    part of our work. Clocktower Arts

    Gervase de Wilde

    Gervase has been on the Arts team at The Daily

    Telegraph for many years. His is a specialist in roots

    music and as half of the dancehall/bashment DJ/

    production duo Heatwave he has released many

    records including a Souljazz compilation and book

    tracing the history of MCs in British Music.

    contributing writer

    designed by Ann Bevan and John Leonard

  • wWhen Martha Palmer describes her Little Something Theatre company as small and emerging you can take it quite literally. She creates miniature worlds and revels in storytelling through her tiny characters. After training for two years as Chief Costume/Set Designer/Arts

    Education Officer, and graduating with a 1st in Set Design for Stage & Screen from Croydon College of Higher Education, at 23 Martha has just curated The Clocktowers first ever Childrens Scratch Theatre Festival on September 24th & 25th, celebrating the work being produced by young theatre practitioners and recent graduates from Croydon College of Higher Education.While Little Something aspires to embed creativity within families

    and primary education Martha shares her focus with The Big White Light Theatre Company, a resident theatre company based at The Clocktower and run by a group of actors with learning disabilities.Big White Light is an invaluable creative resource like many of the arts

    participation strands at The Clocktower. It provides members of the company with real, hands on experience of the arts industry and in the case of Big White Light, experience of all aspects of running a theatre company. Martha has been campaigning passionately for fair access to the arts

    industry for adults with learning disabilities. There are so many creative, talented, enthusiastic people out there who

    would benefit from real employment opportunities and work experience that are just not being provided in the main stream theatre industry. Big White Light is working to show the arts industry that disability quite clearly has nothing to do with ability. After recently producing their first sell out performance Zebra, a physical comedy devised entirely by the group and based on their experiences, Big White Light is now booking an Autumn tour to take place later this year

    OPEn uP yOur EyES tO tHE BIg WHItE LIgHt.

    www.bigwhitelighttheatre.co.uk.www.clubsoda.org.uksee also Big White Light, p38

    A Little Something from

    Disability quite clearly has nothing to do with ability.

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  • scratchThere is a huge amount of new art

    being made in Croydon it is Londons largest

    borough after all. The problem is, that that sometimes it seems all this fantastic work is celebrated

    everywhere else apart from the place that inspired

    it, with a few notable exceptions of course such at the fantastic

    Warehouse Theatre. Often both a focal point and catalyst for this creation is

    Croydon College, an institution that for decades has been producing artistic risk takers and boundary breakers, the kind of cultural

    agitators who have not only left their mark on Croydon but across the globe. Names like Malcolm McLaren, Jamie Reid, Turner Prize winner Sean Scully, Ray Davis and for a short while David Croydon is a complete concrete hell Bowie and more recently names like

    Noel Fielding have studied there and left Croydon to take on the world.

    We see that raw creative spirit surviving intact today, with recent graduates from Croydon College producing fantastic, vibrant and entertaining theatre, many founding their own theatre companies on graduation.

    The Scratch Childrens Theatre Festival is where you and your family can see the very best of these companies performing alongside some of the very best new childrens theatre companies from around the country and it promises to be a fantastic day out as well as a brilliant example of what creative treasures Croydon has to offer.

    Saturday 25 September11am5pm1.505Ticket Office: 020 8253 1030

    On Saturday 25th September ClOCktOwer artS alOngSide CrOydOn COllege iS Staging the firSt SCratCh theatre feStival dediCated tO new ChildrenS theatre, giving brand new COmpanieS the OppOrtunity tO get their wOrk Out tO bOth paying audienCe and induStry typeS alike, helping them tO get a fOOthOld On the inCreaSingly Slippery firSt rung Of a Career ladder.

    childrens theatre festival

    kimberly anne Sutherland is the dayglo dynamo who at only 22 has made her mark on the music scene, amassing a huge word of mouth following for her music and then dedicating herself to running one of the countrys leading youth arts programmes which has been hailed for its achievements teaching young people across Croydon in the ways of producing and running their own professional events. It specialises in music, theatre and film, where participants manage every aspect of their events including marketing and promotion, budget management, programming and operations.

    IGNITE is a free music course open to any young person between 14-19. Music production lessons are hugely popular and Kim enlists the assistance of Croydon grime artist / pop chanteuse Goldielocks / to give extra tuition in Logic and digital production.

    We met up with Kim and all the members of IGNITE on the dawn of their club night at The Braithwaite Hall Croydon. The wood panelled reading room has been transformed into a high spec rave: a Funktion One soundsystem, two purple pillars of pure bass flanks a catwalk style stage and a giant cinema screen projects a spoof X Factor intro sequence with footage of Master Shortie from the previous IGNITE and introducing DJ Goldielocks and I Haunt Wizards whilst the excited crowd goes totally berserk. Although the audience is predominantly below 18, the IGNITE promotions team hasten to point out that all ages are welcome.

    As the soundsystem cools for a rare moment, Kim explains the driving force behind her work

    I left Brit school four years ago with a plan to whack my music up on myspace, get spotted by an A&R and be signing my deal with in months. Quickly I had to wise up to the realisation that what I wanted to achieve in my musical career would entail a bit more elbow grease than that!

    When I saw the music industry was changing so rapidly, I knew I didnt want to get left behind! I wanted to be a credible artist as well as a capable business woman. I am currently releasing my own material independently, through my company Handmade Music Ltd. As well as working on my own material, I also write for other artists in the industry. I have learnt that until I am in the right arrangement with a company that allows me to retain creative control, I will remain an independent artist.

    With Ignite we felt the only way to offer events that were relevant to the needs of young people in Croydon was to have them run it themselves!

    We aim to equip young artists, actors and film makers with the relevant industry experience to give them an insight into roles behind the scenes in their field. As well as developing their own creative contributions, we encourage participants to gain other skills that will further their own understanding of the way things work.

    Friday 10 December / 6.3011pm / 5www.myspace.com/kimberlyannemusic www.kimberlyanneworld.comwww. ignitecroydon.com


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  • This year, Glenn performed at the Croydon Summer Festival, and was overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience.

    I was a little nervous before I went on, knowing the big acts that were also performing, such as Martha Reeves he recalls, but it went so well. I really wasnt expecting the reaction I received!

    Glenns career as a MJ tribute artist can be traced back to his early years when, like so many kids, he was an ardent Jacko fan.

    I remember learning the Thriller routine when I was 2 years old he says, nobody in my family knew that I was practicing Michaels moves until one day when I was 22 and I was caught dancing to a Michael song. They (his family members) suggested that I put on a wig and make up just to see what I would look like. After that I went on the first series of Britains Got Talent and I have been performing ever since.

    Further recognition came in the form of an enthusiastic thumbs up from the Jackson family who requested a private performance from Glenn whilst they were living in Devon. A big regret is that Glenn never got to meet or perform in front of his idol.

    However, he smiles, I got the next best thing by speaking to him on the phone; unfortunately he didnt give me any tips or advice!


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