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    **Please check with your local management and Compliance office if you can work from home**

    If you weren’t aware, you can remotely connect into your work PC or virtual

    desktop (DOD) from your home computer via dbRASweb

    As we are seeing a heightened number of colleagues around the world working from home, we wanted to bring

    together some essential guides on how to get the best out of the technology tools available when working from

    home. Below are guidelines covering remote access to your DOD or physical PC from home, on how to use

    Skype or Avaya One-x to make telephone calls, get access to work emails on your personal device and more...

    Topics covered in this article

     SecurID Token: Requesting, Setting up and Pin Reset

     dbRASweb: Connecting into your DoD

     Tips & Tricks: Fixes on common dbRASweb slowness issues

     Using Office Number from Home: Avaya One-X

     Joining VMR, Skype Audio/Video and Conference Calls from Home

     Configuring Work Emails on Personal Devices

     Configuring Symphony Chat on Personal Devices

     Working from home for voice recorded IPC users

    Things to do before you leave the office!

    1. Activate your SecurID software token 2. Set your SecurID PIN

    **Any URL links in the below section are only accessible from the bank’s network**

    1. Activate and enable your SecurID Software Token

    You must use a RSA SecurID token to securely connect to the DB network. There are different types of SecurID tokens, however the bank currently supports installing a software token on iOS, Android, and corporate laptops using desktop soft tokens.

    If you don’t have a soft token, request one through this link.The website can also assist with reissuing a soft token if you had previously installed one on your device.

    Once the token is issued, follow these instructions on how to setup your Soft Token for the first time.

    2. Set your SecurID PIN

    Select the 'My SecurID Tokens' tab


  • In the My Device portal, find your soft token and click ‘Clear PIN’, and then follow the instructions on screen to reset your PIN.

    You’re now ready to use dbRAS to remotely connect into your PC.

    Steps to use dbRASweb when you are at home:

    Connecting to DoD

    If you have a Windows 10 computer follow these instructions to setup for the first time.

    External Link : https://dbrasweb.db.com/docs/configuring-windows-for-dbrasweb.pdf

    (This process requires a reliable connection to the Internet. Make sure you have admin access to your computer. You will need to install DB products to connect to your DoD)

    If you have an Apple MacOS device follow these instructions to setup for the first time

    External Link : https://dbrasweb.db.com/docs/configuring-mac-for-dbrasweb.pdf

    Note: This process requires a reliable connection to the Internet. Make sure you have admin access to your computer. You will need to install DB products to connect to your DoD

    Fixes to common problems with setting up dbRAS

    Login issues

    If you are receiving "invalid username and password" it is likely you have locked your account, or you have

    forgotten the PIN set on your token. If not, jump to step 5

    http://mydevice.intranet.db.com/mydevices https://dbrasweb.db.com/docs/configuring-windows-for-dbrasweb.pdf https://dbrasweb.db.com/docs/configuring-mac-for-dbrasweb.pdf

  • Follow these steps to check the status of your account:

    a. While in the office, go to mydevice.intranet.db.com or tap on the My Device icon on your dbiOS or Corporate iOS iPhone or iPad.

    b. Click on the My SecurID™ Tokens tab.

    c. Your account can become locked if you make too many invalid login attempts:

    Check the status of your account to make sure it is unlocked. If the account is locked, click Unlock

    Account to unlock it.

    Check the status of your token to make sure it is enabled. If the token is disabled, click Enable Token to re-

    enable it.

    What can I do if my dbRASweb remote access connection is slow?

    Most domestic internet services should provide sufficient bandwidth for dbRASweb. Please note that use of

    smartphone hotspots may not provide acceptable performance.

    If a Wi-Fi connection is used, please ensure the coverage is good. A weak signal will significantly affect

    remote access performance.

    Please avoid using high bandwidth consuming activities like watching streaming media (e.g. YouTube,

    Netflix) on any devices sharing the same internet with your dbRASweb connection.

    For staff who use a physical desktop PC in the office, making the following changes can improve remote

    access performance. This does not apply to virtual DoD users as these settings are already optimised.

     In connection settings, for “Preferred Client”, select “Native/Auto” for faster performance but limited to use

    of a single monitor display only.

     For those that want multi-screen spanning, select “Java”. However performance will be slower. Note: the

    Java option does not work on Safari version 12 or later.

     For “Display Colours”, choose “32k colours (15 bit)” for improved performance


  • There are multiple dbRASweb access points for each of the regions. Choose the closest one to your location

    for the best performance.

    Should you experience connection difficulties, then try the next closest dbRASweb location.

    How to reboot your DOD virtual desktop

    In case the remote desktop is in an unstable state and the connection cannot be established, please attempt to restart your DOD using the instructions below:

    Click 'Details'

    Click 'Restart'

    Confirm the restart by clicking 'Restart'

  • How can I use my office phone number when working from home with

    dbRASweb on my personal computer?

    If you have been migrated to Skype, please use Skype for Business

     If you are able to make/receive calls via Skype on your PC or DoD in the office, you can do the same when

    working from home. Follow the instructions here to set up your personal PC for this capability.

     If you do not have audio/video capability on your Skype profile yet, you can request using this form. Please

    note it may take a few weeks for you to be upgraded upon the request being approved

    Avaya One-X Communicator:

    Avaya One-X Communicator is the alternative solution:

     You will need to search for “AVAYA ONE-X COMMUNICATOR” in ASD to request the application for

    installation to your DOD or PC

    o Further instructions on how to request and install software via ASD can be found here

     Once the software is installed, follow these instructions to configure Avaya One-X Communicator application

    for the first time.

    Does Voice Recording work with Avaya One-X Communicator?

    YES, Voice Recorded users can use Avaya One-X.


     When logging into One X users should (where possible) look to route calls via a home land line, this will ensure good end 2 end quality between the parties involved in the call.

    https://dbunity.service-now.com/dbsupportplus.do#/search/knowledge/Skype%20for%20business//product/skype-for-business/item/098233240bcaff488be5293cf27c17f9 https://asd.tools.intranet.db.com/ASD2/

  •  If choosing to route calls through their home desktop PC or Laptop, then we would recommend users use as

    high quality headset as they have available to them. We also highlight recommend that they test this setup

    with a team member or colleague to ensure that the call quality meets a suitable level for all parties. We have

    seen in the past poor audio quality where the user has not used a suitable headset.

     Where possible try to avoid routing to calls from One-X to mobile as the user is then at the mercy of the

    mobile call quality signal (especially indoors through thick walls), whilst overall this will not impact the voice

    recording (the recorder will pick up what is experienced for both users) what you will get is a less than ideal

    call setup for both one-x user and the far end calling party resulting in a potential poor quality experience for

    the involved parties.

    Softphone Login

    To ensure recording in “Other Phone Mode” and “This Computer”:

     External calls MUST be placed from Avaya One-X client on desktop

     Incoming calls MUST be placed to the user’s recorded Avaya Phone Extension

    Further Information

    External Calls

     In order for calls to be recorded external calls MUST to be placed from the One-X Client on the user’s


    o For example if you have chosen your home landline as your “Other Phone” Location