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Learn to ignite innovation in your organisation with four simple steps. Our innovation process will help your business regain its innovative edge and break through creative roadblocks. This four-step innovation process produces real-world results with action-oriented steps.


<ul><li>1.Ignite Innovation in Your Organisation with These Four StepsMarch 2013</li></ul> <p>2. Has your organisation lost its innovative edge? WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence2 3. Is your team running into roadblocks when it comes to creativity? WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence3 4. Dont let a lack of fresh ideas leave your organisation on the outside looking in. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence4 5. Shake things up with the following four steps and ignite innovation in your team members and organisation. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence5 6. Step One: Gain First Hand ExperienceLooking for innovation opportunities in operations systems, the sales process or your social media marketing strategies? Achieve more informed and creative results from brainstorming sessions by letting your people have firsthand experience of the topic on the table. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence6 7. Step One: Gain First Hand ExperienceBefore innovation brainstorm sessions, make time for research in an authentic environment. When you regroup in the conference room, youll find your people are more passionate and inspired about innovations as a result of their personal experience. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence7 8. Step Two: Offload Outdated BriefsStep outside of your comfort zone. Challenge beliefs about the way you operate, how you service clients, what products/services they want, etc. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence8 9. Step Two: Offload Outdated BriefsLook for innovation opportunities by monitoring client buying and engagement behaviours. How are their behaviours changing? How can your organisation meet their expectations? Pay close attention to how the business environment is evolving and adapt accordingly. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence9 10. Step Three: Provide Tangible Examples to Ignite IdeasReview activities by other organisations and competitors. What have they done to engage their markets? What worked? What didnt work? WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence10 11. Step Three: Provide Tangible Examples to Ignite IdeasUse examples from others to help your people apply creative solutions to your own organisation. One simple idea can often spark another idea thats perfect for your markets. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence11 12. Step Four: Apply Real-Life Limitations to Harness the Creative IdeasMany of your teams ideas will fall into the realm of impossible. These ideas will be beyond present organisational capability, funding and/or market reach. This is an important part of the creative-thinking process. Dont discourage it. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence12 13. Step Four: Apply Real-Life Limitations to Harness the Creative IdeasInstead, harness these ideas into real-life situations that your organisation can use now. Take the idea and brainstorm what can be done now to achieve some of that idea until we have the budget/resources/market for it? WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence13 14. Innovation Success Involves EveryoneInnovation shouldnt belong to one person or a single department in your organisation. For real success in innovation, inspire and encourage it across the board. Everybody has unique and fresh ideas to share and youll find that the more you encourage them in idea sharing, the more engaged, inspired and productive your team becomes - and that improves the bottom line. WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence14 15. Dig Deeper!For a more in-depth look at our 4-step process for igniting innovation in your organisation, make sure to read the following post on the WiserChange blog. "How to Ignite Innovation in Your People WiserChangeTM Commercial in Confidence15 16. Questions? Contact WiserChangeIf you have questions about developing your leadership voice or change management, please contact the WiserChange team. info@wiserchange.com Phone - 612 9955 1212www.wiserchange.com facebook.com/WiserChangeConsulting linkedin.com/company/wiserchange @WiserChange WiserChangeTM Commercial in ConfidenceLike us on Connect on Follow on 16 </p>