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In some countries, teenagers involve in part-time work as they are students. Do you agree or disagree they should do part time? Many teenagers do part time job even if their parents give them enough money. Some people say that what they should do is to learn at school, not to work. However, I basically agree with the statement that they should do part time work. Early exposure to the society is significant for them. They understand how and why people work by doing jobs by themselves. The understanding of the ways and meanings surely encourages them to think of what they should do now. For example, if someone experiences various types of job and find the interesting one to him, he will know what he should learn and can decide which school he needs to attend. Also, doing job enhances the independence from their parents. Financial dependence accounts for a part of the dependence on the parents. If they earn some money, it would help their self-dependence. There are, however, some disadvantages for them. If they are interested in doing the job and they spend excessive time for it, they have less time to study and might fail to get the grade. And there are some jobs which are not suitable for them, for example, prostitution. They might happen to engage in such unfavorable jobs, because they have less information about the jobs. In conclusion, if the rule is set to limit the time they spend and kind of the job they take part in, the good points will far outweigh the bad points. Therefore, I tend to agree with the above statement.

In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents, but in other cases people choose their own marriage partner. Discuss both systems. How people find their marriage partners is different from countries to countries and from person to person even in one country. People commonly marry the partner arranged by their parents in Asian countries, while they commonly find their partner by themselves in western countries. Both systems have the advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the marriage partner by oneself is natural for people who want to marry. They can find the partner they want to stay together with. If they have to stay home with the person they do not like, they are not happy with the marriage. Marriage is basically the way of making families where the members understand and cherish each other and their bonds are very strong. People can understand each other when they choose their partner more than when their parents arrange the partner for them. On the other hand, the divorce rate in arranged marriage is not so high, even if they do not love each other at the beginning. The reason for divorce is not always the problem between the two, but sometimes customs. In arranged marriage, their parents find the person who has the similar custom for them so that they can not divorce for that reason. In conclusion, choosing the marriage partner by oneself is natural and favorable when people marry and make families. Arranged marriage is unnatural, but had good point. It is acceptable if the parents ask their children to marry the partner they find in advance.

Most schools offer some type of physical education programs to their students. Why is physical education important? Should physical education classes be required or optional? Students are supposed to take physical education classes. I think they are important for the children to grow up and should be required to take. I have three reasons to support my idea. Students learn how to exercise and stay fit in the physical education classes. Exercise can burn out the body fat and is recommended as the best way to stay healthy. And it makes us feel refreshed and is good for the mental conditions. They also learn what to eat to stay healthy in the classes and it helps to correct the eating habits. Students also learn how to establish the relationships with other member through doing sports. Physical educations classes are suitable place to learn. They can enjoy the school lives if they make the good relationships with the other students. And establishing the good relationship with other people is also important when they work. There is, however, disadvantage for requiring students to take physical education classes. Some students are not interested in doing sports and are not willing to attend the classes. Most schools force them to attend the classes without giving a chance for them to learn the importance of taking the physical education. They may get ready to take the classes if they understand. In conclusion, if teachers teach the reluctant students why taking physical education is important and persuade them, the good points will far outweigh the bad points. Therefore, I agree with the statement that physical education classes are important and should be required.

More and more people are relying on the Internet as their major source of news and information. What advantages does the Internet have for the average person? What disadvantages could it have now or in the future? The introduction of home computers and Internet allows us to have an easy access to news and information. Everyone admit that Internet is helpful for daily life. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of Internet and it still remained controversial in some aspects. Internet brings a fast and convenient access to the information if you have a computer. We can collect various types of information by searching them through Internet. We can obtain news much faster than other type of news sources like televisions and newspapers. Mail can be sent and reached in a minute to the other person even if he is distant from us. Shopping is another useful option of Internet. We can buy anything through Internet at home. We can obtain the information related to the thing we want to buy, such as prices, when we buy something and can buy the cheapest one. There are, however, disadvantages for Internet. Internet provides too much information and we sometimes can not select the suitable one by ourselves. Search engine helps us a lot, but it is not enough. We should create other systems to help us to pick up the helpful information to us. Internet crimes happen everywhere and we may get involved in them before we know them. Special cares should be taken to avoid the involvements. In conclusion, there are actually advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. If bad points are reduced, good points will far outweigh the bad points. I hope Internet will remain the helpful tool to our daily lives.

More and more fathers are taking a break from their careers so that they can stay home and take care of their children while their wives work. This is better for the family than having both parents work full-time. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Since we realized that males and females should be equal both inside and outside the house and related laws took into effect, there are more fathers taking a break and stay home when they have their babies. I agree with the statement that fathers should take a break and take care of the children while their wives work. Males used to work outside, while wives used to stay home and take care of their children. As the society accepts the notion that males and females are treated equal, more wives work outside the house. This trend is welcome to the mature society. And fathers should have a break and take care of their children for maintain this trend. Fathers can receive more respects from their families, spending enough time with families. Fathers used to spend much time working outside the house and not to have enough time being with their children. As a result, respects that they should receive from their families, especially from their children, reduced. Spending enough time with their children helps to revive the value of fathers in the families. There is, however, disadvantage for taking a break from their careers. The company will lose the workforce when they take a break. Some companies do not have sufficient person to carry the business. If one of the members takes a break, the other members have to work more. The system that supports the leave for taking care of the children is needed. In conclusion, there are both good points and bad points of taking a break for taking care of the children. If the systems that help the leave, the bad points will reduced. Therefore, I tend to support the above statement.

More and more families have computers in their homes. What advantages and disadvantages do home computers have for children? Should parents restrict the amount of time their children spend using the computers? Home computers are common these days. Parents use computers for gathering information and news, communicating with someone by email and also shopping through Internet. In my opinion, computers have many advantages also for children. However, it is true that there are disadvantages. Computers are the equipments that children need to learn how to deal with. They are used in almost every workplace for communicating with the clients, making the reports and making the presentations. I think it will be helpful for children to be familiar with computers earlier than ever before. Computers are equipment that children need to learn how to use, I believe the earlier the better. They are used in almost every workplace for communicating with the clients, making reports and making presentations. I think it will be helpful for children to be familiar with computers as soon as possible. Computers are used when children learn. There is a lot of software that helps the children to learn while they enjoy. Computers also provide new information through Internet that they can not learn from the old textbooks. Introduction of computers in the education area has changed the way that children learn. Computers are used to educate children and help them learn various things. There is a lot of software that hel