IELTS Short Course 2 - Lewis Short Course 2 ... Brief review of speaking exam ... Exam Overview IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, ...

Download IELTS Short Course 2 - Lewis   Short Course 2 ... Brief review of speaking exam ... Exam Overview IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, ...

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<ul><li><p>Lew</p><p>is Sc</p><p>hool</p><p> of E</p><p>nglis</p><p>h</p><p>11-29 July 2016</p><p>Course Description</p><p>The Lewis School has a strong history in providing IELTS courses, with many previous students following degree courses in Southampton and other UK cities. Our IELTS course focuses entirely on the skills and language necessary to pass the exam, enabling you to make rapid progress.</p><p>Exams are taken locally, shortly before or after the course ends. Demand for exams is high and students are advised to book their exams early to avoid disappointment. Exams can be booked through the school. See our website for more information.</p><p>Course Fees 627 - course fee 60 - enrolment fee (applies to new students only) Exam registration fee (160 / 205) is not included. For exam dates and further information, visit:</p><p>Course Details 3-week course 15 hours of lessons per week Maximum 13 students per class Minimum age 16 Minimum level: Intermediate Plus (B2.1) Coursebook, welcome pack &amp; all learning materials included Lewis School certificate* and report at end of course*subject to your attending 80% of lessons</p><p>Timetable In summer we operate a zigzag timetable. This means that on some weeks you will have morning lessons and on other weeks you will have afternoon lessons. This changes on a weekly basis.</p><p>Morning Timetable1st Lesson: 9.30 - 11.00Break: 11.00 - 11.302nd Lesson: 11.30 - 13.00</p><p>Afternoon Timetable1st Lesson: 14.00 - 15.30Break: 15.30 - 16.002nd Lesson: 16.00 - 17.30</p><p>IELTS Short Course 2</p><p> Academic English training for university entry Intensive exam preparation 3-week course 15 hours of lessons per week Minimum level: Intermediate Plus (B2.1) Course fee: 627 (see below)</p></li><li><p>Lewis School of English</p><p>Book Your Course Now!</p><p>For more information, or to book your course, please visit or contact: Lewis School of English, 33 Palmerston Rd, SO14 1LL, Southampton, UK. Tel. +44 23 8022 8203</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday</p><p>WEE</p><p>K 1</p><p>SpeakingBrief review of speaking examImproving and developing answers</p><p>Speaking Part 1Expressing personal preferences, likes and dislikes </p><p>Speaking Part 2Describing people and objects, relating experiences </p><p>Speaking Part 3Giving opinions on various topics and extending answers </p><p>Mock Test Full MockSpeaking Test(All Parts)</p><p>ReadingIdentifying main ideasHeadingsMultiple choice Summary completion</p><p>Listening Part 1 Understanding spelling &amp; correctionsUnderstanding the taskListening for signalsNote completionSentence completion</p><p>Reading Sampling a textSentence completionMatchingTrue/false/not given</p><p>Listening Part 2Short answersLabelling a planSentence completionTable completion</p><p>Mock Test Listening Parts 1&amp;2Reading passage</p><p>Sample Course Overview</p><p>2016-IELTS-SC2-1115</p><p>Exam Overview</p><p>IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and is an important exam for students applying for college and university courses. There are four papers:Listening: 30 minutesReading: 1 hourWriting: 1 hourSpeaking: 11-14 minutes</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday</p><p>WEE</p><p>K 2</p><p>Writing Task 1Review &amp; extension:Describing trends</p><p>Writing Task 1Review &amp; extension:Line graphs, pie and bar charts, tablesTimed essay (20 mins)</p><p>Writing Task 1Process writingVarious diagram type questions, describing cycles </p><p>Writing Task 1Focus on maps, layouts &amp; othercomparison questions</p><p>Writing Task 1Timed essay (20 mins)Analysis of model answersSelf-reflection and strategies for improvement</p><p>ReadingLocating informationMatching Multiple choice</p><p>Listening Parts 2&amp;3Predicting topicTable completionMultiple choiceClassification</p><p>Reading Flowchart completionShort-answer questionsClassificationTrue/false/not given </p><p>Listening Parts 3&amp;4Labeling a diagramMultiple choiceFlowchart completionSummary completion</p><p>Mock Test Listening Parts 3&amp;4Reading passage</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday</p><p>WEE</p><p>K 3</p><p>Writing Task 2Review of Task 2 type topics and approachAnalysis / critique of sample answers</p><p>Writing Task 2Developing, defending and questioning opinions </p><p>Speaking &amp; WritingReview &amp; extension:Language of evaluationAdvantages and disadvantages</p><p>Mock Test Full MockWriting Test(Tasks 1&amp;2)</p><p>Feedback on writing (timed writing questions to attempt whilst waiting for tutorial)</p><p>Listening &amp; ReadingHeadingsSummary completionTrue/false/not givenMatching</p><p>Listening &amp; ReadingSentence completionNote completionLabelling a diagramMultiple choice</p><p>Listening &amp; Reading ClassificationLocating Information</p><p>Mock TestListening &amp; Reading</p><p>Go through test</p><p>Find out about our other IELTS courses on our </p><p>website</p></li></ul>


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