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First draft of my Ignite Pitch for #NTC11. The rules are: 5 minutes/20 slides/15 seconds per slide. Which 1 do I cut? OR do I cut 4 for Yahoo Pipes?


  • 1.13 GuerillaResearch & Analysis Toolsfor digital media @devonvsmith

2. How do I (quickly!) collect data on 400 twitter handles? 3. You copy & paste into ExcelYou typethis Google docs nds this data via formulas bit.ly/TwitScrape 4. So what are these magical formulas?=importxml(A2,"//span[@class=fn]")or bio or adr=importxml(A2,"//span[@id=update_count]")or following_countor follower_countor lists_count bit.ly/TwitScrape 5. How do I (easily!) track competitorson Twitter or Facebook? 6. any public Facebook or Twitter account search term date range report typebummers:cant go back in timeonly 500 free per monthKlout & location-veried costs extra 7. raw data people timing content 8. How do I know my potential reach on Facebook? 9. facebook.com/ads/createthis is wherethe magic happens 10. How do I know when someone unfollows me? 11. How many clicks is their link getting? 12. Open Facebook SearchWhat are people saying about me on Facebook? 13. How does their website trafc compare to mine? 14. Help! I need 40,000 tweets in excel. 15. Tagxedo: when shape (and font! and color! matter) 16. + = Packrati.us 17. How many blog subscribers do they have? 18. 1.Indexed Pages2. Metadata3. Linking domains4. Trafc5.Blog Analysis6. Twitter Analysis What are the rst steps I should take to improve my SEO? (oh yeah, and whats SEO?!) 19. Data scraping: easier than it sounds 20. Where (and when) should I focus my efforts? 21. There are too many tools I didnt have time to share!Flickr photo credits1. custer_ux2. fmgbain4. Christophe Verdier5.tableatny8. ausnahmezustand10. alg2411. urbanmkr12. cloudsoup13. afagen14. storyvillegirl16. Matthieu Aubry17. LexnGer18. Choconancy119. MBK (Marjie)21. JKonig@devonvsmithwww.24UsableHours.com