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Industrial Gas Equipment

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  • Industrial Gas Equipment

  • With operations in a large number of countries, ESAB is the worlds largest producer of welding consumables and equipment having 100 years of related experience.

    ESAB a name of trust and reliabilityOur customers are for example found in the transport and off-road vehicle industry, the offshore, shipbuilding, power, process and construction industries. ESAB has a strong position supported by extensive distribution networks in all of its major markets.Our business areas includes:Welding and cutting equipmentWelding consumablesWelding automationCutting system

  • World wide Presence

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  • RegulatorsBlowpipesFlash Back ArrestorsTips/NozzlesSmall Cutting M/c

  • General assembly drawing for gas equipment handlingThe major components having danger associated with are,(I) Regulator(II)Tips/Nozzles(III)Blowpipe(IV)Accessories

  • Industrial Gas regulatorA Gas regulator is a mechanical device which reduces the source gas pressure to a constant working pressure regardless the variations at source Regulators are basically of two types(I) Single stage regulator(II) Double stage regulator23010tpbar40Two step decreaseSingle step decrease23010tpbar

  • There are three basic operating components in regulators: (I) Spring acts as a Loading mechanism (II)Diaphragm acts as a Sensing element (III)Valve acts as a control elementDangers associated with of a pressure Regulator

  • Forged body regulatorCast body regulator having blowhole Diffusion resistant SS body for special application regulatorHigh quality leak proof Wika Bourdon tube gauge

  • Valve seat provided in the main valve is soft enough to seal leak and strong enough to withstand pressureSS Diaphragm at 1 st stage of regulatorPressure relief valveNeoprene Diaphragm at 2 nd stage

  • What is Cutting????The cutting process Basically Constitutes of the following three steps

    (III)The oxygen jet blows away the slag enabling the jet to pierce through the material and continue to cut through the material. (II)A jet of pure oxygen is then directed into the preheated area instigating a vigorous exothermic chemical reaction between the oxygen and the metal to form iron oxide or slag.

    (I)Mixture of oxygen and the fuel gas used to preheat the metal to its 'ignition' temperature which, for steel, is 700C - 900C (bright red heat) but well below its melting point.

  • Dangers associated with welding , heating & cutting BlowpipeA blowpipe is a mechanical device which provides a oxy fuel flame for welding,heating and cutting purpose.Mixer

  • Cutting Blowpipes are mainly of two types (I) Injector mixing ` (II) Nozzle mixingCutting OxygenFuel GasOuter ShieldCutting OxygenFuel GasA-Type Injector Mixing NozzleANM-Type NM NozzlePNM Nozzle

  • Swaged Long parallel NozzleHard Drawn Tellurium CopperDiverged Nozzle resulting in kerf loss Less Gas consumption and less kerf loss in case of ESAB nozzle99.7% Copper, 0.008% phosphorus 0.55% telluriumSolid Bar Stock Machining for improved performanceCNC machining used for Nozzle

  • Reinforced Hose having increased life Tube : BLACK SYNTHETIC ELASTOMER Reinforcement : HIGH TENSILE TEXTILE CORDS Cover : SYNTHETIC POLYMER` Inner TubeInner reinforcementOuter TubeHoses are manufactured according to IS specifications from a ISO 9001 certified factoryThe hoses are(I)light in weight(II)Highly Flexible(III)Excellent Electrical resistant

  • Flashback a CatastropheThe above is the File photograph shown by TWI of a damaged factory building completely devastated due to flashback in oxy-acetylene flame the loss is to the tune of 1 million

  • The gas cylinders were not protected by FBAsThe correct lighting up procedure was not followed and the gas hoses were not purged properly before use. The acetylene gas was not at correct pressureAcetylene is a highly flammable gas unlike other gases it is quite unstable and it can explosively decompose into its constituent elements like carbon and H2.The cylinder design for acetylene gas is completely different as compared to others inside

  • What happens InternallyDecomposition of acetylene is triggered mainly due to involved in fire,flashback or scorched flames from the blowpipe.The decomposition is more aggravated due to damaged porous metal caused due to flashback and mishandling of cylinders.The hose pressure in case of acetylene should not exceed 0.62 barBefore lighting the flame the hose should be properly purged which eventually moves out any kind of flammable gas mixture inside the hose.Use the correct gas pressure and recommended nozzle according to your application.

  • Fit flash Back Arrestor both on blowpipe and Cylinder end to make the working environment a much safer place to workMaintain nozzles in good condition to avoid any flashback due to overheat or blocked nozzles.Always use ESAB make FR 18 and Protex model both at torch & cylinder end to prevent it from flash back.

  • Sintered filter and NRV for restricting the back fireA flash back arrestorRose metal melts in case of any harsh flashbackThe POP UP return mechanism a indication for showing a flashbackSintered material incase of FR18 torch mounted FBA

  • Can Check Valves be substitute of FBA???Incase of NRV there is no sintered element which is essential to prevent any back fireProper pressure tight sealing makes flash back arrestor leak proof as compared to NRVFlash back arrestor saves the user from the hazards of hose fire Its balanced spring mechanism prevents torch from starvation due to low gas pressureCheck ValveFBA

  • ISO 9000:14000 certified factory located at taratala ,kolkata ensures strict quality assurance. Modern CNC machine manufacturing system ensures high precision and accuracy level for gas equipmentBatch testing done at quality lab to ensure high level of quality adherence.Cyclic test is done for regulators for 10 hr. to check the material strengthSafety devices like FBA are subjected to leak test , back flow test and NRV test to ensure your safety

    What are we doing to ensure your safety

  • All the gas equipment materials are subjected to acid pickling which gives it shiny surface finish without any defectRegulators and blowpipes are subjected to high flow test of compressed air to ensure no leakageIn case of three seat nozzles checks with profile projector is carried out to ensure proper grove angle. The regulator used for very specialized application of helium gas are subjected to helium leak test.The seat valves used are checked through suspended acid test

    Your Safety our concern

  • Our Brands Catering to your demandsIn case of gas equipment related products ESAB has proved its Superity over the competitors through high quality products Special Segment regulators-ESAB ISG and M600 series regulator caters to this segment where high pressure and high purity of gas is required application wise these are used for laboratory,nitrogen filling,oxygen lancing,refrigeration purpose etc.Single stage Regulators - ESAB IDA,IOX series forged brass body regulators caters to this segment of regulator having application areas like gas welding LPG cutting and brazing etc.Double Stage Regulator- ESAB Dura series forged brass body regulator caters to this segment which includes application areas like welding , cutting etc.

  • Blowpipes-NM250,Cutogen-5 are the most popular and preferred brand in the segment of cutting , Saffire 2 HP Model O in the segment of welding HD heating incase of heating torches.Application wise these are used extensively in case of fabrication,steel industries and other related industries extensively.

    A name you can trust upon Accessories- Dura Hose and ESAB A,P,PNM,ANM-Type nozzles are the brands in the segment of accessories having durability and sturdiness.FBA-Protex RO and RA are the reliable brand incase of cylinder end FBA and FR18 is the brand incase of torch end FBA.

  • Buy genuine be safeIn view of large scale product sailing and high reliability factor some people has started giving spurious products in the market to tarnish our image. So pl. check for the below mentioned tips before buying any gas equipment related products.Check Points

    Harp on getting the Test and warranty certificate for the material purchased from the dealerDont accept product incase the packaging looks faint and discolored or in a damaged conditionIn case of any doubt pl. contact our concerned sales peopleAlways purchase from authorised dealersAlways look for the hologram on the product as a mark of genuineness

  • The symbol of genuinenessESAB INDIA LIMITED Equipment division , P-41,Taratala Road, kolkata - 700 088NEWSl. Number